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Tiffany (baobhansidhe) | 50 comments Mod
Tell your tales.

Emilie | 69 comments So, is it okay to write about the book- I mean is this thread the

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Tiffany (baobhansidhe) | 50 comments Mod
That's what we've been doing so far, yes. Like a real-life book club, everyone goes away and reads the book in total before visiting the discussion thread (unless they're fine with spoilers, of course). Maybe we should change that. Is everyone here happy with the current system? We could divide each book into chapters, for example, or we could have two discussion threads -- one spoiler-free for those who are currently reading and one with spoilers for those who have finished. Any other ideas?

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Emilie | 69 comments mmm...I think this way is good. I like it this way- I was only asking to be certain that this is how others saw it, because its early in the month and I wanted to talk about it now-
I am not that interested in dividing into chapters, because my memory doesn't work that way, though I don't mind it.

So-here there be monsters then-
I loved this book, as many of you have said too. I have a question about the ending. I got the feeling that the identity of the girl with the tattoo-darkened eyes was a mystery that would be revealed (as well as her relationship to the prince)...I got the sense that her identity had a relationship to the other nested stories and the other characters. and the one thing that disappointed me, was that I felt I didn't get a resolution to this mystery.

I'm concerned that maybe I missed something? So I'm wondering if her identity is revealed? And I'm wondering/hoping that her identity does matter to the author (because she matters to me) and I didn't miss anything and maybe this is revealed in the next book?
Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Grace (SidheEtain) | 3 comments Emilie, just wait until you read book two. You'll get the answers you seek :) The ending was extremely satisfying.

Emilie | 69 comments Thanks Sidhe! (big grins!)

Michelle (fireweaver) | 60 comments ok, i know i'm resurrecting an abandoned thread here, but more than just 3 of us read this book, yes?

life has thrown a lot of lemons (+ lemonade-making supplies, but still) at me lately, and i've been up to my eyeballs in stuff and only just finished this book last night. i'm absolutely in love with it, and i'll probably pick up the 2nd one when i drop this one off at the library later today. i'm with Emilie, i want to know how that dark-eyelidded girl ends up!

in the hands of a less-gifted author, i think the russian-doll nested tale approach would have come off as gimmicky or forced; as it was, i found it fascinating and it helped make this book hard to put down. i love how some of the tales were clearly variants of old faves, and more of them were shiny new workings that sounded just as familar.

the ending of the 2nd tale was a bit clunky - i prefer my feminism to be shown by example rather than monologued - but then it was all redeemed by the very last sentence. i think we could have a discussion for days on why, exactly, we thought dinrizhad (spelling off, i'm quite sure) was crying in bed.

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