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Would you rather live in a world like Divergent -or- something like The Hunger Games society?

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Sarakaay You can choose your faction or district!

Snowballina I would rather live in the Amity faction

Ivette Neither, there both messed up. Unless of course I had with me a big strong man like FOUR or a gentle soul like PEETA.

Briana I totally agree with everything Ivette said. I love the books but would not live in that kind of society.

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Mariana Divergent/Faction. The only thing your supposed to do is dress like them. At least you can eat food and aren't poor. You can make your decision on which faction you want to be in, unlike in Hunger Games, where you're born into the district you stay in for life. Amity.

☆♥☆Kat★♡★ Divergent because:
1. less chance of dying
2. You can change your faction! (Yeah, you might not make it and become factionless, but that choice always fascinated me)

Joya Definitely in Divergent. The Hunger Games is MORE of a Dystopia, and for most people, it would be a struggle to live, and I would be fearful living in that type of society. I also think that in the Divergent world you have more choices in life, and overall, you live in a safer, more pleasant community.

Anthea Who on earth would want to live in the Hunger Games society?! That's like a suicide mission (literally?!)

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Hannah the Divergent world would definitely be better than THG world. At least in Divergent (before all the fighting and insanity broke out) you'd have some choices in life, and there's way less chance of you getting killed, if you chose you could live a totally calm and peaceful life.

in THG you live in constant fear, when you're a kid, it's fear you'll have to fight to the death and when you're grown, it's fear your children will have to. and you're pretty much stuck in whatever class your born into. you cant really choose to live differently like you could in the Divergent world.

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Lau The obvious choice is neither as both present many dangerous situations and aren't free worlds. Between the both of them, Divergent world as less hunger ans that would make me choose it

Sarakaay You could always live at the capitol and be a secret worker for the rebels :3

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Erin O'Riordan I'm with Snowballina - I'd want to be in Amity, too. I'm sad that Lake Michigan is dried up, though.

Marie Divergent, definitely, and Amity ;)... both worlds are messed up but panem is far worse :P

Maria Herondale Divergent, you get to choose your faction. And THG society is pretty screwed up.

JJbooksnrunning of course divergent

Marina Obviously divergent!

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Ruth Divergent, of course

Brenna Divergent because the book shows the darker side of what was before a peaceful society, and it also showed a lot of darkness in the dauntless compound and depending on what faction you pick, you don't have to see that dark side at all

Ashlee Even though either one is favorable the best life would be had in Divergent! No matter if you have a faction or turn out factionless. THG is just too scary unless you are in the capital and even then I couldn't stand to watch people murdering for fun.

Kelly I prefer Divergent because even with all it's flaws you can still choose where you want to be, I don't think I could survive in a world like The Hunger Games

Jennifer Divergent - ALTHOUGH are they that different than the "slaves" in the Hunger Games? They were separated from society (although we don't know more). I def don't think this book nerd (myself) is cut out for the Hunger Games. I can't WAIT for the next book Allegiant (Divergent, #3) by Veronica Roth

Brittany Bardman I would have to go with the world modeled after Divergent. I would pick Amity. I love their characteristics. I would have picked Erudite, because I love the power of knowledge, but what they did in Insurgent and Divergent disappointed me.

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Hannah Oh yes. For sure. This world is far too boring. I'd probably pick Amity. Erudite is great, but their knowledge is more like physics and mechanics and engineering, which is quite possibly the most insipid topic ever, so preferably not Erudite. It'd be fun to be Dauntless but I'd prefer not to have to jump off buildings, because I'm terrified of heights.

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Ally Definitely Divergent. Dauntless all the way! (Before they were evil and the world crumbled)

Serenah I'd love to say Hunger Games society, district two for the thrill of it, but I'm not a complete idiot so I'll say Divergent society, faction Dauntless. Of course, if the Capitol in The Hunger Games counts as a district, I'd definitely swing that way (for the food).

Reality101 Divergent. Which one I would pick? I don't know. I'm just saying, in the Hunger Games society, your most likely to loose someone you care about or loose yourself, not a good idea.

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Divergent! I would love to be Amity!

Anneka Divergent is so much better "DAUNTLESS" here i come!

Edward the Energetic Dog Divergent. I would be in Dauntless.

Josefin Divergent Erudite, I would make them play nice for a while ^^

Manon Divergent!

Nellie ☾ I'd rather be in Divergent. The thought of being in any district in THG is just plain scary. In my teenage life, I could be chosen as a tribute and I'm sure I'll be the first one to get killed in the arena. Lols. If I don't get picked at the reaping and end up living my adult life, it could be my kids...etc. It's just a scary thought o_o

Ansley Divergent. Without a doubt.

Cherie Hunger Games... I'd rather play the games than have somebody control my mind. That being said, I think I would be in District 3, Technology.

Teresa Divergent.

Jason Cushard Divergent. I would pick:
(1) Dauntless so I could learn the skills to unite the factionless into one huge army and then well... I would leave Chicago and create homes and markets all around the wall. Then one day, when they come out they won't be as afraid and if they don't try to kill us maybe we will join the government of Chicago and prove that the factionless can be just as powerful as any other faction.
(2) Erudite so I could infiltrate their ranks allowing me availability to install a fail safe into their everything. You know, just encase some one feels to urge to purge a fraction.

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Alex Whelan Divergent for sure, in the Hunger Games I would probably die lol.

Rewas Definitely Divergent!

Lizzie Mcclure For sure Divergent. I feel like in Hunger Games if I did not live in the Capitol I would just live in fear on having to be in the Hunger Games. Atleast in Divergent there is a choice, and less commotion in the society.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Ivette wrote: "Neither, there both messed up. Unless of course I had with me a big strong man like FOUR or a gentle soul like PEETA."

ditto. unless I was really tough like the tattoo chick in Divergent then I'd be okay with going solo in Dauntless

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