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message 1: by Tana (last edited Nov 13, 2014 07:41PM) (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
**If you are an Author and would like your book to be featured in our group?

Sign Up Here!

Please include the following information:

- Your name
- Book title
- Book genre
- Email address

I will then send you an email to confirm details and add you to the schedule.

Thank you for participating in our RI&R events! We are excited to have you and your book featured in our group.

Just to let everyone know right now the schedule is booking into January 2015 so we have closed up the sign up till the Fall of 2014.

Please see schedule here:

message 2: by Don (new)

Don Martinez (DesertCoyote13) | 24 comments Don A. Martinez
4 books: The Advance Guard, Dinetah Dragon, The Insurgent's Journal, Infernal Eighteen
All contemporary fantasy, last two also dystopian.

Signing up fresh, I tried once before.

message 3: by Dave (new)

Dave Ferraro (Ferraro) | 4 comments I would live to participate!

Dave Ferraro
Dark Genesis
YA Fantasy

message 4: by Stacey (new)

Stacey Brown (staceymariebrown) | 23 comments Your name- Stacey Marie Brown

Book title- Darkness of Light Darkness Of Light by Stacey Marie Brown

Book genre- Paranormal Romance (+17- language, sexual content, and violence)

Email address-

message 5: by Dean (last edited Mar 27, 2013 01:23AM) (new)

Dean MacAllister (DeanMacallister) Dean MacAllister
The Misadventures of a Reluctant Traveller
Travel/adventure/fiction/humour The Misadventures of a Reluctant Traveller by Dean MacAllister

message 6: by Michael Cargill (last edited Mar 27, 2013 03:48AM) (new)

Michael Cargill Cargill (MichaelCargill) | 152 comments Me please, oh dearest and kindest Tana.

Michael Cargill
Book is called Jake
Tragedy genre

Jake by Michael Cargill

message 7: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
sent everyone an email.

Michael Cargill Cargill (MichaelCargill) | 152 comments And it was the most incredible email I've ever had sent to me.

My hands are still shaking. I never thought I was one to be so susceptible to being starstruck.

message 9: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
lol Michael

message 10: by Don (new)

Don Martinez (DesertCoyote13) | 24 comments Received and returned, thank you.

message 11: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 7 comments Hey Tana! Can we do Blue Hearts of Mars here?

- Nicole Grotepas
- Blue Hearts of Mars
- YA Sci-fi Romance
- Grotepas [@]

message 12: by Wilmar (new)

Wilmar Luna (wilmarluna) | 92 comments Yay sign ups! I'd love to entertain you guys with my book The Silver Ninja The Silver Ninja by Wilmar Luna

- Wilmar Luna
- The Silver Ninja
- Science Fiction / Young Adult (Superheroine book)



message 13: by Eliza (new)

Eliza Green Hi, I'd like to add my title.
Eliza Green
Becoming Human
Science Fiction

Becoming Human (The Exilon 5 Trilogy, #1) by Eliza Green

message 14: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
sent everyone an email up to here

message 15: by Michael (new)

Michael Stewart (MichaelFStewart) | 5 comments Hi Tana, I'm already signed up for ARR, no conflict? If not I'd love to put forward:

Michael F Stewart
Assured Destruction
YA Mystery


24 Bones
Urban Fantasy / Supernatural Thriller

If people prefer horror then,

The Sand Dragon

Thanks so much!

message 16: by Tana (last edited Mar 27, 2013 05:25PM) (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
no conflict at all, Im just all over the place haha.

and hey your a canadian (Me To), you have the same ending I have for my personal email lol...

sent Michael and email.

message 17: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Cannon (zoecannon) | 3 comments Zoe Cannon
The Torturer's Daughter
YA Dystopia

message 18: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 2829 comments Mod
sent you an email Zoe

message 19: by Martyn (new)

Martyn Halm (amsterdamassassinseries) | 32 comments Hi Tana,

I've signed up before (and Sheri has an interview with me), but my book wasn't featured yet, so she wrote me to sign up again.

- Your name
Martyn V. Halm
- Book title
Amsterdam Assassin Series - Reprobate (first book), Peccadillo (second book). There are also two KillFiles (short stories) available for free download.
- Book genre
- Email address
katlasieltjes(that wiggly symbol)

Kind regards,

message 20: by Shaunta (new)

Shaunta Grimes (shauntagrimes) Shaunta Grimes
- Viral Nation
- YA Science Fiction

My book releases on July 2. I would LOVE for you guys to read it and to discuss it with you, maybe right after it's release?

message 21: by Uzuri (last edited Mar 28, 2013 08:54AM) (new)

Uzuri Wilkerson (uzuri_iruzu) | 25 comments Hi there.

Uzuri Wilkerson
Title: Sweet
Genre: adult paranormal
Email: uzzielove(at)

The sequel called Sour will release in June. Thanks for all of the past reading suggestions.

message 22: by Larry (new)

Larry Brown | 6 comments Larry Brown
Literary Flash Fiction

Kobo link at my author's page, free download (free app to allow download)

reviews please

message 23: by Shaheen (new)

Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmed | 11 comments Hello, Tana,

I signed up on the original page, but here is my info. again.

I have four works:

Title: A Deconstructed Heart
Genre: contemporary fiction
email: ahmshah786(at)

I also have three titles from a short story series, The Purana Qila Stories:

Title: A Change in the Weather
Genre: historical fiction

Title: The Dust Beneath Her Feet
Genre: historical fiction

Title: The Well-Tended Garden
Genre: historical fiction

email: ahmshah786(at)

message 24: by J. (new)

J. Ay (JNaomiAy) J. Naomi Ay
"The Boy who Lit up the Sky" - Book 1 in the Two Moons of Rehnor series and currently a Quarterfinalist in the ABNA 2013
Science Fiction/Fantasy

message 25: by Liz (new)

Liz Gruder (LizGruder) | 2 comments Hi Tana,
Signed up before, but here again:

Author: Liz Gruder
Title: Starseed
Genre: YA Sci-Fi


message 26: by Sara (last edited Mar 29, 2013 10:45PM) (new)

Sara Burr (SaraFurlongBurr) | 11 comments Hello,

I was also signed up already, but here is my information again:

Sara Burr
Enigma Black
Genre: Dystopian/Science Fiction for those 16 and up

message 27: by Ripley (new)

Ripley Patton | 6 comments Would love to do this. Info below.

Ripley Patton
Ghost Hand
Genre: YA Paranormal Thriller

message 28: by Jessica (new)

Jessica McQuay (Jessica27) | 26 comments Jessica McQuay
Black Moon
YA /NA Paranormal Fantasy

message 29: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Simpson (PhillipWSimpson) | 3 comments Hi Tana,

Can I please sign up.

Phillip W. Simpson
Apocalypse (Rapture Trilogy #3)YA post-apocalyptic
and/or The Unseen Country YA fantasy


Phillip W. Simpson
The Unseen Country by Phillip W. Simpson
Apocalypse (Rapture Trilogy, #3) by Phillip W. Simpson


message 30: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Voss (ARVOSS) | 6 comments Hi Tana, I was signed up before as well, here are the info.:
Name: A.R. Voss
1. Rise of the Destroyer (The Key of Creation book 1)
2. Journey to Khodara (The Key of Creation book 2)
Genre: Fantasy.
Thanks a bunch.

message 31: by Don (new)

Don (donwinston) | 9 comments Great idea. Thanks, Tana!

Don Winston
"S'wanee: A Paranoid Thriller"
Suspense Thriller
S'wanee A Paranoid Thriller by Don Winston

message 32: by Kate (last edited Mar 29, 2013 11:52PM) (new)

Kate Bloomfield (KateBloomfield) | 2 comments I'd love to sign up!
My name: Kate Bloomfield
My new book 'Alpha Girl' is a New Adult Paranormal romance about a student/teacher relationship.
Contains material that may be offensive to some readers.
Alpha Girl by Kate Bloomfield

message 33: by Venise (new)

Venise Webb (vwebb) | 7 comments I'll like to sign up.

My name: Venise Webb but would like to sign up a book from my pen name Tara Ann Bradley

My book, Ring the Alarm, is a contemporary romance. It won't be released until next week. Mature audiences only. Contains strong sexual situations.


message 34: by Mary (new)

Mary Holland Please sign me up.
My name: Mary Holland
Book Title: The Bone Road
Genre: Fantasy
review copy available in either .mobi or .epub

message 35: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jessamiene) | 43 comments Glad to hear things are all cleared up and back on track :D I love this group!

Here's mine:

- Jennifer Silverwood
- Silver Hollow
- Paranormal Romance/Chick Lit/New Adult Fantasy

message 36: by Dean (new)

Dean MacAllister (DeanMacallister) Again eh?

Dean MacAllister
The Misadventures of a Reluctant Traveller


message 37: by Noree (new)

Noree Cosper | 15 comments I'd love to sign up:

Noree Cosper
A Prescription for Delirium
Dark Fantasy

message 38: by Vardan (new)

Vardan Partamyan (VardanPartamyan) | 203 comments thanks for the opportunity!

Vardan Partamyan
The After/Life The After/Life by Vardan Partamyan
Post-apocalyptic adventure

message 39: by Livi (new)

Livi Best (ol040388) | 4 comments Olivia Best
Erotic romance


message 40: by I.C. (new)

I.C. Camilleri (Camilleri) Hi,
I C Camilleri
Paranormal romance and thriller

The Blake Soul
The Blake Soul by I.C. Camilleri

message 41: by Emily (new)

Emily Guido (emilyguido) | 10 comments Please include the following information:

- Your name: Emily Guido

- Book title: Charmeine, Mactus, and Accendo (The Light-Bearer Series Books 1, 2, and 3)

- Book genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Vampire, Angels, Romance, Action and Adventure, Humor, Historical, Woman Power, HEA

- Email address:

message 42: by Emma (new)

Emma Meade (EmmaMeade) | 36 comments Emma Meade
The Awakening & Other Stories

Paranormal Short Story collection.

The Awakening & Other Stories

message 43: by Dianne (new)

Dianne | 34 comments Name: Dianne Gallagher
Book Title: Too Dark to Sleep
Genre: Thriller

message 44: by Willett (last edited Mar 30, 2013 07:35AM) (new)

Willett Thomas | 20 comments Name: Willett Thomas
Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides : a Southern Child's Memoir
Genre: Literary Fiction, YA, Southern Gothic

Synopsis: When we first meet Lily “Lil Bit” Dalton, she is quite literally drowning. This “lip flapping” event, along with others, takes place in the quirky, yet racially divided waterway township of Arcadia, Florida in 1954.

In Raised by Hand, Lil Bit recounts the years between ten and thirteen spent in the care of the woman she considers to be her grandmother, "Bubbah," and this woman's alcoholic son, Bobby. As the story opens, it’s been five years since Lil Bit’s mama, Violet, “dropped her off like nothin’ but a bit of dirty laundry,” when on “Ditch Thursday,” Lil Bit is pulled from the river by Sheriff Marin. The Sheriff’s act of heroism leaves her not only with the secret of what lies beneath the water, but also with gnawing doubts about Sheriff Marin, “the only white man worth a damn in all of Arcadia,” who also knows the river’s secret, but tells no one.

Like the tales told by the young heroines in the classics To Kill a Mockingbird and the Secret Lives of Bees, Lily “Lil Bit” Dalton’s quest to reunite with her mother, while also keeping the secret of the Massaquatta’s murky depths, takes readers on a tumultuous ride filled with adventure and mystery. But more importantly, Raised by Hand answers the age old question: What does it take to be a family?

Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides a Southern Child's Memoir by Willett Thomas

message 45: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Coffey (httpwwwJACoffeycom) | 2 comments Name: J.A. Coffey
Book title: HETAERA: Daughter of the Gods
Book genre: Historical fiction (note: this book contains adult content)
Email address: JulieACoffey @ (no spaces)

message 46: by Shewanda (last edited Mar 30, 2013 04:24AM) (new)

Shewanda Pugh (shewandapugh) | 8 comments Name: Shewanda Pugh
Book Title: Crimson Footprints II: New Beginnings
Book Genre: Women's Fiction/Romance
Email: Shewanda @
(no spaces)

FYI: This is book 2 in a series, if anyone would like to read & review book 1 as a jump start on the series, I'd welcome it.
P.S. Glad to see this back!

message 47: by A.L. (last edited Mar 30, 2013 04:35AM) (new)

A.L. Butcher (ALB2012) | 242 comments Oh yes please

Name:Alexandra Butcher (Alex)
Book Title: The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles
Book Genre:Adult Dark Fantasy Romance/Erotica
Email address:a_butcher @ (no spaces)

message 48: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (writeralicia) I don't know whether you are accepting Read It & Reap requests from small publishers, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I represent the publisher Dragonfairy Press. Author Robert B. Warren is not a member of Goodreads. As the publisher, I have the rights to distribute this book worldwide. Please let me know if this is okay for RI&R.

Name: Alicia Brewster, on behalf of author Robert B. Warren (who is not on Goodreads)
Book Title: Murder on Olympus
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Thank you!

message 49: by Pete (last edited Mar 30, 2013 05:00AM) (new)

Pete Planisek | 10 comments Name: Pete Planisek
Book Title: Frankenstein A Life Beyond(Book 1 of 3)
Book Genre: Fiction/Literary Fiction/Horror/Historical/Romance/SciFi

Thank you for organizing this.

message 50: by Randy (last edited Apr 06, 2013 12:09PM) (new)

Randy Massey | 5 comments Name: Randy Massey
Book Title: The Summoner
Book Genre: Fantasy adventure with a touch of romance
Email address:
Smashwords coupon for free ebook.

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