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What does it mean?

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Brittany What does the term Divergent mean? I was highly confused by it

Marie di·ver·gent - adjective
1. diverging; differing; deviating.
2. pertaining to or causing divergence.

I think it basically means differing from the normal... In Divergent, Tris differs from the normal because (view spoiler) x

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Mariyah Sellers You're right. If you read the book you would understand that the word divergent means to differ from a certain group of people which in this case is something that you are born with and cant change.

Brittany But why are they different? Just because they aren't pacifically one group? I doubt that most people would be.

Marie Well in the world in Chicago of Divergent, it is very strange for anyone to have multiple personalities, because their grandparents/great grandparents had been genetically modified to have only one personality type. Most of the people in the factions have only one key personality trait, so anyone who differs from that is considered very strange. :)

Sally Brittany, keep reading. Much more is explained in the next volume, Insurgent.

Andrea Divergent means out of the ordinary, different. I know quite a few people that are divergent.

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