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Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Just in case you're interested.....They are making Like Dandelion Dust and and A Thousand Tomorrows into movies. Like Dandelion Dust is coming out in 2010. A Thousand Tomorrows is still in development. Here's the website of Like Dandelion Dust movie. http://www.likedandeliondust.com/

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Update...Like Dandelion Dust has been going around the country being shown in film festivals. It's received some awards too! Here's the blog talking about the festivals. http://likedandeliondust.blogspot.com/

Also, appparently the men are really responding to the movie. So, that's exciting. If you haven't read the book, you should! It's a good one, as usual. :D

Aimee (Aimee10210) | 7 comments I haven't read that one - will have to do that before i watch the movie. :)

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Do it! It's a great book. And, as always, a box of tissues may be needed. :D

Ram | 3 comments I attended a screening of Like Dandelion Dust last night in Seattle. The film was heart wrenching and very well done. Kudos to the casting director as well.
The movie wasn't an overtly Christian film. I haven't read this book yet, but have read over 30 of her other novels, so I'm pretty sure some of the spiritual implications were not addressed.
The film may have a broader impact this way though. I hope everyone who watches it will go out and read the book. I intend to.
Please, if you have an opportunity to see it at a festival, go. Broad support may lead to a theatrical release.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
That's so awesome! You should go read the book. It's really good.

Connie  (Snookmueller) | 4 comments Ram wrote: "I attended a screening of Like Dandelion Dust last night in Seattle. The film was heart wrenching and very well done. Kudos to the casting director as well.
The movie wasn't an overtly Christia..."

Where was that at in Seattle? Will it be remaining somewhere, I'd love to check it out.

Ram | 3 comments The movie was part of the Seattle Film Festival.
It was shown in downtown Seattle Sunday evening and in Kirkland Monday. I wish I'd seen this sooner, so you could have attended the Kirkland screening.
I'm not sure if they will have an additional screening of the most popular films from the festival later this month or not.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
If you go the website in the first post, it will tell you the days of the screenings and where they will be somewhere on the page.

Ram | 3 comments Hey Ya'll
Found some more info on possible upcoming productions of Kingsbury books.


The following quote was taken from the site listed above.

"Bobby currently is producing LIKE DANDELION DUST (Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper) based on the NY Times best-selling novel by Karen Kingsbury. The film will be released by 20th Century Fox in 2009. The Downes Brothers are working with Sony to bring an entire slate of films into development based on Kingsbury’s novels in addition to a television series based on her Baxter family books. Kingsbury is the #1 selling inspirational author in America today."

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
ooooooooo, I wonder how the TV series with the Baxter family will do. I love those books! Good find!

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Here's a review of the movie from the NYC film festival....Makes me want to see it now! It's coming to Long Isand Stony Brook Film Festival the 24th of July for those who are in the area and want to go.

'Film Threat' Review of "Dandelion Dust"
May 8, 2009

After her 1995 Oscar win for “Mighty Aphrodite,” Mira Sorvino was snared in a celluloid net of mediocre movie vehicles. She’s the real deal in Jon Gunn’s emotional, compelling tearjerker. As Wendy Porter, Sorvino conveys the hard, defensive veneer of a beaten spouse. We also sense a childhood raised in squalor and poverty. We feel the immaturity of someone who would take back her abuser, following his release from a seven-year prison term, and trust his promises that everything will work out. Ultimately, Sorvino also reveals the wisdom and heart of a mother who knows how to do the right thing. She’s amazing.

Barry Pepper is also stunning as Wendy’s alcoholic husband, Rip Porter. His name couldn’t be more revealing. When provoked, the often-volatile man rips out his fists and rips others a new one. “Like Dandelion Dust” doesn’t take the easy way out, by depicting Porter as a monster. Yes, he’s a troubled, volatile soul – but one with hope for a brighter future. Rip’s dreams of starting fresh are commendable. But is this proud, often self-involved man truly capable of staying sober while keeping his anger in check?

An onscreen adaptation of Karen Kingsbury’s 2008 novel, “Like Dandelion Dust” concerns happy, four year-old towhead Joey Campbell. Adopted by well-heeled parents Jack and Molly and living in Florida, Joey’s life is thrust into turmoil when the Porters enter his life. Wendy and Rip, it turns out, are Joey’s biological parents. They want him back.

“Like Dandelion Dust” is a fascinating study in socioeconomic contrasts. The Porters eke out a struggling existence in blue-collar Ohio, their lives stained by alcoholism and abuse. Joey’s current parents enjoy an on-the-beach homestead and multimillion-dollar bank balance. Rip fights to get what he wants, while Jack makes payoffs. The film plays fair by exposing both couples’ respective strengths and flaws.

Fully aware of his emotionally grueling premise, director Jon Gunn plays things straight. After a legal loophole allows the Porters to reclaim Joey, button-pushing questions are raised. If the Porters really loved their son, why would they yank him away from a comfortable, stable existence? If the Campbells sensed potential harm to Joey, how far would they go to ensure his safety? How could anyone recover from the abrupt uprooting of a cherished son? During a series of initial visits between Joey, Rip, and Wendy, we toggle between relief (“okay, so this might just work out!”) and dread (“this is bad.”).

How do things ultimately pan out? I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the potent denouement. Suffice to say “Like Dandelion Dust” treats its characters with respect, and suggests that people can learn from their mistakes. This isn’t one of those nihilistic revenge thrillers (“Taken”), where threatened parental instincts can only be resolved through uncompromising bloodlust. People are flawed and complicated – but ultimately capable of tremendous, healing insight.

Gunn’s film also boasts career-best acting from Pepper, and especially Sorvino. Transforming from victim into quiet hero, Wendy Porter is an unforgettable character. How did the actress pull it off? Was it those sad, timid eyes and tentative smile? Or some intangible magic that’s best left unexplained? Probably the latter. Check out “Dandelion Dust” for potent, two-hanky drama fueled by Mira Sorvino’s honest, generous gift of a performance.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBE3at... Here's a behind the scenes clip of Like Dandelion Dust

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Word on the street is that Like Dandelion Dust may come out in spring of 2010 to theaters. Just thought you want to know.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Looks like the movie Like Dandelion Dust is racking up lots of awards in the film festivals it's been shown. Lots of good things are being said about it. http://likedandeliondust.blogspot.com/

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

They should make a movie about Even Now, a stand alone Karen wrote.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Gabrielle wrote: "They should make a movie about Even Now, a stand alone Karen wrote."

True, but it's actually not a stand alone. There's a second book. Ever After :D

Trinity Rose (TrinityRose) I've read both books that are movies and just love them. My most favorite of Karen's books is A Thousand Tomorrows. Fantastic author.

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Trinity wrote: "I've read both books that are movies and just love them. My most favorite of Karen's books is A Thousand Tomorrows. Fantastic author."

That's another good one!

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
yup, I know Gideon's Gift is coming out and I had heard a rumor about the other two, but haven't seen anything yet on them.

Clare Reiger | 1 comments I have read "Like Dandelion Dust" and I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. I have read lots of Karen Kingsbury's books and have really been blessed by them all. I especially loved "Shades of Blue", "Even Now" and "Ever After" and would love to see these three books made into movies. Of course I loved the books about the Baxter Family - that would make a very long movie. Karen is a wonderful author.

Lori Lynn | 4 comments I've heard rumor that they're making Ever After into a movie. Any of ya'll heard the same thing?

Jennifer (Jennafraugh) | 441 comments Mod
Lori wrote: "I've heard rumor that they're making Ever After into a movie. Any of ya'll heard the same thing?"

I believe it's scheduled to begin production this year.

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