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Rot and Ruin will be a movie!
Jessie Jessie Apr 04, 2013 08:26AM
Jonathan Maberry has confirmed on twitter, I'm so excited! :D

YAY maybe now tom will ACTUALLY die for once!!! :)

finished the 3rd book and cant wait for book 4 to come out AUG 1st.

ƤƐƦɱɪɲɪʗ Wait?! When is it gonna come out?!
Apr 17, 2014 09:08AM
Austin Estep I am reading Fire and Ash
Dec 16, 2014 10:45AM


Good to know. I'm on the second book...

There going to be a book 4! Holy Peas! Can't wait

ahhhhh yay

HELL YEAH. Just read the first, can't wait to get started on the next books!!

when will it come out

oh no ... this is so good but sooooo bad at the same time i don't know which one is more ... the book was amazing I just finished the first one and am currently looking for the second installment definitely going to buy the second one to. But in my opinion this is something that should NOT be made into a movie. It is one of those books that you can only get the full experience and amazement it has to offer by picking it up and fingering through the pages. there is no way this could be made into a movie. Not to dis the book or author in any way. It is an amazing work of literature but that is what it should be. Literature. If adapted into a movie it will just take away from the majesticness and simple beauty that it contains within the pages of the novel.

That is so exciting!

That's awesome! I love the short reference in Rot & Ruin to some of Maberry's other characters...Joe Ledger & Mike Sweeney.

Yessssss..... So happy. Just cast the characters right.

Oh my god I'm soooo fucking pumped

This series is amazing. But Maberry should make a fourth about how they rebuild and maybe even a 5th

Not sure I am a fan of books to movies. IMHO, the hunger games movie skipped some important parts that are in teh book. Maybe its me, but for hunger games, sure seems like the kids ate allot and looked pretty healthy.

IMHO, that girl that plays the lead, not a fan, no emotion, and seems like in the movie, she spends most time in a tree.....

Really? I loved the book. I can't wait to hear and see future developments.

I read all 4 books last year

I'm a 52 yr old Grandma and I loved all 3 of these. Cant wait for #4!

Omg i cant believe this is actually happening. I just finished reading the book today and i'm so happy this is being made into a film.

This is so exciting!!! I wasn't even aware that this was being considered! I loved this book so much! I will definitely pay to see this movie!!

My brain almost withered away when I saw this. My favorite series? Into a movie? This must be Heaven!

Awesome, just finished the first two books, this will be an EXCITING movie!!!!

Zombz wrote: "Jonathan Maberry has confirmed on twitter, I'm so excited! :D"

Yes, Fuck Yes!

This should be pretty great!

OMG!!!! I am actually so excited! This is going to be RADICAL!!

If anyone has read the fourth and sadly final book of the series ( Warning spoiler alert!) if anyone watches the walking dead you will discover that Rick and Carl are mentioned in one of the chapters!! I almost lost it when i seen this!! And who votes that Jonathan should keep this series going?! This series is what inspired me to read this guys books and he is amazing with the Rot & Ruin series!! And if the movie rumor is true ( i hope it is true) i look forward to see tom and benny kick some ass at Gameland!!!

What is the 4th one going to be called?

Yay!!! I finished Fire and Ash last month (won an advanced copy from Goodreads)
you guys are going to love it :)

OMG really?!?!?!?

Oh my lord.


So long as Mayberry gets a say in the screenplay everything is going to be AWESOME!

omg! omg! eeeee!!!

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