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Did ayone hate this?
Angelina Angelina Feb 10, 2013 07:47PM
Seriously, did anyone just hate this book? I cannot stand it, so painfully obvious and what the hell...everyone dying and Amy all smitten with Elder all the damn time. C'mon people, I know it is a book, but some reality here please? Chris was so obviously ridiculous, and Amy is such a ridiculous character, I just wanted to stop reading. And the flying creatures...seriously? How can I put this in a nice way "I frexing hated this book!" Anyone else? (This is a personal opionion, don't hate me for it, please)

Yes, this book made me hate all the and old. I hated the love triangle (not that I was and Elder fan). The earth-borns, including Amy's parent, were a bunch of jerks. Amy father was an horrible leader and annoying (I see where amy gets her one track mind from). And Chris was very obvious and the plot was VERY boring.

YES OH MY GOD. THIS BOOK FUCKING SUCKED. it was boring, boring... oh and boring. it was so stupid. i'm so glad you created this discussion because i agree 100%

Vee Gretzinger so did you end up seeing her, or no?
Feb 17, 2013 06:51PM
Angelina Nah, I was genuinely disappointed in the book, and even though there would be other authors there, I did not want to go. I only have the third book in ...more
Feb 17, 2013 08:51PM

1. suspect is obvious, while secrets are too closely hidden. There is no clue, which means no tension and suspense.
2. the happy ending wtf...too perfect
3. amy wanted "peace" (ie surrendering) with the murderers of her parents, friends and 500+ people. when it wasn't peace at all because there wasn't a battle. the hybrids attacked them. that's it. they're the victim. and they want peace? after all the deaths? seriously unbelievable. urgh.

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