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Serena Guys this isn't really a discussion but my high school prom was yesterday and the theme was the Great Gatsby. They gave out t-shirts that said I partied with Jay Gatsby after and i just felt the need to share this amazingness.

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Zue Your school sounds amazing! You should post a picture of you wearing your shirt.

Anthony Cardenas That sounds totally cool.

Mochaspresso I wasn't the biggest fan of the book, but the idea of Roaring 20's Gatsby themed prom does sound pretty cool.

Summer Leppanen That's a brilliant idea. We can't even convince enough people at my school to do a masquerade, let alone a full-on Gatsby/'20s themed prom.

Well done.

Erika Meidenbauer that is freaking awesome!!!!

Paul Shillinger (view spoiler)

Robin I think that's great. My daughter works for a florist and the prom in her town has the same theme.

Summer Leppanen Paul wrote: "[spoilers removed]"


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Paul Shillinger Somebody got my joke yaaaaaay.

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