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Hiding Behind Your Skin: Onwuegbute Vs Fanon

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Kathy I have not read this book yet, but I was drawn to the opening. I think Fanon paints a very gloomy picture if a person is not allowed to speak a language of their choosing to the extent that parents are frowning on their children's development

I read another similar book, by Onwuegbute called "Drums That Dance in the Dark" and they seem to be focused on the same issue of freedom.

Is it possible Onwuegbute is a follower of Fanon's Negritude? There is hardly any mention of race in Onwuegbute's book/play, but they seem to be speaking the same language.

Quint I have FANON and found him to be more realistic than gloomy. I see examples of individuals rejecting their national physical appearance in order to appear more "acceptable".

The status of dark skinned men versus light-skinned men is exemplified in his books. If you look at the trauma that families go through through interracial marriages you would see that what he says concerning emulation of the dominant racial group is apparent. However, to say that what he has observed is absolute truth is to generalize. An Asian woman marrying a black man is considered a crime and even associating with a black man is considered a sin when one is talking about the relationship between Asian women and black men. You hear Asian women brag about the white men that they are associated with as if they have won a prize.

On the other hand, you will see examples of where this is not true. You would see examples where individuals form bonds because they simply like each other.

This means that there is some level of individual choice. The degree of choice varies from culture to culture. It is not simply about skin color but is more about "who is it my tribe". Even in Europe, marrying someone from a different town or village can be taboo.If the idea that intermarriage or marriage outside of one's own group was so universal, that humans would not be the mixture that they are. And our genetic pool would be a lot more simplistic and we would not be the mixture of everyone else. Therefore the restrictions on intermarriage or being guided by some form of tribal genetics is more of a social values issue that it is a genetic one.Humans have learned throughout the centuries to interact with other humans.

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