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here :) so you have any ideas ?

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Thanks ^.^ And well, I always have a few ideas, but what do you normally RP again?

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romance or action anything other them supernatural is cool with me well not that i dont love supernatural creature just that i am over rping that

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I feel you. I RP vampires and werewolves a lot. So romance and action then...?? Hmmm...I can think of something, but I do have to leave for work now, but I'll be back in a few hours and would have probably come up with something by then ^.^

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ok :) bubiee have fun and be back soon:P as i am dieing out of boredom

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I am back now. Sorry it took so long, I have to do a few of my chores before i got to get back on the computer. So I have an idea, it's a kidnapping idea though. Do you like those?

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yay!! oh its ok :D um if i am the one gets kidnapped then why not :D

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Lol yes you can be the one that get's kidnapped. Here's the idea ^.^

Guy A is a 15 year old boy, very shy and timid, but he has a big heart. He is in love with a 24 year old man, that was his babysitter growing up. Guy B has no clue of his feelings, being a bit of an airhead and all. Guy B's cousin, Guy C (who is 21 years old) is in love with Guy A. Guy C is a very anti-social person, never talking to anyone, but Guy A showed him kindness a few times and he realized he fell in love with him. One day while Guy A was heading home from his night class, Guy C kidnaps him, knowing of no other way to show he is in love. He just takes things too far. Guy A wakes up with a blindfold over his eyes, his hands handcuffed behind his back and his legs handcuffed together. At first, he thinks that his kidnapper may be Guy B and every time he assumes this, Guy C gets upset because he hates Guy B with all his heart. For the first 2 months, Guy A is kept tied up on a bed, getting meals and everything though from Guy C. Since Guy A is acting good enough, Guy C gives him a bit more freedom, undoing his legs and letting his blindfold come off and letting him take a bath on his own. Guy A never really disobeys hm either, seeing that whoever this man is is a lot kinder than anyone else who may have taken him. After a few more months, he comes to realize that he is in love with his "Master", as he begun to call him. He asks if he can see who he is, but Guy C refuses for the longest time, feeling that he may loose interest in him after he figures out. Eventually though, Guy C lets him see. Guy A is surprised yes, but it didn't change the way he thought about him and they lived happy together for another month or so, until Guy B pays an unexpected visit to his cousin's house. Seeing Guy A there, he beats up Guy C and calls the police, this causing Guy C to go to prison for 3 years. At first, Guy A hates Guy B for doing this, but he soon realizes that Guy C was the one in the wrong and he falls back in love with Guy B and they begin to secretly date, secretly because of their ages.

The second part to this:
It's been at least 3 1/2 years later and Guy A is now 9 years old, Guy B being 27 and Guy C being 24. Guy A and Guy B are living happily together now, Guy A working as a model and Guy B an actor. Guy C is out of prison now and has started a life as a rock/metal singer and a model. Guy A sees him on t.v during an interview and it brings back feelings that he thought he ridded of. Then, he gets a letter in the mall saying that he was now coming to be working with Guy C on a few photo shoots. At first, Guy A stays as far away from him as possible, but soon enough, he realizes he can't stay away from this man, loving him once again.

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omg!!! i LOVE it !!!

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hehe ok

Name :Jason
looks : searching for him :D

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Name: Christian Reed

Age: 21

Date of Birth: May 05

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

 photo zzz231rfd_zps7241192b.jpg
Christian has jet black hair and blue eyes, his eyes changing a greenish color in a certain amount of light. He is 6'4 and weighs about 150 lb.

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Matt Lanter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

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I take it you like him? Lol

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actually i love him :P

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Okay then love him xD Didn't you mention him before?

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Who matt ya many times

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I think I remember you saying his name before lol

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hehe lol ya i fan girl for him :P ok you start

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Lol and okay. Where do you want to start? After Christian took him or before?

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before :P

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Alright ^.^


Christian sat in his car, checking the time on his watch and looking around the street. Tonight, he was about to make an action that may or may not ruin his life. He thought about the consequences if he got caught, but he figured there would be no possible way for that to happen because he had everything planned out perfectly. He made sure his cousin, Matt, was at home and he wasn't coming to pick up James tonight.

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Jason was at his home watching tv.He was eating popcorn and waiting for Matt to arrive.Jason was a really friendly and caring guy which was rare at his age but he din care he will to stand out in a crowd from his childhood.Switching the channel he waited for teen wolf to start.

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(( Actually Jason was suppose to be walking home from his night class ))

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((no prob i will make him go out ?))

Jason got up and took some money he left for buying some good movies

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(( Okay ))

Christian sat in his car, waiting patiently. He knew Jason's plans for the night and knew all the stores that he went to regularly.

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Jason walked into the to action action and searched for some really great movies.

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Christian saw him go into the movie store he always shopped at, deciding it best to wait until he was leaving until making his move. He undoes his seat belt and opens his door just slightly, waiting.

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Jason walked out of the store happily holding his fav DVD in his hand.He starts walking back to his house.

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Christian got out of his car then and walked quietly behind Jason. After making sure no one was around, he wrapped his arm around him with his left hand and with his other, he pressed a towel that has a little bit of chloroform on it against his nose.

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he struggled for a while to free himself but soon he faints leaning on Christian

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Christian kept a tight hold on him when he struggled and pulled the towel away from his face when he felt him go limp. He sighed and picked him up bridal style, placing him laying down in the backseat. He also quickly put the blindfold on and the handcuffs on his arms and legs. Then he got into the car and begun to drive to his house.

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Jason was laying there life less his phone in his pocket which ringed Matt was calling him.

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Christian heard the phone and he pulled over to the side of the road, taking it out of Jason's pocket. He pressed the end button to stop the ringing and placed it in the clove compartment. He then started driving once more.

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Jason woke up after long time and moans with a cry "Let me go"

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Christian sat in the room that he had to Jason, looking over when he awoken.
" Your awake then?" he asked, going over to the bed. He didn't talk to him often, so he wouldn't recognize him.

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"Let me go what do you want from me "he cried struggling

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" Calm down. I won't hurt you if you don't struggle," he says to Jason.

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"why should i trust you you you kidnapped me "he asked and trys to get the blindfold down by moving his eyes.

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" You don't need to. I don't even expect you to," he says and reached forward, He moved the blindfold up more to cover his eyes and he tilted his head, tightening it.

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He cried as it crushed his eyes "Who are you why did you kidnap me and why am i in a bed "he demands

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" I'm not telling you who I am, James. All questions will be answered in time," he says and stands up straight, looking down at him with gentle eyes.

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He cried giving up

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" Are you hungry?" he asks, not liking that he was crying, but he knew this was bound to happen.

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He shook his head "Not until i reach home"

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