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message 53: by Angela (new)

Angela Distrola | 2 comments Hi Everyone,

Please check out my website!

message 52: by Carol (new)

Carol Nicolas | 4 comments Hi everyone. My website is:
Here is where I review books, talk about life, and promote my books.
I write YA Fantasy/Paranormal/Urban fantasy with a twist of romance thrown in.
Here's my new book, available as a Giveaway on March 25-26 on Amazon
Double Play: A Novel of Magic
Double Play A Novel of Magic by Carol Nicolas

For ten years, Sandy Nandou has lived in the Ring, an enclosed area around a giant city which crashed down on Chicago when a magical demonstration went wrong. Plague, killer giant rats, and gangs threaten the lives of all mortals, magicians and fey within. All Sandy has left is her grandmother, who is now dying. In a desperate attempt to save Gran, Sandy ditches high school and sneaks into the forbidden Giant City, hoping to find a relic she can sell. There she meets Sean O'Malley, a handsome young magician who sees in her a potential ally for his attempt to heal the rift between the fractal planes and restore order to their damaged world. But Sandy has a terrible secret, which if exposed might result in the loss of Sean’s approval and the love of her grandmother. As they attempt to save those they love, the opposition mounts against them, and all seems lost. Will Sandy face the truth about who she really is before it’s too late?

message 51: by Tamyara (new)

Tamyara (goodreadscomTamluvstowrite) | 1 comments HI Everyone,

I hope you are having a marvelous day. I currently use weebly. My website is

message 50: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Nash | 2 comments Hi all,
I'm new to this site and this discussion group so I apologise if I am over stepping the boundaries. I use like some of those listed above and I am happy with the service so far. My link is:

message 49: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments Bianca wrote: "My Author webpage"

That looks great! I like the way everything comes into view as you move down to it.

message 48: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments Brand-new, totally revamped website design, Wordpress dot com host template with custom domain and $30/yr CSS editor, images by yours truly. Thoughts or opinions?

message 47: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 19 comments Since I hired a web designer for a good price, I got a new website:

message 46: by Bianca (new)

Bianca Harrison | 8 comments My Author webpage

message 45: by Jock (new)

Jock Brocas | 9 comments Promote your book for free on just ensure you watch the tutorial to maximize your listing

message 44: by Mark (new)

Mark Capell (Mark_Capell) | 2 comments I've redesigned my website to coincide with the launch of my latest novel CAFÉ INSOMNIAC. It's quite vivid. I hope you like it.

message 43: by Jock (new)

Jock Brocas | 9 comments There are many individuals who just can't afford to have professional sites designed or marketing plans that help promote them - especially in this current climate. I have decided to help my fellow authors and have created an wordpress and seo school on my seo site. Membership is free and if you join you will get access to over 6o teaching videos to help you. All i ask is you sign up for my email list as i have many gifts, ebooks and tips to help you. Also bear with us as we are still developing the platform. Remember guys, its free to you so its a no brainer. go to seo school

message 42: by Matt (new)

Matt Pike | 12 comments Oops - think I posted this in the wrong (inactive) thread before - apologies for the double-up.

Anyways - any feedback appreciated:

message 41: by Deanna (last edited Feb 24, 2013 06:45PM) (new)

Deanna Jewel (DeannaJewel) | 14 comments I write multi-genre romance, my website has several pages with links to others. I'm self-published because I choose to be; my hectic writing/day job schedule make it hard to hit a deadline if I had a publisher. I do my own book trailers, covers, web banners, etc and love creating those for others as well. I have a store and blog links there too.

My blog is open for authors who may want a promo spot for a week. Please use the 'Contact Me' button my website to reach me with a week that would work well for you. Giveaways seem to attract more readers so let me know if you'd be doing that as well.

Whispers at Ghost Point by Deanna Jewel

message 40: by Jock (new)

Jock Brocas | 9 comments I am an author and a web specialist, seo specialist. I am offering a special deal for authors as i am an author myself. I have a web design and seo company, so whilst i have various sites changed, i am offering full seo audit reports for 75.00 to Good Reads Authors. This report will involve a full analysis of your site, seo and sem strengths and weakneses, backlink analysis, social media analysis and marketing structure with a full optimization report. Contact me at

message 39: by Simon (new)

Simon | 10 comments I finally got the Goodreads links up on my website, they work quite nice.

message 38: by Cari (new)

Cari | 8 comments This book blog has useful information - Use Your Online Social Connections, Secrets of a Great Blog Following http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo...

message 37: by Cari (new)

Cari | 8 comments New article on book blog - Celebrities are OK – “Pay homage” to Yourself! http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo...

message 36: by Cari (new)

Cari | 8 comments Fight or Flight! Times are Challenging article on book blog http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo...

message 35: by Cari (new)

Cari | 8 comments Interesting post on book blog - Coworker Issues Don’t Let Them Trip You Up http://justthinkingjustsaying.blogspo... from Give Yourself Permission

message 34: by Kevis (last edited Oct 22, 2012 07:54AM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) Been adding lots of new content to my website. Anyone interested in checking out the sights and sounds can do so at

message 33: by Peter Christian (new)

Peter Christian | 5 comments Greetings -

I have a rather elaborate website for my novel, AMERICAN FEVER: A TALE OF ROMANCE & PESTILENCE, in which an East Village blogger fights an H5N1 avian flu pandemic that rocks America and unleashes national repression, even as his personal life explodes with promise.

Since the protagonist-blogger is selling masks, gloves, and goggles to withstand an influenza pandemic, the site presents itself as his blog. (The entire book is posted, entry-by-entry, with 1,500 live links and with illustrations that include art submitted by contributors around the world.) It also presents ways to buy his goods via Amazon, along with a cultural merchandise page that he creates to sell the books, movies, and music he mentions in his posts (from YouTube videos of original Byrd Gene Clark to some for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

Please pay a visit and tell me what you think:

Best & thanks, Peter Christian Hall

message 32: by Frank (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 13 comments I've had an author website for years - but I just relaunched with a new design. Check it out:

message 31: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd Belle wrote: "I'm Belle DiMonté, fantasy novelist, editor of a fantasy ezine, author of 2 poetry collections, and crazy cat lady. Nice to meet everyone!

I'm online here: www.belleofmountains...."

Interesting website, Belle. Congratulations on your blog. All the best with your novel. cheers

message 30: by Simon (new)

Simon | 10 comments I write from the heart!

message 29: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments Belle wrote: "I'm Belle DiMonté, fantasy novelist, editor of a fantasy ezine, author of 2 poetry collections, and crazy cat lady. Nice to meet everyone!

How many cats...?

message 28: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments Laurel wrote: "Good website, Kevin. I was interested in your blog about self publishing. Many famous writers in the past have self published. They weren't so lucky as today's writers..."

That little project is taking shape the same way I got into being movie critic 15 years ago; I started talking about movies I'd seen, and people genuinely were interested in my opinion. Having committed myself to becoming familiar with all the great tools out there now, people are again coming to me for advice and it seemed a natural way to pool some of that data for myself and for anyone interested.

message 27: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd Phantasia in the Suburbs - a lighthearted short story.
What happens when your partner spends all of her spare time writing a fantasy. Free read on

message 26: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd Good website, Kevin. I was interested in your blog about self publishing. Many famous writers in the past have self published. They weren't so lucky as today's writers who can self publish in a wink for virtually no cost. But had to pay for so many hundfeds [maybe] of print copies which they had to hawk around. Cheers

message 25: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments Just completely overhauled my author/creator website. I reintegrated the blog to the front page, then added a sidebar with thumbnail graphics to my main projects with author profiles below it. This was all in an attempt to streamline the content and allow quick browsing for anyone interested. Thoughts?

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

FINALLY - posted all the pictures from the ALLON - Shannan & Torin photo shoot with my daughter in costume as the series heroine and a real wolf. Take a peek and enjoy!

message 23: by Larry (new)

Larry Closs (Larry_Closs) | 2 comments Hello,

My first novel, "Beatitude," comes out in October. My author website is


message 22: by Cliff (new)

Cliff Ball (cliffball) | 11 comments My author website is

message 21: by C.K. (new)

C.K. Volnek (CKVolnek) | 13 comments Kevin wrote: "My author website is

My book series website is

When you do a lot of different work and wear many hats, how do organize your information to m..."

Nice job Kevin. I agree with Laurel, you are on the right track. It's easy to move around and get to where I want to go. Nice job. Love the Spooky Chronicles!
C.K. Volnek

message 20: by C.K. (new)

C.K. Volnek (CKVolnek) | 13 comments Kirstin wrote: "Hello everybody!
I'm Kirstin van Dyke, the author of Code Name: Silence.
If you'd like to check it out and/or give me some feedback, here's the official site for the book: CodeName..."

Absolutely love the title, Kirsten. The web page is really neat. Fun story.
C.K. Volnek

message 19: by Kergan (new)

Kergan Edwards-Stout (KerganEdwards-Stout) | 4 comments Hi there,

Please check out my author site at:

My first novel, SONGS FOR THE NEW DEPRESSION, will be published in October!

Thanks so much,

message 18: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd I looked at your Thinking Skull website, Kevin. You seem to be on the right track. A bit about each different work on the main page then enlarge upon it on extra pages. Readers can choose then if they want to read on.

message 17: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Ranson (kevinaranson) | 26 comments My author website is

My book series website is

When you do a lot of different work and wear many hats, how do organize your information to make people aware of the individual work that you do? Do you simply make a single page with samples of everything hoping that something will appeal to a viewer, or do you rotate various projects to highlight the most recent one?

message 16: by Tim (new)

Tim Lane | 6 comments I know this is a little off topic for this group, but have any of you tried using a service to send out emails to promote your book? If so, I was wondering what type of impact it had on your book sales. Thank you for any feedback you might have on this subject.

message 15: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Munichiello (kmuni) My author website is

I've been revamping it lately and am trying to figure out how to best integrate my book site (, my blog, and my author site. I welcome suggestions!

message 14: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Buchanan | 11 comments My website is:

I have several free author resources listed.

And, if you are interested I can post your e-book on my site as a giveaway in exchange for a review. Click on the Free books button to see how it works.

message 13: by Russell (new)

Russell Cruse (RussellCruse) | 6 comments All you need to know about me and my work can be found here: Russell Cruse.

Links to books, Web Log (yes, I know) Snippets from Works in Progress - that sort of thing. Come and have a look around and let me know what you think.

message 12: by Lenore (new)

Lenore Wolfe | 7 comments Hi everyone:) My author website is

message 11: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Lamperd Vicki wrote: "My name is Vicki Hopkins. I have an author website and I also make separate sites for my books for more exposure. You can find me at:

A lovely informative website, Vicki.Beautiful looking books. You must be very busy working and writing. Laurel

message 10: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Juba | 10 comments I'm Stacy Juba - I think I've already posted the web site for my adult books, however I just created a new site for my patriotic children's picture book The Flag Keeper. The link is

Thank you!

message 9: by Kirstin (new)

Kirstin van Dyke (KirstinvanDyke) | 5 comments Hello everybody!
I'm Kirstin van Dyke, the author of Code Name: Silence.
If you'd like to check it out and/or give me some feedback, here's the official site for the book:

Thank you!

message 8: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Smith (ridinaround) | 2 comments Hi, I am counting down the days to the release of my book, Ridin' Around. This is a first try at a video using 30 yr old pictures and a new, original song. My website is . Thanks!

message 7: by Linton (new)

Linton | 14 comments I've seen the question, "Would you rather your site be pretty, or effective".
I think you came up with the wrong answer, Sean.
I'm not a big believer in flash (too flashy?) and my general reaction to "wait around while this thing loads" is to split.
If there is music playing I'm out of there right now. Very intrusive. Ever think that I might be listening to my own music? Lots of people feel that way.
Designers love doing this stuff, but it probably actually hurts.

So you wait for the flash to load and what do you see? Nothing. A picture that just sits there. What was loading? Where are the dancing mice?
Sometimes too fancy a wrapping makes people wonder if you're trying to overcompensate for substance.

I hate to toss cold water, and I'm sure you paid a lot for that site.

But I would like to hit authors with the idea that the flashiest website is not necessarily the best. And may be the worst. You aren't trying to get friends to tell you how pretty it is, you're trying to get people to buy your book

message 6: by Neil (new)

Neil EverPub | 3 comments Dee wrote: "Hi Neil,

Thanks for posting the link to your new venture. Do you have samples of your work? As in links to author websites that your company has created?

Thanks tons
Dee Marie"

Sure Dee.

Here's a great example Dee. This book uses most of the available components of the site:

And here's a title that just went up yesterday:

Let me know if I can get you any more information.



message 5: by Dee, Group Creator (new)

Dee Marie (Dee_Marie) | 673 comments Mod
Hi Neil,

Thanks for posting the link to your new venture. Do you have samples of your work? As in links to author websites that your company has created?

Thanks tons
Dee Marie

message 4: by Neil (new)

Neil EverPub | 3 comments Hi everyone.

I wanted to stop in and let you know about my new Author/book marketing site I just launched last week. Publisher's Weekly covered it on 12/8 and it was in Pub Lunch and Shelf Awareness last week. The site is an aggregator of all of your important marketing information - including your Social Media links, downloadables, buy buttons, and book trailer - about you and your book. We constructed the site with SEO in mind so your books pop up high on the search engines.

Please stop by and take a look at the highlighted sample book (click the green circle on the home page).

The link to EverPub is

If you have any quesitons, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Neil Levin

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