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Book Addict I'm only 1/2 way through the book and so far it is awesome. I love the writing, the characters and the story BUT I am quite aggravated on the ZERO reference to police aid. The guy has threatened to kidnap, drug and kill several people. If he is as dirty as thought the FBI would want to take him out even if locals are compromised... OR J could go to the fighting commission he works for, I mean he is a semi-celeb they might want to protect their assets... I am so pissed at not one single character mentioning getting real help grrrr

Sandy I think because the cops are on the payroll they know they can't trust them....

Jenny If I remember correctly, he mentions that he has many local police on his payroll . . . but I sorta felt that way a bit too. Couldn't the FBI be involved is the Dad (can't recall his name) was SUCH a big-wig.

Read on . . . it is SO good.

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