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Idea: next book to read

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Tynan (yoschmitty) | 7 comments Hey, lets try something crazy here. Not saying this is going to work without some effort.

1) One of us goes through the groups “To read” list and creates a list of book to read. I went through the first 12 people listed.
2) Everyone votes for their favorite.
3) The first book to receive 3 votes wins.
4) We agree to read chosen book in the next two months.
5) We all purchase said book and read it.
6) We post our reviews of the book and share thoughts and ideas.
7) Start all over at #1 with someone else culling a list of choices.

BTW, a nice feature (I know, it’s coming) would be the ability to search all of the “to read” books. That would make this next section of this post so much easier to do.

Guess what? The first 12 people did share any books on their “to-read” list. At least, I couldn’t find any (hence, my note above.)

So I pulled a list that I will post after this one. The list contains all of the books that I would be willing to read and participate. As soon as a book gets three votes – that’s the one we’ll read. If no votes, my whole experiment goes up in smoke… poof.

If you like one of the books below and want to vote, just type it as your subject. You can, if you want, include why in case it encourages someone else to select your pick as well.

Sound like a plan?

Feel free to improvise upon this idea.



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