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If you didn't read the info thread: (view spoiler)


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Gender: (view spoiler)


Age and Grade: (view spoiler)

Date of Birth:

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Distinctive Markings:

Mask: (view spoiler)

History: (view spoiler)

Reason for being in The Brotherhood: (view spoiler)

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Name: Mason Jack Wilson
Nickname: Wilson by fellow team mates from Football and Wrestling
By the Brotherhood: MJ
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Age and Grade: 18, Senior
Date of Birth: May 18

Hair Color: Pic
Eye Color:Hazel
Height: 6'
Distinctive Markings: 3 Tattoos
-(view spoiler)
-(view spoiler) On his shoulder blade
-(view spoiler)

Mask: Mason's mask covers about half of his face. When he wears the mask, he also wears blue contacts so he isn't easily given away. If anyone were to figure out who was under the mask, they would not have much to go on to figure out that it was indeed Mason underneath the mask. Mason takes his job seriously and does whatever possible to make sure his identity isn't something that can be easily figure out.
(view spoiler)

Now, there is much more to Mason's history than one thinks or knows. He wasn't always as cold or menacing as he appears to be now. There was a reason of how he became such a person and the catalyst for how that became is his mother.

Teresa Mary Holland met Allen Brett Wilson at a bar. The pair started chatting and got along fairly well. They met a few times before they started to actually date. Flash forward a few years, and the pair was living together. It wasn't until then that Allen started to show his true colors, or glimpses of them. Teresa noticed a strange glint in eyes and his lack of sympathy for anything tragic. And it frightened her. So she moved out. But by that time, she was already pregnant. Needless to say, she kept the child.

Flash forward five years, and Teresa, the only person who had properly cared for and nurtured Mason, died from cancer. Mason was given custody to his father. And well, one can already assume what kind of man he was.

Now, Allen did care for Mason and love him. And one could even say he was like a normal father. At least for one year. Because when Mason was six, his father brought home another woman and her child, a girl one year younger than him. At first his father cared for loved this little girl and seemed to have forgotten about Mason all together. This made Mason jealous and horribly angry for two weeks, the time period of when his father was a gentleman to their new 'family'.

Then when that time had passed, his father began to change with the girl. When her mother left the house, he would take her to another room. Mason wasn't sure what would happen, but he heard screams. At first he didn't like it and he would go hide in his room under his bed, until the screaming stopped.

Then one day, his father brought him to the room to show his son the 'fun' he was having with his new step sister. Mason couldn't watch. He turned around and told his father, "Daddy, stop it. You're hurting her." He didn't want to take part in it, his mother's words echoing in his mind You should never hurt anyone or anything.

His father stopped and pulled Mason out of the room, where he beat him senseless. He told his son. "I know what's right and what's wrong and you will do as I say." And then he hurt him more. The next few times when Mason refused, this happened again. Then finally the fifth time his father brought him to the girl, he hit her and hit her and hit her. He didn't realize how much he had hurt her till he stopped, and that was when he left the room and hid under his bed crying, wishing his own mother was there. Fortunately for him Allen didn't come for him again.

And that was how it began. How he started to hurt that little girl, although he would only hit her not the other stuff his father would do. Mason started to act superior and mean to her. At first it was when his father was there. He would pretend to avoid a beating of his own. But then, over the years his personality began to mold from his own fear and he started to actually become cruel like his father.

When he first started to notice what was happening to him, he blamed that girl, Quinn. He would think that if she never came then this would have never happened and he and Allen would have lived happily ever after. It was that reason, that he would really hit her.

Though, after years passed he stopped, hitting her himself. He sometimes, very rarely, realized that what he was doing and what he had become was wrong and he couldn't do it anymore. He didn't want to. He was already a changed person, but something inside of him made him stop. Though he could never face his father and tell him to stop. This was his first year of high school. So his father wouldn't suspect anything he joined a few sports at school so he would be busy. He started to hang out with the more well known and popular kids until he became one of them. He had more of a busy social life, so he wouldn't have to come home or if he did then he would be 'too tired.'

Though, he never looked at Quinn with kindness. He still blamed her for what had gone wrong with his life and still hated her. When her father put her back in school, he made sure she was among the popular crowd and kept and eye on her by his father's request. He doesn't want their secrets to be out. He doesn't want to be blamed for what he did, because deep down he is ashamed of that. But she can never know that, nor can his father. So he acts the way he is.

Reason for being in The Brotherhood:

One side of Mason just enjoys chaos and anything like so. The Brotherhood, in his eyes, is all that. He loves how they target certain populars and destroy their reputation with humiliation. He always wanted to be part of it. So when he finally figured out how to join The Brotherhood, he was extremely giddy with joy. The idea of going after anyone and simply destroying them. It seemed like so much fun. It also seemed like a good way to direct all the anger he had in him.
And to add to that there were a few particular people whom he would really enjoy being destroyed, they haven't been targeted yet but he'll make sure their targeted soon.
One of them is his step sister, Felicity. Her because well he blames her for everything. He thinks that if she's gone then everything could go back to normal, how it was when he was five.
And the second would be, Mathew Steele. He notices how he ditches with Felicity sometimes, and he doesn't need the risk of her telling when she's out of her sight with someone like that a$$hole.
Last, but most definitely not least, Darlene Poisson. He's been rejected by her twice. Needless to say, Mason doesn't take rejection well at all.

Father: Allen Brett Wilson
Mother: Teresa Mary Wilson (deceased)
Step-Sister: Quinn Felicity Jethro

Before anyone is to read on, it is very important that they first read the profile of Quinn Felicity Jethro first. The name Mason appears there and one should take note that that Mason and this Mason are the same, giving this reader the idea already of what kind of person he is before reading on. When that task is done, then please proceed and read on.

Now from seeing how Mason's stepsister Felicity sees him and how he appears to be in the history, one can tell that that Mason is a very conflicted character. He has been molded to be a very cruel, manipulating little bastard. But deep down he doesn't want to be the way he his. However, since he has never been thought the difference between right and wrong, wrongheaded is often conflicted when it comes down to the choice and doesn't know what to do. And more often than once has picked the wrong choice.

How he appears to his peers and classmates can be described easily. He has two sides, both extremes. One side he seems to his friends that cold, manipulating, menacing, frightening guy because of his height and build and because when he gets angry he can almost seem murderous. When that happens, everyone make d sure to move out of his way and stay out of the way.

His other side is the complete opposite. He can at times be a complete sweetheart. He'll hold open the door for people, help someone pick up their things fallen. Carry a girl's books to class for her. Not be as much of a Jackass to freshman.

Now it may seem he is very bipolar or has split personality disorder. But these moods do not change within the day. How he feels for a particular day depends on the day before and how it started. If a day goes from great to bad then he has a bad morning, expect his first side. If not, expect the sweetheart.

Strength: As a wrestler and linebacker for the football team, he works out intensely every day and is quite built.

Speed: This may come as a slight shock to many, because of his build he is not expected to be as fast as he is. is, as most with the similar lean yet muscular build aren't. But the truth is that Mason is fast. He ran a mile in about five minutes and twenty five seconds once.

Determination: This speaks for itself, doesn't it? In case it doesn't-> To put it simply when Mason wants something he will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Secrets: Not that anyone would tell him anything, anything but Mason is amazing at keeping secrets. He has kept such a big secret about what goes on at home and from before a secret. And then he does spy for the brotherhood, being a popular.

Right and Wrong: As mentioned before, Mason has not grown up in an environment where he was taught the difference between right and wrong. So when it comes to making those choices he is often times very conflicted and stresses himself out and sometimes can have a meltdown.

His Father: Mason knows what his father does is wrong. But despite that Allen is still his father and he feels conflicted as to what to do when he is around him. His Father takes advantage of that and manipulates his son to do his bidding.

Agateophobia: The fear of going insane. Mason already feels him self losing his sanity, he fears that he will lose it completely and will completely become the person he doesn't wish to be. When he is trying to choose between right and wrong, the fear of becoming insane comes to him and it can get so bad that he melts down, as previously mentioned.

-Torturing his step sister
-The Brotherhood
-Watching chaos enfold
-Creating the chaos
-Keeping others in check

-His step sister
-When someone screws up
-His dad, sometimes
-When there isn't any drama or chaos to enjoy
-His homeroom teacher
-Sports girls play


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Name: Wesley Kellan Wilste [Wes]

Nickname: Lutz

Gender: Manly Man

Sexuality: Straight, but you'd never know--he's never had a girlfriend.

Age and Grade: 18, Senior.

Date of Birth: August 19th


Eye Color-Crystal Blue
Hair Color-Black
Body Type-Tall, Lean, Fit.

Distinctive Markings: He has a tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip.

Mask: (view spoiler)

History: Wesley was born in a small town and life was always easy for him as a child. Sure, there were always those little things that bothered him--but everyone has those things. But then... well, things got worse. Individually, you may think it wasn't that bad-and hey-maybe it wasn't. But you didn't live Wesley's life, so stop judging him for it before you even read.

I guess it all starts with attention. That's all the great heroes fatal flaws, right? Wrong. Attention wasn't the problem because it wasn't a luxury Wesley had. He was always in the background... cast to the sidelines... hidden in the shadows--how else do you really want me to put it? He wasn't ever that golden boy of a child. He couldn't focus in class, so his grades weren't the best. He wasn't the most hand-coordinated, so the only sport he really excelled in was Soccer. He didn't play well with others-still doesn't-so he certainly wasn't the most popular.

I thought... well, there was always this unspoken rule; as a parent, your child is the apple of your eye. No matter who was being compared, your child was the best because that's your child. That's how Wesley's dad saw it, kind of. I guess there was only room for one child in his eyes, and it wasn't Wes; it was Ashley.

Wesley's mother died giving birth to him--so he doesn't know her well enough to miss her, so don't take pity on him, he wouldn't want you to anyway. His father moved on and remarried, and not to soon after, he had a child with his new wife. Ashley. It wasn't so bad having a younger sister... she wasn't like a demon spawn or anything. But having a step mom? Holy crap, that sucked. She treated Wesley like the red-headed step child, and the worse part was his father didn't seem to notice--or care.

Life still wasn't that bad... I mean, there had to people that have it worse--that was what Wesley always said. But then he discovered his little step mommies big secret. She was having an affair... not with just anyone, his favorite teacher. For one, gross. For two, really, the consumer math teacher? He's like... teachers salary, but anyway--the secret tore Wesley apart.

He had been having his little truth problem for a while now--but by this time, it still could have been reversible. He didn't lie so convincingly, and it wasn't quite a second language yet. The only person he really lied to was his Step Mom; that was really just to keep from getting in trouble over little things. Oh, he also lied to Ashley--he would tell her he was happy. It wasn't her fault dad loved her more... it was OK.

But this? Even after his Dad showed for so long how much he didn't care... Wesley still wanted to help his father. He thought that's what he would be doing-telling the truth and stuff-he thought it would help. He couldn't have been more wrong. He thought, 'Wow, maybe this might even bring us closer'. Now as he looks back on it, he realizes how stupid he was for being so naive.

Because you know what happened? Wesley did tell the truth; the truth. His father didn't believe him. He did not believe Wesley the one time he was actually honest. Way to kick a man while he was down... So now Wesley's father didn't like him... but he also resented him--on some deep level, he had to know it was true; if he didn't believe that, he wouldn't dislike Wes so much.

But what ever, it's all good. Wes has Ashley... she really is a sweet girl, only a year younger than himself. She's probably the sweetest sister he could have asked for. She doesn't seem to like all the attention she gets--and bless her heart, she actually tries to help Wesley out in the whole get-the-parents-to-support-him department. She still hasn't realized it's just a lost cause. But no matter what, Ashley is always there for Wesley.

It surprises him every day how compassionate she is... for no reason what so ever--she just does stuff for him. Like getting the parentals to move to MA? Ashley did that. She saw how miserable Wesley was back in Oklahoma, no matter how determined he was to hide it, and she did something about it. Like wow. Ashley is probably the only person in the Wilste household that cares for him--she's also probably the only person Wesley doesn't lie to.

Reason for being in The Brotherhood: He's good at it...he's lived his entire life feeling like nothing--and he hates to see other people being reduced to that as well. Besides, those bitches won't be choking on their lies, they'll be choking on the truth.

♒ Margarete Lilian Proctor
♒ Violet River Gallows

[Step Mother]-Cassandra
[Half Sister]-Ashley
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Personality: Wesley is... well, Wesley... And Wesley lies.

He lies about nearly everything, but you'd never really notice. In his eyes, the truth isn't all that important--it's not like anyone else can tell the difference. Really, it's not that big of a deal... it has been like this for as long as he can remember. There's probably some deep rooted physiological reason why he acts they way he does, but he doesn't care, so neither should you.

You may be thinking, omg what a terrible guy!, and you'd be wrong. Sort of. The truth of the matter is, most of the lies are for other people's benefit. It's not like you're going to tell a girl she's fat, my point being; some lies are good. Really, if he said all the things going through his head when he talked to people, they'd probably run into their room bawling their eyes out. He could be very mean if he let himself.

Wesley is the type of guy to always keep you guessing whether he actually cares for you or not; either way, he's able to convince you of the latter. You'll never know exactly how he feels about you because he can act both parts very well, it's just what he does. He may never actually show you his real feelings--life doesn't benefit you that way. It's not that he hates the world and he's secretly basking in his feelings... he just doesn't want to be manipulated through his emotions. He wouldn't allow you to hold his personal life over him--therefore, you don't have the privilege of knowing it.

Like most stereotypical pretty boys, Wesley is very focused on his personal image--but I don't mean that in the standard definition of the word. Usually when people are focused on their own image, it means they are trying to get people to like them. They are trying to be the best person they can possible be.

That's not what it means for Wes. His image is mysterious. He's always keeping people on their toes; no two people can commonly agree on what exactly his personality is, since he doesn't treat people the same way. There's just something interesting to him about never knowing--always having to guess; still unsure after the hypothesis period.

This quality about him tends to draw people in. The fact that they can't decide whether he's interested or not... well that makes them strive for his approval--which is something he'd never let you have, whether you have earned it or not. He might even go as far as to insult someone to pull them in; testing the waters. He does this thing, almost acting like a mirror. He'll show you the qualities you may admire most, then he'll shatter that illusion-only to start the process all over again.

So, if you know Wesley, you probably like him. The longer you spend time with him, the more of his ranging personality you will see. How much of it though, is sincere? The devil-may-care attitude on the surface, or the deadpanned silent boy underneath? More than less likely... neither. Every move he makes is cool and calculated, thought put behind every action.
❤ He's extremely manipulative; and being the best of the best, no one notices.
❤ Fantastic liar.
❤ Look at that face... I'd consider a strength, wouldn't you?

✗ He doesn't really care for anyone in particular, but if you manage to change that--you deserve a medal.
✗ He's never real. That can get pretty exhausting.
✗ Wesley has his own back at all times... he doesn't have anyone to count on.

❤ Movies!
❤ Private types of places--secluded areas to read.
❤ Knowledge--in the broadest definition.

✗ Populars, obvi.
✗ Pushover's.
✗ Dramatic type people...


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name // Rhett Pierson Harper
--------many people use his last name in reference to him; in dealings with the brotherhood they call him pierse.
gender // Male
--------he is straight and not remotely experimental.
age // Eighteen years old
--------senior. born on the fifteenth of august.
appearance //
(view spoiler) Understand that if you use the word "emo" in reference to him you'll probably end up with a split lip, a black eye and a bruised ego. Rhett is a tall, spare framed kid; his narrow shoulders and lean hips leave something to be desired if you're looking for some athletic jock but don't be fooled---he's far stronger than he looks. (It shows in his arms, too.) At a lanky six foot three, he's tall, and seems to tower over others only because he's thin, just about as far from stocky as anyone could ever be.
An inky mess of dark hair fringes over his forehead, often sticking out in the front, and lies in a devil-may-care fashion; if there's one person who could give less of a crap about how he looks, it's Rhett. This mop does what it wants to and he'll usually just run his hands through it in the morning and call it good, resulting in a constant look like he just rolled out of bed... which is normally what happens. The color is so dark and monochrome that it nears black, it's often mistaken for being dyed, in fact, though again---he really doesn't care enough to do something like that. The length tends to vary, sometimes it'll be slashed and ragged around his ears and chin while other times it grows out, curling around his neck but never looking too long.
Similarly, Rhett's eyes are unnervingly keen---dark gray in color, they are just light enough to appear almost like charcoal but dark enough to keep from contrasting too greatly. He has the sort of sharp stare that makes him seem more intimidating than not; and you can almost see his expression through them. Normally, they are hard and unforgiving, and it's not odd to see them narrowed in a glare at whatever unfortunate soul is the object of his anger at that particular moment.
Rhett has a silver ring slipped through the right side of his lower lip, and has a bad habit of tugging at it with his teeth when he's thinking hard or anxious. Just one of his ticks; he has a few of those. Running his hands through his hair, biting his lip, tilting his head to the side when he thinks, constantly moving and fidgeting and doing something with his hands. After some time, it's easy to notice the small things about him. He has a few tattoos that he really just go over the course of the year. 'this world is not my home' from collarbone to collarbone, 'let live' on either wrist, 'only baby scars' on his ribs, and then his sister's initials, 'tnh' behind his ear.

Clothing wise, he's a relatively conservative dresser simply because he can't be bothered to spend more than ten minutes maximum getting dressed---and that's just when he actually tries. Rhett doesn't wear quite as much black as you'd expect him to; he's normally seen in band t-shirts, or flannels open over thin v-necks or shirts, or just a hoodie thrown over some top he found in the laundry. He generally only wears jeans, usually close-fitting or skinny. And as far as shoes go, you'll only find him with a pair of black or red Vans or black Converse. It's just his thing; no exceptions.
It's hard to deny that Rhett is a good looking guy. You can't just ignore the angular carving of his cheekbones or the strong curve of his jaw or his oddly pouty lips. Unfortunately though, people are put off by the fact that he is always wearing an almost brooding or angry expression---though his smile is wide and brilliant, it's rare to see. If you're lucky, you'll find yourself with a half-smirk. But really, this is Rhett Harper we're talking about---you're lucky if he even bothers to interact with you in the first place.
mask //
(view spoiler) You aren't going to get much out of him; a simple black mask with simple black elastic that sits over his nose completely. He'll usually also wear his hood pulled up to cover his hair, which usually has a beanie over it anyway, and he'll wear plain brown contacts to disguise his strangely recognizable eyes.
history //
Small town Colorado was not much of a home for a boy plagued by curiosity---Rhett Pierson was born at 2:12am on August 15th in a hospital in Denver; the closest one to their middle-class suburban community in the middle of absolutely nowhere. They swore that when he came, the weight of the world was finally off their shoulders; that the child took a long few moments to blink before his face crumpled and his lungs expanded and he screeched and wriggled like he didn't need anyone's hands holding him in place.
They were a happy family in the first years of his life; until he was three he was a happy baby. Fussy, a little bit of a troublemaker when he couldn't even stand still on his own two feet (though he acted cocky like he thought he could and damn it if he wasn't going to prove it), but a good boy all the same. Will and Lisa Harper were well-off people, they had stable jobs and they'd been married since they were oddly young; but in this case, it just made their relationship stronger. Seemingly, there was no better place for a child like Rhett to be raised.
After his third birthday, it appeared that Lisa was once again expecting; both parents were overjoyed when they found it was a girl. Taylor Harper was happy, loud, and proud, and above all she loved her brother and he loved her. The two of them would sleep curled together even from the youngest age, they never spent more than a day apart and after a time the parents stopped prodding them both back to bed when they discovered the siblings giggling beneath a blanket at something only they would understand.
Problems arose when Rhett turned ten. After his company collapsed, Will developed a habit of drinking himself into a stupor where he wouldn't have to remember his failures; that was a trait he'd handed down to his children. The previously high middle class family was suddenly having to live off of the savings that they had, savings that couldn't be replenished until Rhett's father got his act together... which didn't seem like it would happen anytime soon. The fights between the man and his wife were cropping up all the time; over the most trivial things, even. One of them would get frustrated and it would be a screaming match between the two, to see broken glass in the morning was never a strange thing. Rhett learned to pick up the pieces before Taylor would ever notice---that was the sort of brother he was.
Although it was an abominable thought, one that Rhett threw out of his mind immediately, it was almost a relief to get that call six months later that his father was in the hospital in critical condition after a fatal car wreck; it figured. After a month in a vegetative state due to internal bleeding, they pulled the plug. Will Harper was gone---and the effect it had on the small family was shattering.
It seemed as though things were just falling apart around Rhett, who was only eleven years old at the time. He was having to comfort confused young Tay, who wondered where her father had gone but at the same time---even she understood that he was not going to come back. Rhett hated that as much as he might have been able to do, he still could not protect her from the imminent thing that was death. (He should have known, damn it.) His impulse buyer mother, who had always put a little too much emphasis on reputations, didn't stop the steady stream of luxury buys even though they were fast running out of cash and all she had going for her was a small waitress job at the local cafe that brought in minimal salary. When exactly they began living at the poverty line, Rhett couldn't be sure.
Being able to contact his dad's brother, Ben, was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the man was willing to help them and support them because they were desperate---something that his mother was completely reluctant to admit to her brother-in-law. A curse because of the things that came with it; they had to leave everything they knew behind in Colorado (he was glad, secretly, but he would never admit it) and move across the country to Massachusetts.
Benjamin Harper was a man who had cut off ties with his brother several years before---the two shared a past that was far from nice despite their blood relation, so the immense surprise that he was even willing to speak to the deceased man's family was expected. He did help them though---unmarried, he had a large place and an amount of money he was willing to share.
Unfortunately though, Lisa's deteriorating mental health was fast becoming more of a problem for them than they'd initially thought. Her depression was progressive, the woman became unstable, kept to herself and barely spoke---or speaks---to her children anymore. She practically lived in her bedroom, hardly came out, and depended on everyone else to take care of her; for Rhett, this was a source of stress that only added to his ever-growing list of problems. Odd, for a boy who was only in his second year of middle school.
Both he and his sister had always been quiet kids, who never caused trouble. They still didn't, but Rhett had already been judged. People didn't talk to him and he didn't talk to them---he felt as if he had better things to do, although somewhere deep down he'd always wanted to be a part of the bustling, talkative group that was the socialites, no matter what the repercussions were that came with having ties like those. He couldn't---well, didn't---do anything about it, though, so he just went on with his life. It was an endless cycle. Wake up, make sure his mother hadn't done something stupid, send Tay off, catch the bus, go to school, come home, make sure his mother hadn't done something stupid, wait for Tay to come home, eat, study, sleep. There was no room for anything else.
And then freshman year was approaching fast in a rush of tests and planning and excitement, but Rhett could honestly care less. It was the week before school started that Uncle Ben pulled him aside for a "talk"---he'd been expected to be informed about... sex, and abstinence, and be told to use protection even though he'd never even had a girlfriend before and he was only fourteen. What he got was not what he'd expected; putting a long story short, the Brotherhood was a tradition; hereditary, and it was what had torn Ben and Will apart before. And now Rhett was expected to carry on the tradition.
To be honest, he was hesitant. Rhett wasn't that kind of person; he kept away from trouble. He'd always been a good kid, hadn't he? And now his own uncle was practically telling him he had to stir up problems.
It wasn't until he found Tay in the bathroom one day---two fingers shoved down her throat and tears in her eyes, that he realized exactly what kind of poison was in this town. For a long while, he hated himself for being so caught up in his own problems (though his own problems couldn't be helped) that he didn't notice his own little sister, his little Tay crumbling slowly. She swore that she was better, that she was all right, that she would make herself better and he didn't have to bother... and that was his mistake.--------

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-------- Because goddamnit she'd been okay! She'd been smiling and laughing but Rhett should have known better than anyone else just how much a smile like that could hide away. It had to be him that found her. She was only thirteen. She was young and happy---wasn't she? Even now he blames himself. He knew that she wasn't all right. He knew it. And yet he'd still left her to be, without getting her help. To say that he was devastated when he found her bled out in the bathroom---there were so many pills, he couldn't count the bottles---with a note that said because i'm not pretty enough next to her, would be a gross understatement.

That was when he decided he hated everyone who had been the cause of this; Taylor was not the one who deserved to die.

After that you could say he made a reputation for himself.

Benjamin Harper had always been high on the Brotherhood's ladder---it wasn't too hard for Rhett to climb the ranks.

The rest of his past is just one huge blur of deliberate mistakes.

reason for being in the brotherhood //
The biggest reason for Rhett is because it's tradition and he feels forever in debt to his Uncle---to satisfy the man, he is willing to be a part of this group.

Though under normal circumstances, Rhett wouldn't have gone to such drastic measures to get his revenge on the Populars, his sister's suicide plays a large role in his reasons for participating.

He's never been a murderer, but all's fair in love and war, right?

assigned //
--------to be assigned.
--------to be assigned.

family //
-------- Benjamin Harper is Rhett's last surviving relative on his father's side. He took the family in during their time of desperate need and Rhett will do just about anything to make it up to him.
-------- Lisa Harper is Rhett's mother. Severely affected with clinical depression and displays bipolar tendencies; she depends on Rhett for everything, but blames him for things that aren't his fault and takes any chance to remind him of it. She exists, but she doesn't live.

personality //
(product of a murderer, you stole everything.)
There are two major things one needs to know about him before they delve into his characteristics: one, everyone has their own opinion of him; they'll all describe him in a different way, if you asked them. Two, knowing who he is, unless you have a death wish, you never under any circumstances cross him badly. Exaggeration? Maybe. Truth? Completely. As stated before, Rhett has a reputation around---it's not that he's a troublemaker. He isn't provocative, and he still stays away from fights and conflict if he can help it; he may not be the one to start fights but he's almost always the one to end them. Basically speaking, he's the loner kid but somehow everyone seems to know exactly who he is.

"That's Rhett Harper. He's weird. And he doesn't talk a lot."
"He has a mean right hook, and he kisses with his fists. Stay far away."
"He scares the actual crap out of me. No one like him can be normal."
(hide your fangs all you want, you still need the blood.)
Well, to put him in perspective---the best way to describe him when he's around people he doesn't care for, which is just about everyone, is cold. He is frigid in nature if he doesn't know you, starkly unfriendly and his dislike of interaction practically radiates off of him when he speaks. Antisocial isn't even the word to describe his initial persona; it's more like he thinks no one is worth his time. Arrogant, or haughty, in a way. His quietness tends to be unnerving to most, his withdrawn nature completely off-putting. He doesn't talk to a lot of people because he finds most of them stupid. If you ask him a question, be assured that his response will be honest, and brutally so. Rhett doesn't sugarcoat, ever; it's almost as if he's trying to be cruel with the truth.

"Do you not like me, or something? Like, do you have a problem with me?"
"I'd stab myself in the throat to be out of your presence, but you're not worth the pain."
(everything i touch turns to stone.)
Unashamed of being a pessimist, Rhett is quite straightforward about the fact that he sees everything as hopeless. Though he is ambitious to a fault, determined to end things when he starts them, stubborn as all hell---he also has the horrid habit of doing things with a drag in his step, like he thinks it'll all be for nothing anyway. How these conflicting traits work together, it's hard to say: but they do. If you're looking for a pep talk, don't go to this boy for one, because he never tells you what you want to hear. Sure, he's a liar. In fact, he is a liar of the lowest degree; he will look you straight in the eyes and tell you something that is far from the truth... but only when he needs to do so. If you ask him for his opinion, you're going to get it, and it's almost never what you want to hear. He is capable of giving good advice, he just chooses not to; again, why get your hopes up when there's still a chance of them crumbling down?

"I don't know what to do. Help me, please..."
"Either you get your ass up and make things right or you deal with the consequences of doing nothing about it."
(you need a doctor, baby? you scared?)
The one thing that makes Rhett as infamous as he is (somehow) is his temper. Now, when that word is brought up, don't conjure up images of a screaming fit, of throwing glass, of things shattering---not all of them tangible. If there was ever someone who could be called merciless, Rhett would be it. When he gets angry, he gets angry, but it's not how you might imagine. Rhett's anger may be stone-cold and silent but don't think it's because he's pouting, or just sulking around; no, he is the type who'll figure out exactly how to get back at you, and exactly how to bring you down. Maybe this is why he's intimidating; he is intelligent. Very, very intelligent, and very, very cunning. He's a strategist, he knows how to read people and he knows how to use and twist things to his advantage. You betray him once, you get on his bad side once, and you'll be there for the rest of your life. Rhett does not forgive and forget. Ever.

"Your sister was a bitch anyway... what a prude."
"... You wanna say that again, you little piece of shit?"
(when will it end? and who fucking cares?)
He'll never deny that he's an asshole. In fact, he practically embraces his ability to not give a shit about anything; Rhett is apathetic in regards to the feelings of others---or at least, he acts that way---and the golden rule applies greatly; he's fairly sure they're just as careless about him as he is about them. Of course every action comes with a consequence and for Rhett, his years of being an asshole to almost everyone he meets have left him alone. Completely, and utterly, alone. Sure, he might have the Brotherhood but they don't know who he is and he doesn't know them; they're only allies for a common purpose. Rhett's always been an independent guy, and he's never felt as though he needed anyone but sometimes, he'll remember the times when Taylor would be there with her big smile and her soft voice and he'd wonder for just a moment if he'd ever have that again. But again, he will never admit this. Or at least, he's told himself he wouldn't; he can't afford to.

"One day the bullshit you give everyone is going to come around and bite you in the ass."
"But today's not that day---and I like it rough, anyway. Feel free to stop preaching, now."
(these promises you can't keep, it's getting harder to hold on.)
Everything about him boils down to one thing: Rhett is an actor. He wears a mask of false assumptions, appears to thrive on the bad glory he gets, acts like he hates everyone and everyone, is a sarcastic prick, and pretends not to care. But that's the key word; he pretends. Rhett's only human, and unlike some of the people he associates with, he is no psychopath. He has feelings, just like everyone else, and as much as he wishes he didn't he cares. Rhett blames himself for things that are out of his control; he has watched everyone he loved fall apart and he wonders why he couldn't do anything about it. And this self loathing festers. He's never had anyone tell him they loved him, or that they gave a shit, in years; it's his self-inflicted misery that he's drowning in.

"Why didn't you save them... you did this to her."
"I know, ma. I know."
(i am the one who loved you when you went insane.)
Rhett scares himself more than he scares others. He'll look at what he's doing, at how he acts with people and wonder what the hell he's doing with himself. He understands that he wields the power to ruin another person's life. He understands this, and yet he continues to go along with it. And why? It's because Rhett Harper, who is maybe the most callous dick at Salem High who isn't properly mental, is weak. It's because he wants to know he's not the only one who's capable of hurting, of being vulnerable. It's because he has pride. It's because he wants nothing more than to not care. It's because he lives for that minute rush of victory when he realizes that he's won---it's because he needs to avoid the hours that follow when he finds that winning can be just as bad as losing, sometimes.

"Hey, Taylor. I'm doing this for you. All of it. It's for you. I love you."
(don't go---i can't do this on my own.)
As many flaws as he has, there is a lighter side to him as well. He's not caring; or at least, he doesn't seem like it. At all. Rhett has an older brother complex. He's incredibly protective and will defend anyone he feels obligated until his throat bleeds. He is loyal, level-headed, trustworthy if you are. He's a leader, not a follower, and he'll do anything to achieve fairness. Rhett is far from being a good person, but he's not all bad.

"It's been too long, Tay. I'm so fucking alone. I miss you."

strengths //
• He's a liar and an actor and a cheat. And he's good at doing these things, too.
• The fact that the commoners tend to avoid him? Yeah, that's a plus.
• Rhett can fix just about anything.
• He's a leader. Like, really; he doesn't bend to authority of people he doesn't trust.
• He's actually a really good musician. He plays the drums and the guitar.
• Though it's not a very large strength, he's got a knack for Calculus and Biology.
• No one would suspect that Rhett is amazing with kids. No one.

weaknesses //
× He can't make friends. He thinks he screws relationships of any kind up, and he usually does.
× Obviously, he's a bit of a dick.
× His self-confidence is lacking, though no one would ever know it. It causes him to doubt everything he does.
× He's practically failing Literature.
× Not a people person at all. Little to no charisma; he can lie his way out of anything, but he sure as hell can't charm anyone into anything.
× Basically his entire personality.

likes //
• Music. It keeps him sane.
• Taylor. She's gone, but the memory of her makes him happy.
• Rain.
• Kids.
• Alcohol.

dislikes //
× Pretty much everything else.

other //

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Name: Lincoln Wayland Arrington
Nickname(s): Linc {To his best mates, which are few, but to his Brothers and Sisters, he's better known as Arrow due to his nature of always hitting his target with clean precision. They used to call him Bullseye because he always hits the mark, but Lincoln hated that and made everyone stop calling him that. To his Little Brothers and Sisters, they've begun to call him Lord Arrow, or sometimes just Lord. That was it, just Lord—talk about having an ego.}
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown {Lincoln has been seen with girls and boys, but he also acts as if he is repulsed by them as well. In other words, he just likes to use people to get what he wants but he doesn’t have any particular feelings towards any person.}
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Date of Birth: April 1st


Distinctive Markings: There is a big ugly scar that runs down the left side of Lincoln’s face, starting from his brow and ends just below his jawline. It’s not his only scar, there were plenty on his body, but none of them were self-inflicted. Lincoln never had to hurt himself; there were plenty of other people in his life that would harm him without even having to be provoked. There was a burn mark that covers more than half of his right leg, and just barely reaches his hips, but it wasn’t as bad as it had once been. Though, no one knows of it aside from his sister and his uncle.
Lincoln doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings; he doesn’t really see the need for them. He already has more than enough permanent marks on his body, thank you very much. He’s not opposed to them; he simply doesn’t have the urge to get any himself.

Mask: Lincoln’s mask was a gift from his uncle, and it was custom made to fit his face so that no one else could possibly ever wear it. The mask was his. Though the mask is simple in design, Linc could never part with it since it holds a lot of value to him. It is a plain white mask that covered half his face, leaving his mouth free so he is able to speak without it muffling his words, but to keep people from recognizing him by his voice, Lincoln cleverly disguises his voice by speaking with an accent and making it sound more husky. He can see perfectly too, but Lincoln has very distinctive silvery blue eyes that make people feel like he can see right through them, so he wears brown contacts even if they are uncomfortable. It throws people off his trail just the way he likes it.

On the mask, there is a long pointed nose, which Lincoln loves. He painted to perfect circles near the tip with red paint simply because he thought it looked good. The tip of the nose is actually quite sharp, so be careful around him, or else risk being stabbed in the eye by “mistake.”
Above the eyes, Linc painted ten red lines that make it look like an eyebrow. Aside from those few things, the rest of his mask is white, well more of an offset white instead of white white.

History: It all started when Lincoln was four years old. His baby sister, Melissa, had been born, and everything was okay for sometime. It wasn’t perfect, but it was okay and that worked well enough for the family. At least that was what Linc believed. About a few months after Mel was born, the so-called ‘loving’ mother packed up her bags and left in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye to Lincoln or even Melissa. He knew why she had left, it was no mystery, but she could have taken the kids along with her, but of course that wasn’t how the world worked. No, the selfish mother left her two children behind with the monster they called father. Lincoln doesn’t blame his mother for leaving; he just despises her for not taking him with her, or for even coming back for them. And Linc had spent many a nights waiting up for her, waiting for her return while his father was passed out on the downstairs couch reeking of cheap booze.

She was gone. She was never coming back.

If it weren’t obvious by now, Lincoln’s father would abuse his mother. He would beat her if she hadn’t listened to him, slap her around if she had done something wrong, and had been a little too rough in bed for her liking. So, when she had the chance, she left. Obviously this hadn’t made Lincoln’s father happy either, and when he wasn’t happy, nothing good came out of it for the young boy. For about a year after his mother had left, Lincoln actually had been safe; his father hadn’t laid a hand on him as long as there was a bottle of beer in his hand and dinner was ready for him when he came home from work. Lincoln wasn’t exactly treated all that greatly, but at least his father hadn’t hit him or Melissa, who had still been a baby during this time. Then again, Melissa hadn’t always been home since she had been sent to live with their aunt to make things a little easier on Lincoln’s father. They would visit her, but Lincoln had the feeling that his father hated Melissa as much as he hated Lincoln simply for the fact that they reminded him of the bitch that had left him.

When Lincoln turned seven, the abuse began. His father no longer was content with drinking until he passed out, he really needed someone to hit. It first started with just a couple slaps here and there if dinner was cold or if he didn’t like how it tasted. Just a few slaps to keep the young boy under his order, nothing too bad that it showed when Lincoln would go to school.
School. Lincoln loved school. It was where he could go for eight hours without having to think about his father or how miserable his life was. It was where he could act like the kid he was, instead of being forced to be older than he really was when he was at home. His father wouldn’t do anything around the house, so unless he wanted a beating, Lincoln would have to clean the house, cook the food, but left the bill paying to his father because even he wasn’t that good at that young of an age.
Being in charge of doing that many things was a little hard for him, it was hard not to slip up sometimes because he was so young that it was impossible to But every time he would make a little mistake that he prayed would go unnoticeable, but his father would notice and give Lincoln what he believed to be a well-deserved slap right across the face. Of course Lincoln didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve any of this. He deserved so much better, but none of that mattered. He was stuck being his father’s servant rather than his son all thanks to his mother leaving him behind. Some major resentment was being built there.

By the time he was nine, Melissa was back in the house but she never went anywhere near their father, and Lincoln felt as if she knew to keep her distance from the monster—she was only five at the time. She always stayed close to Lincoln, because he was the only one she was familiar with. Their father wouldn’t even look at Melissa, possibly because she looked like their mother. He barely held her, or spoke to her, and if he had the choice he wouldn’t even feed her. So it was up to Lincoln to take care of his baby sister, and he took that job up too without complaint because Melissa was the only good thing in his life aside from school. He knew that it was the one thing he wouldn’t be able to screw up. Luckily, it wasn’t too hard for Lincoln since their aunt would drop by during the day to watch after Mel while Lincoln was at school and his father was at work. Once Melissa turned seven and was able to attend first grade, their aunt stopped coming around, which saddened Lincoln since he felt as if it was just another person more than eager to walk out of his life.

Melissa was the only constant in his life and he would do anything for her. Anything. There was no force greater than Lincoln’s love for his sister, and how much he wanted to keep her safe whenever possible.

Finally a teenager, at the ripe age of thirteen, Lincoln thought his life would turn around for some ridiculous reason. He ran the household with ease, and watched over his sister without missing a beat, but the beatings never ceased. Fortunately they never escalated either, just a couple punches and little slaps here and there—all things that Lincoln were able to hide from the people in his school. Now, don’t allow this to make you believe that he was some quiet little wallflower in school. Oh no, Lincoln might have been quiet, but what his father did to him didn’t make him some wilting flower, in fact it made him strong. Maybe at first, he was that quiet little shy boy that hid away from sight at school, but through the years he changed, but it wasn’t for the better. No, Lincoln actually was turning into a monster himself-- a careful, patient and quiet monster, something worse than his father. Something that looked human but there was something very dark growing inside with each passing day, but no one knew, not even his father, who was responsible for it to begin with. Though, it wasn’t just his father who should be blamed for this, his mother played a huge part in it as well. Just about everyone in Linc’s life played a part in this ugly creature within him, even if they will adamantly deny it upon confrontation.
Although, no one could exactly talk to the father anymore, much less confront him. The mother was nowhere to be found—though both her children hoped she had died a horrific death with plenty of suffering. Their aunt would surely say she tried the best that she could have, but she had done diddlysquat; she had known what was going on at home between Linc and his father, but instead of stepping in and helping Linc, she took solace in the fact that she was taking care of Melissa. The teachers, the bullies, the people who had made Lincoln feel small and useless, well they would deny playing any part in the monster he has become—they would just shake their heads in shame and talk about how much of a troubled kid he was, even though that was all bullshit.

When Lincoln was sixteen, Mel just recently turned thirteen; he was making a very special soup for his father that night for dinner. His father had been complaining about heart problems, so the doctor told Linc that low-sodium soup would be the best bet for meals for a little while. Yet, the soup wasn’t helping. Nothing was helping, his father’s health was declining and the doctors couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Then, one day, he died. The old bastard was in the middle of eating dinner alone as usual. Lincoln was up in his room doing his homework with a fresh bruise on his body, and Melissa was over at some sleepover, so neither even knew about what happened until the next morning. Well, that was the impression they wanted to give. There was no autopsy, there were no cops coming around to ask what happened—nothing. No one cared the old geezer died, aside from his kids, but not for reasons most people believed. While everyone thought Lincoln and his sister were mourning, they were in fact more than happy that that one man was out of their life forever; behind the false tears were little devilish smirks for they knew that their father’s death was no accident.

Oh, the darkness was growing inside Melissa as well, and was being carefully nurtured by Lincoln. There was a bond between the two that was unbreakable. Nothing could ever come between these two. Nothing.

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It wasn’t long until Lincoln and Mel were sent to live with their uncle, who was the Governor—wait for it…Massachusetts. Unbelievably, he was related to their late father, but was nothing like him. In fact, he was kind, fat, strange, and jovial. He never shouted at them or laid a single hand on them, but Lincoln didn’t exactly warm up to the man right away since Lincoln wasn’t one to trust anyone aside from his sister, but one day, his uncle shared a secret with him, a secret that gave him passage into group that accepted his dark mind. Of course, in return, he told his uncle just how he killed his own father, his uncle’s younger brother; however, instead of being angry about it, the Governor was pleased—he never cared for his brother, and thought the filthy rat deserved to rot in a ditch.

Insanity runs in the family.

Lincoln’s uncle once was part of a secret group that was only spoken about in scared whispers among the students that walked the halls of the prestigious High School in Salem, Massachusetts—Salem High School. Underneath that smile was a man with a dark past, much like Lincoln. And seeing the resemblance of himself in the young man, he sent Lincoln and Melissa to Salem High, making sure they carried the family name within the Brotherhood. Immediately, they were accepted into the Brotherhood, but Lincoln worked hard to be on top in the group. It was no surprise since he was ready to do anything to be on top and stay at the top. He might not be extremely popular within the school, but Linc was well known in the school as the Governor’s nephew, but it wasn’t long until he established a name for himself so that people wouldn’t see him just as that kid the Governor of the state took in—possibly for publicity. Sure, many of the popular kids saw him simply as that, but Lincoln’s name echoes through the halls long after school ends for the day.

Laura Dee: There isn’t much to say about this woman other than she abandoned her children to save herself from a man who has abused her for several years. She feared he would kill so she left as quickly as possible when she had the chance. How she was able to part from her children like that, Lincoln will never understand, even if she were to try to explain it to him. To Linc, the day she left and never came back was the day she died in his eyes him. The woman was dead as far as he cared.
Jonathon Scott Arrington: Jonathon, or as some would call him Jon, was never a very powerful man at his job. Then again he wasn’t all that important. He was simply a little worker who would file away papers and nod his head meekly whenever someone told him to do something—to say he was stressed and overlooked was an understatement; whenever he went to work, his balls were checked at the door and handed back to him at the end of the day in a jar. He was unhappy, so who else to take it out on other than his wife up until she ran away, then he began hitting his son. He slapped him, punched him, and degraded him with verbal abuse—anything to make him feel like the bigger man for a change. Home was the only place he could feel powerful, not even caring what happened to his children. Of course after his wife left him, he drank a little more, hit a little harder, shouted a little louder… He made Linc’s life a living hell. The bastard had it coming. For a long time.
Melissa Johannes Arrington: Sweet little sister with a girlish laugh and an innocent persona. Well, she looks innocent, whether she really is is another story all together. Linc knows what kind of girl Mel is, and he leaves her to her devices. He knows that he can’t control her, and he never bothers to unless it’s going to really hurt her in the end. As her big brother, Lincoln is always there to catch her when she falls, and he’s always there to beat the living shit out of anyone who hurts her, though he knows she can do that with her own two hands.
Isaiah Arrington: Governor. He’s in politics so he’s a charming liar, something Lincoln has learned to master through him. They are eerily alike in many ways, but Linc has little to no interest in politics, and Isaiah doesn’t do anything to force the boy into either. No one can control Linc, in fact, Governor Arrington allows Linc to do as he pleases. He might be a little scared of Linc at times, but he definitely respects the young man and has high hopes for his future.

Reason for being in The Brotherhood: The Arrington’s have been part of The Brotherhood when it first began. As the Governor has no children of is own, he only seemed it fitting if his niece and nephew were to be a part of it the second they came to live with him. After all, the Arrington name had to be represented somehow, and he couldn’t have picked anyone better than Lincoln and Melissa. Born and raised out of hate, pain, and humiliation, they were perfect. Lincoln hadn’t like the idea at first, finding it useless to him until a certain jock purposely spilled orange soda over his head during his first week there. He had gotten him back for it, but found it easier to get bring down the top dogs of the school with a little help from others without having to get his hands too dirty.


Personality: After all that he has been through, people believed that Lincoln would be completely withdraw from the world, that he would have very low self-esteem and be a complete downer. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he committed suicide. Years of abuse, no one caring after him, no one there to love him and hold him, or to even tell him everything would soon be okay—it would send most people running to pills, drugs and alcohol, or send them right over the edge and hurtling to the ground literally. But Lincoln was not like that. To him suicide was absolutely stupid; running away from problems was not the answer. It was never the answer. Sure it crossed his mind once or twice, but that would be the selfish thing to do. What would have happened to Melissa if he decided to kill himself? Who would care after her? Who would protect her from their father?

No one.

No one protected him. No one helped him. No one did anything about the shit he had to deal with since his mother left. No. There was no chance he would ever leave his sister just like that. He could never do that to Melissa.

Everything he has been through made him stronger. There was that quote: ’What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.’ And that fit Lincoln perfectly since that was exactly how he went through his life; no matter what happened to him, as long as it didn’t kill him, Linc kept on trudging through all the while holding his head up as high as possible, which some days wasn’t high at all. Sometimes, no matter how strong he tried to be, Lincoln just couldn’t handle all the shit life threw at him. Sometimes it was just too much. And one day, when it all became too much for Lincoln to handle, he cracked.

Just like that.


Well it was more of a smack that led to him cracking.

It was when he was twelve. His father hit him so hard he ended up in the hospital, needing to get forty-six stitches, but it was a permanent scar since the wound had been too deep. You see, Linc had a chance to tell someone what was going on at home with his father, because the nurses were suspicious, but instead of telling the doctors and nurses the truth, Linc told them he fell down the stairs because he was a clumsy fool. It wasn’t because he was afraid of his father anymore, but because if he had told them, then he and his sister would have been taken away by child protective services and his father would have been sent to jail for a few years—if he was that lucky. No. Lincoln was determined to solve this problem on his own without any outside help. So, for the next four years, he bid his time away coming up with an ingenious and untraceable scheme to exact his revenge on his father without raising anyone’s suspicion. Being very patient, Lincoln was able to stand another four years of abuse before the monster that made his life a living hell finally keeled over. This way there was no chance for the devil to come back into his life, although the devil already poisoned his mind and soul with his venomous touch. Not only did it taint Linc, but also through the young man, the devil was able to corrupt Melissa who never even had a chance at innocence. She never had a fighting chance at being pure; then again, what was the point since being mental was so much more fun.

People don’t know how Lincoln’s mind functions, but as far as they are concerned, Lincoln was a charismatic and smart young man that dresses in a very classy style. For him it’s just clean white button up shirts, vests, slacks, and black loafers to finish off his look. It gives him an air of class that he believes is severely lacking in the school, but no matter for that since it also fools people into believing he is completely normal. Well people believe he’s gay, but stable—both of which he’s not. It’s possibly a good thing that people don’t understand the inner workings of Linc’s mind since it wasn’t exactly filled with rainbows and sunshine. There was nothing cute and bright in his mind, or even in his heart, he was a very dark and cold young man that wore an enchanting grin that reached from ear to ear; a grin that was able to dupe even the cleverest of them all.

When it comes to someone mistreating him, or even someone close to him, Lincoln will confront the person with a tight smile on his face. He will get close to the person without trying too hard before stomping all over them in front of the entire school body to send a warning to everyone else about messing with him. Having been attending the school for two years now, just about everyone has received the message of what happens to anyone who hurts the people he cares about, which are very few.
It takes time for Lincoln to trust anyone, and for the most part he won't even give anyone the chance to prove themselves to him. He's too busy deciding everyone's fate that he doesn't have any time for any kind of friendships. Then again he believes that he only needs his sister, friendships were useless since he wouldn't really consider a person as his friend. The only time he would ever consider anyone a "friend" is when he has some use for that person, but other than that "friendships" were pretty useless to him. After all, Linc prefers to be alone and he can't really do that with friends around always wanting to hang out and do stuff that are a complete waste of his time.

Lincoln loves to be in control of a situation. In fact, sometimes he hates it how The Brotherhood has other people carry out their dirty deeds instead of doing it themselves, because sometimes all the fun in getting revenge is by getting their hands dirty. Yet it wasn't how it really worked, which sometimes upset Linc. Sure it was easier this way, but Linc believes that if he wanted something to be done then he would have to do it himself. His way was the right way, it was the perfect way--why would he want some Junior or Sophomore screw it all up? He knew for a fact that this didn't settle well with most people how bossy he could be when it came to carrying out with one of his plans, but Linc honestly didn’t give a damn because if he has a plan set up for someone, then he wants it to be carried out absolutely perfectly. Just how it is set up in his head, and since most people didn't know what goes on in his mind it's easier if he was the one to do the deed.

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✠ Lying. Lincoln can lie through his teeth without missing a step. He doesn’t have to lie often, but when he does, people can never tell. It was second nature to him.
✠ Charming. If it is necessary, Linc can charm the pants off anyone—whether they are male, female, young or old. Even the crankiest man in the world would crack a smile if Linc were there.
✠ Covering his tracks. It’s hard to
✠ Thinking quickly.
✠ Cooking. He’s a master chef. There isn’t something he can’t cook as far as he knows.
✠ Leading. Linc keeps a calm head in any situation he’s put in. He always keeps his temper in check because nothing good comes out of being a hothead. Always thinking before reacting to anything that’s thrown his way.
✠ Patient. Linc can wait a very long time until getting his revenge on someone. After all, just look at how long it took him to finally rid of his father.

✥ Smoking. Perhaps it’s starting to get a little out of control what with him finishing a pack with in two-three days.
✥ Coffee. Keeps him awake.
✥ Books. Reading never hurt anyone, but if Lincoln finds a good book he won’t pay attention to anything around him until he’s done with it. The world looses their psychopath for a few days just because he found a good book he can lose himself in.
✥ Melissa. If something happened to her, Lincoln wouldn’t know what he would do with himself.
✥ OCD. The compulsion to clean is very strong in him. Cleaning and organizing. Everything has to be perfect around him. No exceptions.
✥ Pride. Ego. Hurt it and he will come after you with a knife.

✠ Smoking. It’s bad for him, he knows, but it helps clear his mind. Sometimes Linc will go out to the park, sit on a bench far away from everyone else and just smoke. It’s to clear his mind and forget where he is for a couple hours.
✠ Wine. Linc prefers wine over all other liquors. He doesn’t drink beer, but sometimes he will have a shot of whiskey if he ever feels too nervous about something.
✠ Being in charge. No one tells Lincoln what to do. Linc doesn’t take orders—he gives orders. Everything would be better if everyone would just shut up and do things his way because his way is obviously the right way.
✠ Cooking. Lincoln is a master chef. The kitchen is his domain. His cooking skills range from fluffy pancakes that are out of this world to perfect savory soufflés. Also it’s a good way to let out some frustrations.
✠ Solitude. Being alone helps Linc to sort through his thoughts. Also, being alone is the perfect time for him to figure out the fates of the people he really doesn't like.
✠ Classical music. With a glass of wine in his hand, the world just melts away when he puts on the copy of Madame Butterfly—his favorite opera—he has on CD
✠ Horror movies. Blood. Guts. Monsters. Evil masterminds. People begging for their lives. What’s not to enjoy?

✥ Uncleanliness. He cannot be in a room that is not clean and organized. Linc hates it when something is dirty; if something isn’t clean, he will clean it himself no matter how long it takes.
✥ Vanity. ‘Keep looking in that mirror sweetheart, but you ain’t gonna get any prettier.’
✥ Stupidity. If you can’t even do this: ∫secθdθ. Don’t even bother approaching him.
✥ Swearing. If you cuss in front of him, he will literally wash your mouth out with soap. He won’t have any of that.
✥ Tardiness. If Linc sets up a time and place for you to meet, you better be there on the dot. If he says four o’clock sharp, he means four o’clock and not a minute later, but being early would work in your favor.
✥ Loud people. Linc can handle them but prefers it if people would use their inside voices when talking to him wherever they are.
✥ Texting. If you want to talk to him, find him and do it in person or call him. Text messaging bothers for reasons he can’t really explain himself.


(and im just done. he's shit but i can't do this anymore. so tired. brain totally dead. when im up to it, i'll edit him again later.)

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ O.O

That is most definitely not shit.

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Name: Thea Vienna Goulding
Nickname: She goes by Catalyst while dealing with The Brotherhood. Her Little Brothers/Sisters simply call her Cat though, due to how abnormally long the name is. And the nature of her mask, of course.

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Age and Grade: 18, and a senior

Date of Birth:



(view spoiler)

Distinctive Markings:

Mask: Thea chose a mask that was carefully constructed, the type that hides her whole face. It's bad enough that her hair stands out- She'll be damned if she gives anything else away. It's constructed in the shape of a cat's face, black and gold swirls twisting and turning along the material of the mask. This particular mask is the type able to be tied, so she does not have to worry about something ridiculous like holding it up to veil her features. All in all, it's practical, sort of like Thea herself. Not to mention the slight play on words, with her nickname of 'Cat' and everything.
(view spoiler)



Thea's never really had much in her past that's particularly stood out- You know, except for the tiny fact that she killed her boyfriend. His name was Tucker. And he was her everything. Her entire world. As you can well imagine, it's an extremely sore subject for anyone who actually knows about it. Which is a very few select number of people and certainly not anyone from The Brotherhood.


Maybe she should start from the beginning, though? Because you probably don't understand.


Tucker and Thea met at the beginning of freshmen year and shortly after, began dating. At Salem High, though they were no Haydn and Alexis, they were still known as that cute couple. The ones likely to end up getting married after graduation. In the halls, they were seen almost everywhere together, practically inseparable. She was that ginger girl always seen with the strawberry blond guy, laughing and smiling like she owned the world in her hands. And Thea did- The world was hers, given to her by the sweetest guy who'd taken the time to wrap it in a nice little bow and everything.

Of course, there was a part of Tucker that the rest of Salem didn't know: The rest of Salem besides The Brotherhood. Because he was a big player in the group designed to sabotage the Populars. Which Thea could never understand why, because they had never particularly done anything wrong to him. But still, she followed him anyways. Because that's what you did when you were in love with someone, willing to follow them off the face of the earth if they asked you to.


So that's why, by the end of sophomore year, when Tucker began acting a bit. . . . Strange, Thea still wasn't willing to leave him. By this time, they were still in The Brotherhood, her boyfriend being that enthusiastic member that had never quite been enough to get high up in the food chain. He began acting different, not the Tucker Thea was accustom to. His mood swings were enough to give her whiplash, struggling just to follow with his train of thought. One minute, she was the perfect significant other, his soulmate.

And the next? She was just the worst excuse for a girlfriend, nothing. Lower than dirt, not even worth a kiss on the cheek. Hell, not even worth looking at. At first, Thea was confused, beyond hurt at the sudden change of pace. But after awhile? She just grew used to it, used to him snarling insults her way, hurling them like grenades. By the summer between sophomore year and junior year though, her concern was about the size of Washington, D.C. It wasn't natural to be screaming at her one minute for failing to text him that morning and to be crying that he didn't deserve her the next.


So -according to her best friend- she did was any rational girlfriend would do. Any concerned love one. She went to the people who still had power over Tucker- His parents. And they proceeded to yank him out of Salem High School in search of proper treatment. Thea was so caught up in going on the defense against Tucker's anger, trying to juggle school, and ignore the whispers about the theories from her peers that she forgot all about her connection to The Brotherhood.

She simply didn't have enough time in the day to actually be concerned about it: Thea had more pressing issues to deal with. Like the betrayed boyfriend who would barely answer her calls anymore. In a wat, it meant she didn't leave the group like she probably would ha e if she'd had a moment to actually think about it. Goulding had even been involved in some of his therapy sessions, which almost always ended on a bad note when Tucker screamed all she'd ever do was betray him. She can still hear the sound of him sobbing when she really thinks about it, when she pictures his face.


It really didn't come as a surprise to anyone but Thea -not the kids at Salem High, his old peers, or his parents- when Tucker finally took his own life. They never told her how her ex-boyfriend did it: But honestly? She doesn't really want to know. All Thea knows for a fact, all she knows with an undying certainty that simply won't leave her? That stares back at her every time she closes her eyes?


Is that Thea, ultimately, killed him. Her betrayal, her deciding to tell his parents about what she suspected to be a bipolar disorder? It's the reason for Tucker being buried in a grave, somewhere she can't even hope to reach him.


Thea's not a killer in the literal sense- She didn't take a knife to his broad chest. She didn't slit his delicate wrists. She didn't pop any pills in his cupid-bow lips. She didn't wrap a noose under his strong jawline. She didn't hold his beautiful head under water.


But when did literal ever really matter. If you were to ask Thea, she might as very well have been the one who killed him.

Reason for being in The Brotherhood: Tucker? Obligation? Take your pick, really.


Mother- Alyssa Goulding
Father- Jacob Goulding
Sister- Leona Alyssa Goulding, 15

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Despite what would be expected for someone at such a high position in a group like The Brotherhood, Thea is not the typical Big Sister. She doesn't fit under the category of predictable, not insane with the need for vengeance like so many in this cult-like group. In fact, she doesn't much have an issue for the Populars. Some might even go as far as to say she's one of them, well known at Salem High and overall, liked. Does her status of popularity reach as high as Alexis Quinton's? Hell to the no, but whose does?

As a matter of fact though, she doesn't even mind Alex, really. Which, if the other members of The Brotherhood were to find out, would surely get her kicked out just by itself. Hating the Queen Bee of the school is sort of a given when you do what she does. But to the other students at Salem High, Thea can be seen as the sweet ginger girl who doesn't have a problem with anyone.

She'd be that senior everyone knew, if only by name and hair color. The one who's sweet without over-doing it, someone who would nonchalantly walk to a lonely new student just to keep them company. Because, one more than one occasion, she's felt as alone as that new student no doubt does. At Salem High School, she's also known as head of the volunteer workers for the local animal shelter. She uses this as her 'cover,' though in reality, that is the real Thea. But that girl could never survive in The Brotherhood- She'd be eaten alive.

So before someone takes one look at her and laughs, wondering how the hell she could possibly be a Big Sister, you'd be surprised.

Thea has long since learned how to turn that switch off, to go from Ms. Goulding to Catalyst, the silent yet efficient one who knows how to get things done. Who knows how to twist her words to see almost gentle, to persuade using only her golden brown eyes rimmed with a line of green. She's learned how to recruit. How to feed on the need for vengeance that quietly builds every day within the worker bees, people who get stepped on by the Populars, and work it to her advantage. Well. Not her advantage, per say, but the advantage of The Brotherhood.

Picking up on people's insecurities, the things that bother them most, is something that comes rather naturally for her. It's what she's known for in The Brotherhood, something that definitely makes her an asset. So even if they were to begin picking up on her. . . 'Lack of loyalty,' if you will, The Brotherhood needs her. Everyone knows they're nothing without their own version of the worker bees.

Another thing about Thea? For as long as she's been a Big Sister, she's had a knack newbies. She's always been gifted with communication skills, great at dealing with people. Little Brothers/Sisters, so easily led astray, are no exception. In fact, they're at this point where they're high up on the food chain but not so much so that they're at the very top. It's to the point where they'll do almost anything to impress, to get that one step up earning them the title. She's good at dealing with them and the ones new to the group, a little intimidated at all the highly organized structure.

Maybe that's just how she is, but putting people at ease is one of her specialties. She may use it for 'evil,' but the talent in itself is a good one. It also makes her extremely useful within The Brotherhood, both as a recruiter and someone able to put newbies, as well as Little Brothers/Sisters, at ease. To the point that, even if they were to find out she's not exactly the crazy she probably should be? They probably couldn't do much without her- Operating without someone to spread the word would be a bit harder than expected. The Brotherhood, with all they're organization skills, knows this like the silent fact that it is.


⌘ Tucker showed Thea how to fix things. More specifically, electronics and such. She got in the habit of fixing things that were broken: Too bad she couldn't do the same for him.

⌘ Convincing. It's a talent of sorts, how well she's able to do it. When it comes to twisting words around, you would assume she's been trained. Most probably pride themselves in not giving into peer pressure and all that jazz- But with Thea? You wouldn't even know it's peer pressure. It's been said she's so good, she could talk you into throwing a bomb and you wouldn't even know what a heinous crime you'd just committed.

⌘ Misleading. Call it being a good actress, but Thea is able to lead someone into believing she’s something that’s the utter opposite of what she actually is. Within The Brotherhood, she’s able to convince people she’s a cold hearted bitch on a mission and in Salem High, she can fool people into believing she’s the utter definition of happy.

⌘ Reading people. It comes easy for her- It’s only natural for her to glance over at someone and be able to see their biggest insecurities. To see the things that bother them the most about themselves and just others in general.

Ϟ Trusting. This definitely doesn’t come easily for her, and there’s not many people she’s willing to open up to. And if you’ve already hurt her once? Well, hell. Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Shame on me.

Ϟ Acting. She’s always had this incredibly bad habit of pretending to be okay, plastering on this fake smile in effort to keep chugging along. It’s no doubt bad for her mental state, but it’s either that or breaking down completely. Since that’s a no-go and we all know it, she simply continues onward.

Ϟ Gravesites. She’s only ever willing to go to one if she knows with absolute certainty that she’ll be alone- Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s unwilling to let people see her cry.

▲ Animals, as childish as it sounds. She has a Doberman Pitch named Jake, with whom you can find her walking around the neighborhood with. She’s constantly volunteering at the local animal shelter and is studying to be a veterinarian when she goes off to college next year.

▲ Sweatshirts. For whatever reason, it’s really the only thing you’d be able to find her wearing. While dealing with The Brotherhood, she’s been known to wear a certain black hoodie, the sleeves long enough to conceal the inking dancing down her arms and over her chest. She often times keeps the hood pulled up over her red curls as well.

▲ Music. Whenever possible, she can be seen with earphones plugged into her ears, iPod slipped into one of her back jean pockets. It’s something she connects with, so much so that she struggles to explain it with simple words.

▼ People seeing her upset. It feels a lot like a weakness to her, exposing a part of herself that is vulnerable. And maybe that’s the real core of the problem- Vulnerability isn’t something she believes in.

▼ Hunters. Oh God, they piss her off. It’s as simple as that, really- Hunt anything around her, whether it be deer, bear, ducks, anything, and she’ll go off the deep end. After all, she does want to be a vet.

▼ Nosy people. For a short period of time after Tucker’s death, she had people she didn’t even know knew her name come up to her and ask for the story. Like she was seriously going to tell a virtual stranger.


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Mal (Malxox) Name:Everett Rhys Slash
Nickname: Everett will respond to his first, middle, or last name generally inside and outside of the brotherhood, however to the brotherhood themselves he’s more commonly known as Knox, for really no apparent reason.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age and Grade: 18; Senior
Date of Birth: October 19


Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Dark, dark brown
Eye Color: Blueish-Grey (pic)
Distinctive Markings: Nothing he shows off, but he does have a tattoo or two that not even the people closes to him have ever really seen, possibly heard about here and there. It’s small and it’s on his hip, a dagger curled in blood, a chain angrily wrapped around its hilt. The only reason he ever decided he needed it was because of the fact he is in the brother hood, and a rather violent person at that.
Mask: (view spoiler)

History: Everett was never number one in his family, it was aggravating, disheartening, and deadly wrong. Going back to when he was young, age ten let’s say is when it really started to occur to him. His older brother was always better at him when it came to school, sports, theater, whatever the hell he did he was better – and his younger sister, being the baby, got just as much attention. It seemed there was never enough for him to bask in the glory. Age eleven and twelve he slowly began resenting his parents and the fact that he actually had to put up with his them and his siblings. Upon coming to this school he spends as much time as he can away from them too, lucky that he only had to put up with two years of him before he went off to Europe for college. Everett was a teen with a lot of pent of anger that he liked to let out more often when he was a freshman than ever, the brotherhood was what he would call his savior. Sophomore year he was calmer, focusing more highly on getting in on these mysterious band until he got too involved with a girl.

This is why Everett is the way he is when it comes to the opposite gender. She wasn’t a popular thank god, but she wasn’t as undermined as him if you could peg her that is. It’s safe to say that they were inseparable. She made him forget about what he thought was important, and about his family, and his worries and anger and problems and and and … and she left him, ditched him straight up for some guy that was as much of a douche as the popular kids were. He became exceedingly angry, and through this anger he deemed himself worthy of the brotherhood his junior year. And hey, look where he’s at now. Could not get much better than that, now could you?

Knox granted himself this nickname long before junior year for no apparent reason and it simply seemed to stick with everyone, so he goes along with it. He thinks less and less frequently about the problems with his family, usually spends his free time away from them and with his counterparts, studying for actual school less and less though as he’s been granted one of – no the highest ranking in the brotherhood circle along with the others. Everett isn’t one to bound to closely with anyone unparticular but let’s just say that he’s glad being where he is and who’s there beside him, in a very mental state that is.

Reason for being in The Brotherhood: It was told mostly through his history … ^^

Assigned: ~

Personality: Everett is like a coin, there’s two different sides to him, one that shows itself a lot more than the other. He’s sinister at the core but his outer shell is rather calm, collected in the strangest way possible. He can be quiet, a lot of the time he is, but that makes him no less of a leader than the rest of his counterparts. Everett actually enjoys himself bossing people around, but he likes it more if he’s the one getting down and dirty. The guy has no mercy, his violence exceeds anything anyone previous to knowing him would ever think, and he enjoys every minute of being in the brother hood. It’s served him well and Everett is sure as hell going out with a bang with lovely year.

The first side of the coin is Everett usually around everyone, though it’s mostly when he’s not with those in the brotherhood. He’s a quiet boy that holds himself straight and tall, carries himself well. He’s someone who refuses to back down when challenged, unafraid and confident. Then there’s the less frequent side to Knox that very few have had the pleasure of seeing. The boy’s mental he is, he craves the sight of death and blood and openly with cause a ruckus. He isn’t off his rocker lucky enough but he’ll go through these times where his exterior will shed, or pop rather, all his frustration and wants exploding in violent outbursts. He’s vicious and uncaring and cruel in more ways than one. All in all it’s best to hope that he sticks to his regular self when you’re around, catching him angry is no walk in the park.

Knox values dedication. He values someone who is loyal and respectful towards their superiors, meaning him and the other big brothers/sisters, pssh forget adults. He finds the warriors intriguing and when it comes to girls that’s no exception. Knox enjoys games, bashing words and short glances. More than likely if you degrade him, his subordination with automatically put you on his list of most wanted. That list is too long as of right now, he would much rather keep his work short and spontaneous than be so cliché as to hope for revenge.

Mother – Petunia Slash
Father – Jack Slash
Brother – Saxon Slash
Sister – Genevieve Slash

-Lying; it comes to him easily and plays across his tongue like butter in a pan
-He doesn’t feel the pressure; instead, he’s collective
-Leadership; he’s a great leader when he steps up to the plate, and isn’t afraid to do so when need be
-Unafraid; Never will you see him give into something he’s fighting for, if he walks away it either has little importance to him, or you better watch your back because Knox doesn’t go down with a fight
-Just as it is a strength on his part, it is a weakness that he is unafraid to step up for whatever he so pleases. That he doesn’t like the fact that he can be considered subordinate to people like cheerleaders or jocks, even teachers piss him off
-He has little respect for authority
-Random outbursts of violence
-Games; And don’t even begin thinking about board games, he won’t touch those things to save his life, the games Everett interests himself in are much more harmful.
-Taking people down like they try to do to him
-Believe it or not he actually finds music to be a well rounded outlet, though he doesn’t listen to it nearly as much as brainstorm for things currently important and in the present
-Populars; Who doesn’t?
-His family, enough said

Other: I think that it ^^

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I'm pretty sure someone else already has a character with that name xD

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Oh em gee.
He's beautiful *-*
Though I think I'm a little scared
In a good way <33

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Mal (Malxox) You have got to be kidding me *headdesk* Please Lord not again.
Thanks though MMI

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Yeah, there's already and Everett. But he could go by his middle name?

But OMG. I love him.

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there can be more than one everett at the school >.>" js

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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 834 comments There is more than one of my name in my school.^^

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Some people rage about it >.>

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It's fine. I think it's pretty obvious that they're different... I mean, my Everett is all cowardly and rainbows and sunshine and pianos and Mal's is, like, mysterious and strong and quiet and stuff. Besides, my Everett is a Popular. It's fine.

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Name: Elisabeth Dianne Bennet
Born: Elisabeth Dianne Bentley
Nickname: Some of her closer friends are allowed to call her Ella.
Brotherhood Nickname: Darcy -- she's been told by some that her name reminds them of Pride and Prejudice. Of course, that's not her birth name, but she pretends that it is.

Gender: Feminine
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: Eighteen [18]
Grade: Twelve [12; senior]
Date of Birth: August 27, 1995 [08/27/1995]

(view spoiler)
Height: Five feet, five inches [5'5"]
Hair Color: A yellow-golden blonde color.
Eye Color: Central heterochromia -- blue and amber.
Distinctive Markings:
Mask: (view spoiler)

History: There's not much to say about Elisabeth's past. It's not really that complicated. Yeah, she's only eighteen years younger than her mother. Got a problem with that? I didn't think so. Her father -- well, really, he's her step-father, but he's always been there, so... -- definitely spoiled her. He's an extremely successful lawyer, not to mention that he's a trust-fund baby.

Elisabeth's always adored him, really -- he was completely a father to her. In fact, she loves him more than she loves her mother. She knows about the countless affairs that her mother has had, and she knows that her mother only married her step-father for the money and support. Honestly, she feels bad that someone as nice as her step-father got stuck with her mother. However, he always seems to forgive her -- he's so hopelessly in love with her that he can't even really see her mistakes.

When she started school at Salem, she became popular -- she was rich, pretty, what wasn't to like? But then they found out who her mother was. That loser Isabelle Bentley who lost everything. And just like that, she was out of their cute little clique. She didn't mind, though; no, she vowed that she would give them the revenge that they deserved. One day.
Reason for Being in the Brotherhood: They made her mother's life miserable, and her own life miserable. She wants revenge. She wants to give them what they deserve.

Assigned: [TBD]

Personality: Elisabeth Dianne Bennet is a nice girl, most would say. not the nicest, no, but well-intended, they would say. But most of all, they'd categorize her as smart. yes, she's smart -- very much so. Tutors a lot of the kids who flunk out.

Some might say she's a bit of a kiss-ass to the teachers -- she kind of is. But then again, it's always better to be on someone's nice side than their bad side. Always. Because people can be easy to control and they can be hard to control, and she wants control.

Oh yes, she wants control. Needs control. It is completely what she wants, desires. She needs it. She hates losing control of things -- it's positively horrid.

Now why is a sweet, shy, nerdy girl like Elisabeth involved with the brotherhood? you might ask. There is a reason. After all, there is a reason for everything in this world, no? Yes. Everything is for a reason.

Eighteen years ago, Isabelle Bentley was at the top of this school. The 'queen bee,' if you will - yes, she was popular. Smart -- near the top of her class -- and slutty. An odd combination, but that was Isabelle for you. everything ended when she found out she was pregnant. She was shot down to the bottom of the social ladder, and was treated horribly. Which wasn't really a surprise. After all -- people are mean. It's like a natural rule, now, isn't it? After graduation, she found a nice man to settle down with -- a trust fund baby, and she took his last name and so did her little daughter. They were a happy family -- but that little baby girl wanted revenge. Oh yes, she wanted revenge on the people who treated her mother horribly. she may be nice enough, but hey, everybody's got their flaws. so what if her deadly sin is wrath? She likes people getting what they deserve. and even if it's not the same people -- hey, it's close enough.

↳ Mother [Isabelle Abigail Bentley Bennet]
↳ Step-Father [Nicholas Thomas Alexander Bennet]
↳ Birth Father [Unknown]

She's actually smart - Yeah, she does really well in her classes. She's not dumb, not even close. She's in a lot of advanced classes and does well in all of them -- of course, there's the occasional struggle, but that's normal.
She has connections - Since she's smart, teachers ask her to tutor people. She doesn't mind -- helping really isn't that bad. Some of the people are tolerable and all. But it also gives her connections to people, inside scoop that she wouldn't otherwise get.
She's very unassuming - Outside of the Brotherhood, she's sweet, shy, nerdy Elisabeth Bennet who has basically no social life outside of the tutoring that she does. Like, what a loser. Sure, she's nice enough, but still. Lame.

Twisted sense of reality - She does have a bit of a twisted sense of reality, really; her idea of justice and revenge is a bit skewed. It's definitely a weakness of hers, for sure. No doubt there.
She struggles in controlling her emotions - She's a very expressive person; she can't help it. So if she's angry, frustrated, happy -- it'll show. Usually she'll be able to mask any positive emotion more than any negative emotion.
She acts on impulse to protect those she cares for - The few people she really cares about? Yeah, she gets really attached. Sometimes she's impulsive; isn't everybody at some point? Yeah, sometime it'll turn out to be a bad thing.

↳ Dominance, she always wants the upper hand.
↳ Smart people, stupid people are stupid.
↳ Control, even a little.
↳ Praise, she preens with compliments.
↳ Manipulating people, it makes things so easy.

↳ Stupid people, they're so annoying.
↳ Disadvantages, she hates it.
↳ Getting behind on anything, it's terrible.
↳ Criticism, it may not show but it destroys her.
↳ Repetition, it annoys her.


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[Part I]
{Name} Izabel Lilibeth Delilah
{What she goes by} Lilibeth, some people call her Miss Delilah.
{Nickname(s)} Friends might call her Beth or Lily.
{Brotherhood Alias} Amongst the Brotherhood she is known as Snow White.

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual

{Age and Grade} 18; Senior
{Date of Birth} May 3rd


{Hair Color} Raven Black

Beautiful hair, the color of a raven's feathers, filled with the darkness of night. It falls in gentle waves down her shoulders. You just want to reach and and touch it, it looks so soft.

{Eye Color} Piercing Blue

The brightness of it is piercing, the color seems to consume everything until the whole world is filled with blues. Clear as a pool of water of which they resemble, wihtout a single ripple of distortion. What sort of thoughts go on behind such eyes?

{Skin Tone} Smooth and Fair

As if it never worried a single day, the skin is simply as smooth as could be. Fair, but not a sickly pale, but a peaceful tone like that of untouched snow. It only seems to contrast the darkness of her hair and the brightness of her lips, red like that of a ripe apple.

{Height} 5' 8"

A slim and elegant form, not so tall that her limbs are spidery, but not to short that she is plumb. Yet, the stature of it is firm without a single doubt in it's frame. She doens't need to be tall to command attention to herself, instead she just has a presence.

{Distinctive Markings} Nothing really.

You might think her from a fairy tail, like the Snow White that she looks oh so very much like. But instead of a heart as pure as untouched snow, she has one filled with poison.


A mask that covers up the whole face, revealing nothing but the eyes to examine all before them. A mask that can be described only by the fact that is so very elegantly serene. What a choice of color; white, black and gold to show one's presence and power, that the wearer is in perfect harmony. the perfect mask for this Snow White.

(view spoiler)


A faceless girl.

Lilibeth comes from a decent family, not quite very rich, but not poor either. Nothing special. They moved to the town of Salem when Lilibeth was only three, so it's fair to say that she has lived her whole life here. Beyond this, there is very little that people actually know of Lilibeth's past. In fact, before she was a freshman most people probably didn't even realize that she existed. At least, that's what they would assumed, because none of them would ever imagine that she was that girl. As far as they know that girl disappeared, moved away and was never to be seen from again. Ask about Lilibeth? Half the people would tell you that she moved here freshmen year. Most about this girl is a complete mystery to people, not that any of them would ever bother to find out. There is another name though, from her earliest days in school Lilibeth had been nicknamed Izzy, and the name stuck. Izzy on the other hand, everyone knows her name, even if they don't quite recall her face they know her story. Just the mention of the name would bring forth a smirk of amusement upon most people's faces, a far from pleasant one. It doesn't matter if it's been four years already, there are just some things one doesn't forget, particularly things of the darker sort. We are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren't we? Then again, not all stories are meant to be told the conventional way, some stories start in the middle.

Medias In Res.

It happened over during the middle of junior high, something that people would gossip about for years to come. Even at this point of time there were the popular people, kids who were just breed to be ruthless. If you saw her then, you wouldn't have recognized her, that's how much of a difference it was. With light blond hair that was in a constant pony tail, glasses like enormous magnify classes, braces on her teeth like railroad tracks, Izzy was the image of a shy klutzy geek. To even further the point Izzy has a special journal where she would wrote all her thoughts, half of the pages were covered in poetry, written in swirly handwriting and covered in hearts. As you might imagine, Izzy was the sort of kid that people targeted, she was the farthest thing from being popular.

Lock your heart in a cage, for it breaks so easily.

She just couldn't help herself, Izzy had an immense crush on the infamous Perry. She, the most awkward and looked over girl in the school, was in love with Perry, the most gorgeous and popular in their grade. In her journal she would write about her love for him, there were many a page that was covered in romantic poetry. Only, they were never meant to read it, but things don't always turn out the way they're planned. One day she accidentally left it lying around and the wrong hands picked it up. Curious hands that just couldn't help themselves from taking a peek. Couldn't help but from flipping through the pages. Couldn't help but from photocopying them and pasting them upon every wall in the school. She just couldn't help herself, little miss Alexis Quintin, could she!?

Oh, but that wasn't all of it. Far from it!

No, what happened first was that Izzy was invited to a little party at the Quintin's house, which was most definitely a first. It was at the party that Alexis decided to confront Izzy and tell her about how Perry felt for her, and about how perfect they would be together. Izzy was innocent and naive, and so she feel for every word that came out of Alexis's mouth. She was told that Perry wanted to talk to her, and Alexis so kindly showed her the way. Things didn't exactly go the way Izzy had thought they would and so she left the party soaking wet and covered in charcoal dust, though only after everybody got at least a few laughs at her, and it was more like running out crying then merely leaving. The black wouldn't come out of her hair and so Izzy had to get it cut quite short and coming back to school to see her journal all of the place wasn't a good way to cheer her up.

It's funny how quickly everything can fall apart.

Izzy lost whatever few friends she had left, she became that unpopular, she was the black sheep. If that's what they wanted then so be it, and that is exactly what she became. Coming back to school next year, she wasn't even recognizable in the least. Jezebel, as she referred to herself now, had dyed her hair black and had bright red highlights all throughout. She had kept it short, those long pigtails were nowhere to be seen. It was a complete transformation, everything about her was different, from the way she dressed to the way she acted. Indeed, she was no long 'Izzy'. Jezebel had become overcome with depression, and worst of all there was no one to comfort her. There was also anger, immense anger for everyone, from the friends who betrayed her to the oh-so-popular Alexis. She hated them all, but most of all she despised Perry, the one whom she was once so infatuated about. Which only added along as everything began to crumble. Jezebel was no longer picture perfect student with all As, instead she skipped classes with grades border-lining failure.

All that was left was a void, a void made of despair and anger, all the bitterness of the world.

Thoughts began to inch there way into Jezebel's mind, dangerous thoughts, and she became chronically depressed. Nothing mattered anymore. It wasn't just because of that single event, things add up over time until one just can't hold themselves up anymore. All that was left for Jezebel was a dark place where no light reached. She became suicidal, it was all she could think about anymore. She a letter explaining everything to her parents, and another addressed to her peers who tormented her so. No one would stop her, because no one cared.

Amidst the shadows of despair a face appeared, like a single flame in the darkness.

Her name was Thea Goulding, and if it wasn't for this girl Lilibeth would have died. Whether she knew this on that day or not shall forever be a mystery, but the point is that did something when no one else would. On the morning of the day that Jezebel planned to take her own life a single person changed it all. It only took a smile, and suddenly she was no longer along. Never underestimate the power that you have through something as seemingly small and insignificant as a smile. Like an angel sent from heaven she was there, and though Jezebel doesn't know how or why, they seemingly became friends in a mere instant. Truthfully Jezebel was wary of this smiling person at first, her heart not knowing how to trust like it once did, but by the time that day was over she no longer felt alone.

The Brotherhood.

Why would she join the Brotherhood, for what possible reason could she have? That's simple, revenge and justice. When Thea told her about the Brotherhood and invited her to join, well, no just wasn't an option for her. In her last year of junior high Jezebel Lilibeth joined the Brotherhood. This was the when it all truly began, and when the Lilibeth you know today was born. Both Izzy and Jezebel were no more, but mere figments of a long forgotten past that no longer mattered, because all that mattered now was the future. In one was on that day that Lilibeth straightened her shoulders, wiped the tears from her eyes, and stood up.

You are only as strong as your roots, or so the saying goes. Something like that.

Before one can truly comprehended how Lilibeth became what she is, one must examine her roots. First off, Lilibeth was not always an only child. His name was Simon and he was ten whole years older then Lilibeth, and by all means he was the best older brother one could ever hope to have and Lilibeth adored him with all her heart. While she may not have known then when she was so young, Simon was part of the Brotherhood, more accurately he was one of the more higher up members of this secret organization. A little Brother to be exact, one of the youngest, gaining the position while he was still merely a sophomore. You see, there was a lot to Simon that Lilibeth didn't understand and probably never will, there was a darkness to him that she never saw. For when it came to Lilibeth, Simon was always the perfect brother, loving and compassionate. Elsewhere, well let's just say the Simon was a completely different person, both in school and while in the Brotherhood. All the Lilibeth really knows about him is that he died, when she was only seven years old, and she doesn't know why.

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[Part II]
{History Continued}
Heritage. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Did I say brother? Sorry, I meant to say half-brother, and why that might not seem so very important it holds more weight then what you might imagine. Neither of Lilibeth's parents were ever involved with the Brotherhood, in fact her mom wasn't even from Salem. Simon on the other hand, you can't quite say the same about his father. This is how it works, James(Simon's Dad) was born in Salem and lived there all of his youth and was even an active member of the Brotherhood. After he graduated though he left for college and later across the sea to Europe while 'studying abroad'. It was there in London that James met both Simon's and Lilibeth's mother, Anne. Obviously the two fell in love and got married, later moving back to Jame's home town, or otherwise known as Salem. It was shortly after they were married and Anne was pregnant that James died in a accident, it was a tragic occurrence, but Anne was strong and not one to easily fall into despair. Then later when Simon was around nine Anne fell in love with a new man who lived in Salem. From there the pair got married and gave birth to Lilibeth.

The Legacy.

When James died, there was still something he left behind. A box, meant for Simon when he was older and possibly any other children he and Anne might of had. Anne never knew about the box, but within it held James' connection to the Brotherhood and the secrets of his past that he never told Anne. It was his legacy to his children, within this box was even a letter of introduction for his children if they ever discovered the Brotherhood. Such as James had planned, Simon did find the box among his Dad's old things, and from there you can figure out what happened next. After Simon later died the box was left with the Brotherhood, and within it a letter for Lilibeth if she ever found out and joined the Brotherhood herself. It sounds odd though, that he would leave a letter for her, why wouldn't he just tell her it himself later? Perhaps Simon knew that he was gonna die. That was over ten years ago, and when Lilibeth joined the Brotherhood no one remembered to give it to her, and the box is likely among some of the Brotherhood's old things collection dust.

Welcome to the Jungle. That's what they call High School, right?

Walking into school the first day of freshman year you would have thought that she was a new student, and that is exactly what most people thought. Lilith hair had grown back, but it was no longer in those dainty little pigtails, instead it was long and lustrous for all to see. Black as well, dyed to the root so that you couldn't even tell it wasn't her natural hair color. Those old braces were gone and in their place was Lilith's perfect teeth, white as pearls. Glasses? No more, she wore contact lenses, and without out those ugly things one could see her piecing blue eyes now. All in all she was a completely different person, one who was oh-so-very ready for the dangers of high school.

Rise to Power.

While before she had been meek and unwilling to show off her true potential, now this new and improved Lilibeth knew exactly what she was capable of and was willing to use it to it's fullest. Both in her social life at school and amongst the Brotherhood Lilibeth rose in power and status. In the world of high school everyone soon learned her face and name, and especially her smile. Unlike the popular, she didn't become known because of her ruthlessness, but instead because of her helpfulness and compassion. It seemed as if she was always there when anything happened, always volunteering. On the other hand, in the realm of the Brotherhood it was quite a different story. There Lilibeth exhibited just how determined and cunning she was, catching the attention of the higher ups, she was ruthless and without compassion for those who got in the way of the goal. Over the next few years in high school she slowly gained power and position.

Politics, what a dangerous game.

Senior year of school, that's where it all happens. Lilibeth was gonna make sure that when the fruits of her work blossomed, they would be perfect. She did everything she could to make sure, to make sure that the rest of her life would be planned out without failure. How exactly does one do that? Simple. Lilibeth has always been quite smart, and matching that with her determination her grades were higher then ever before as she made her way to the top of the class as valedictorian. You need more then just good grades though, one has to also show leadership qualities and active community involvement. If you ever glanced at the yearbook you would likely see Lilibeth on almost every page, for she was always involved somewhere, somehow. In fact, Lilibeth even became the class president, not that anyone ever doubted her. And when it looked as if the it might be a close match, all she had to do was command a few orders and her opponent was in the hospital with a nasty stomach bug. Lilibeth being the kind and compassionate person she was visited the poor dear every day. As well as class president Lilibeth also became president of various clubs and organizations, such as national honor society and the year book club. Lilibeth is even the head of the committee to plan Prom, as far as everyone knows, there isn't any room in Lilibeth's heart for things like hate or anger.

Thus, here she is now as a Big Sister in the infamous Brotherhood. Snow White.

{Vivienne Noel Soreto} Of course she would pick this girl to be her Little Sister. Lilibeth respects her strong will and determination, but on the other hand she also feels the need to help this girl because of her sitaution. Yes, she may have split personalities, but Lilibeth understands that each one must be dealt with carefully.

{Guy Grimm} It was perfect, everything she needed in order to take down Perry. Qualities such as intelligence, confidence, creativity, and even his own distrust for humanity made him a perfect candidate. Lilibeth felt that this was a person who would understand her orders, one would not fail at her tasks. Lilibeth picked Guy to be her Little Brother, to be a weapon against Perry. Guy would be the dagger that went through Perry's heart.

{Annabell Lacy Delilah} There is nothing actually bad about her, perhaps the only real issue Lilibeth has with Anne is her failure to comfort and help when she was depressed. Anne is a photographer, so you can imagine where Lilibeth's love for photography came from. People who know Anne can see that she is a gentle soul and all together a very likable person.

{Jacob Nicholas Delilah} A good dad overall, his only failure is the same as his wife. Jacob is a journalist and writes for the newspaper, so it is quite simple to see where Lilibeth got some of her talents from. Jacob is the type of perosn who can make almost anyone laugh, it's just in his personality.

{Simon Watson Lewis} Lilibeth adores her older brother with all her heart. As far as she knows, he was the perfect brother and all together simply the best person in the whole wide world. She doens't know why he died. She doesn't know his involvement in the Brotherhood. She didn't know that he was hurting, never saw the pain behind that loving smile. She never knew that other side of him, the one that wasn't shown to her.

{James Isiah Lewis} James was a a clever man, full of wits. It was his intelligence that made Anne fall in love with him, the way he talked about things and saw the world. There was a lot something she didn't know about him, the part about the Brotherhood. James had left that all behind in a box. Lilibeth never met this man, she only knew that he was married to her mother before Simon, even Simon never knew him.


You might know her as Little Miss Perfect, you might think you see everything, but you don't. You don't know what goes through her mind. You don't know what she has been through. And you don't know what she is willing to do.

Lilibeth is a bit of difficult person to really understand, it just comes down to the fact that the way she acts and reasons things is not the quite so easy to predict and understand. While some might think they get her, think they got her all figured out, those people are incredibly wrong. Those people have merely seen a figment and thought to themselves that it was the big picture, then again, that's something people do a lot. Right when you think that you might know what going on in her head- BAM! She does something that catches you completely off guard, and leaves you absolutely confused. It's a good thing then that most people don't think to much about, they see what they want and therefore they don't have to worry about anything else.

Most people would consider Lilibeth to be one of the nicest- if no the nicest- person in school. To put it simply; she is just one of the most friendly and caring people that you will cross paths with during your school day. A person might be having a crappy day, but then there she is with the power of her smile. A smile could turn someone's day completely around, you just have to know how to use it. It makes you think to yourself, what can possibly make someone like her sad or angry? When it came to Lilibeth, many would think that a foreign idea to her. Pass that fact that she is extremely friendly and nice- which tends to make people attracted to her, it's called charisma- Lilibeth is seen as a very selfless and helpful person. Always volunteering for things, she is basically everywhere, probably one of the most known faces around the school.

Wanna know the best thing about it all though? She is not simply one of those friendly and helpful people who volunteer, the type of person who never truly makes an impact on things because they never quite make a stand or effect the system. Lilibeth on the other hand is a very organized, intellectual, and all-in-all good leader. The girl is determined and understand how to take hold of any situation and get it in order. You might understand then how it is that she has made it as Class President as well as President of numerous clubs and organizations. Lilibeth is the type of person that when she has an idea she is able to stand up and convince other people to follow her, instead of simply being one of those people is all talk but no walk, when to comes to Lilibeth you could see the effect with your own eyes. Lilibeth is someone you can rely on, someone you can bet will keep her word and do the things she promises.

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[Part III}

{Personality Continued}

The last detail the practically anyone who has walked through the halls of Salem High can tell you is that she is smart. Valedictorian mean much to you, that's Lilibeth. Her name is always there in the list of people with the top scores, all of her classes are AP courses, no one doubts her ability to go to any college she wants. Lilibeth is not one of those stuck-up smart people obviously, no instead she volunteers to help tutor people. The girl is seriously mega smart.

While most of popular kids seem perfect in the way that they seem to get everything they want, Lilibeth is perfect in a different sort of way to the eyes of others. Instead she is considered 'perfect' because of all these qualities, I mean, doens't she sound as if she is completely faultless?! I mean she's smart, friendly, helpful and selfless- do I need to say any more. For some people, the type that hate everything, they despise her and all her "perfection". They can't understand how anybody could ever people that nice and look as if they have everything together. They wish her to fall.

What they don't know is that she has many faults, and while the way they see her is not a pretense, that doesn't mean that it's entirely the truth. They don't know her story, what she has gone through and what goes through her mind everyday. They think her perfect and selfless, and yet they don't know what she is willing to do. They don't know what she has already done. They don't know Lilibeth's plans for the future, plans that might very well effect them. Whatever the case though, no one would ever imagine her to be part of the Brotherhood, never the less a Big Sister. Oh, to be able to see another's thoughts.

This girl you think is so nice and friendly? You don't see the hate within her heart, hate that seethes and burns, threatening to devour everything. What you see is simply Lilibeth's tolerance, and most the time when she is the general public she is a very tolerant person. What you didn't know about Lilibeth is that many things irritate her easily, you could fill a page with a list of her pet peeves. It has a bit to do with her need for perfection, that small bit of OCD, and then the rest has to do with her experiences with people. It is in Lilibeth's opinion that the world is filled with awful people, the sort of people who make her skin crawl and blood boil. Let's just say that for the most part Lilibeth tries to be the better person and therefor, even while you might be a horrible person and irritate her so, she will be kind to you. Mind you, her kindness is far from infinite and will not secure you from being burned.

Lilibeth somehow got it into her mind that she is an agent of true justice, and that is why she is a member of the Brotherhood. She sees the world as a imperfect place, and she plans to rid the world of such imperfections into it is an ideal place. When she looks at the people before her, she only sees people in two categories; those who are beneficial to the her cause, and those who should burn. As you might imagine, the majority of people like the populars fall into the latter of these two categories.

Considering her past, do you really think this girl is truly happy? Of course not! The thing is though, on that day that Thea invited her to join the Brotherhood Lilibeth decided something. She decided what she would do, and that she couldn't do it the way she was, that she would have to become stronger. So, Lilibeth took all her emotions, all that sadness, all those dark thoughts, and pushed them into a single area of her mind, and then locked it. Lilibeth locked all of that away from herself, though one can never truly separate themselves from such things and small amounts of these emotions continued to seep through. The girl may look as if she has everything in her life together, but that's only because she is good at covering up the scars. In truth Lilibeth is an emotional wreck with many psychological and emotional problems, definitely not a perfect person, not by a long shot.

There are times though, when Lilibeth is able to ignore everything, everything but those feelings of course. When Lilibeth ceases to care, and ignores such things as compassion. It is during these moments that Lilibeth does the most horrible of things. It's a decision though, to do those things, despite the fact that she understand the consequences for such actions. Lilibeth does them anyways. Wanna know why? It's the old famous ideology of course, that the end result justifies the means! To be able to achieve her goals and get what she wants Lilibeth is able to do horrible things, things that she would have otherwise have never even thought of. People can justify anything you know, all it takes is the right words. Hitler himself was quite skilled at this, with the right words he was able to lead his nation into a horrible quest.

Have you ever felt pain? Real pain, pain so intense that it makes you no longer care about whether you live or die. Pain that made reality seem irrelevant, pain that was able to distort things. Have you ever felt sadness? A void of complete and utter loneliness and despair that let nothing else through. Have you ever felt hate? Hatred so strong that it consumed your thoughts, till the point that it drove you insane. Lilibeth has, and that's something that never leaves a person. The world just seems to crumble around you at it's seems, everything piling up in ruins till nothing is recognizable.

Most of all though, beyond everything else, Lilibeth is simply afraid. She has always been afraid, and over the years her fear only grew and added on to her weight. Lilibeth is afraid to fall in love, afraid to have her heart broken, afraid that people will turn on her. Afraid of failure. And all this fear is the source of all her determination, the birth of all her reasoning. Fear is a dangerous tool, it distorts everything.

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[Part IV]


Organization - No one would ever claim her to be disorganization or a mess. Lilibeth is known for her ability to get things done.

Leadership - How else do you think she would have gotten where she is? Class president, a big sister, not to mention all the other things she does. Lilibeth is able to demand respect and obedience.

Intelligence - She didn't become Valediction because she was stupid.

Intuition - Lilibeth is known to be quite intuitive about certain things, because of this she is pretty good at being able to tell when someone is lying. It's a great tool when combined with intelligence.

Position - Lilibeth has a position of authority which gives her many advantages, not to mention all the pros it give for one who happens to be involved in the Brotherhood.

Charismatic Likability - With that helpfulness, that warm smile, and all that compassion Lilibeth is quite charismatic and people tend to like her. Unless you are one of those uber-pessimistic people who hate anyone who isn't as depressed as you are.

Determination - She is determined to get what she wants, determined to be that best, and determined to not allow anyone to stop her. Lilibeth has a wonderful work ethic, hence she is valedictorian, it takes more then brains people.

Photography - Lilibeth can work magic with the camera, not to mention it's something she enjoys. You might find that she tends to have a camera in her hand a lot. Though whether it is for enjoyment, the yearbook, the brotherhood or the newspaper is not always obvious.

Writing - Well duh, someone who writes as much as she does needs to be good, else it would simply be too depressing. Lilibeth is not only good in area like poetry, but is quite good at journalism as well.

Chemistry - One of her best subjects in school, though she is good at all of them. Lilibeth has the whole periodic table memorized of course, and knows more then a little about how chemicals work. Comes in handy for the brotherhood.

Plants - Lilibeth has a bit of a green thumb when it comes to plants, she just knows exactly how to handle them, especially flowers. Knowledgeable about which are posionous and which aren't as well.


Temper - It might not be easy to call forth this fearsome beast, but when you do, you best be ready to get burned. It's quite scary.

Inability to Forgive - Lilibeth has some problems when it comes to forgiving people. Not for the really little things though, it's not like she will hate you for spilling coffee by accident, not that serious. Other then that, she has a habit of holding grudges for a long time.

Relationship Issues - Now willing to connect romantically with people, and is a bit wary of boys, afraid she might fall for them.

Twisted sense of Justice and Reality - Lilibeth has a distorted outlook when it comes to justice, one of those people who might do something horrible in the name of 'justice'. Yeah, that type of them never quite ends well for people.

Jealousy - Lilibeth tends to get jealous of people, and when she is jealous she can be dangerous. Hence the poisoning of her competitor for the position of class president, she didn't want to take any chances of them winning.

Perfectionist - Things have to always be perfect for it, it can be quite antagonizing for others who might have to be faced with this constantly. It get things done though.

Compassion for the Helpless - Lilibeth may have some twisted ideas when it comes to things, but she is still a compassionate person, that's not fake. She simply can't stand to see people who are helpless and innocent get hurt, that's why she volunteers a lot.

Fear of Failure - It's the thing she fears most. Failure. The very idea calls forth nightmares in her sleep, and Lilibeth fears that everything around her might simply come crumbling apart at the seems.


Photography - It's one of Lilibeth's passions and another reason for joining the yearbook club. She enjoys taking pictures of nature and people, whether they know it or not. Lilibeth keeps a scrapbook of pictures she has taken over the years, and there are a lot.

Flowers - The vibrant colors and the wonderful aromas, what is there not to like? If you ever went into her room there would be flowers everywhere.(along with photographs of course) Lilibeth is a natural when it comes to care-taking her plants, she has what one would call a green thumb.

Poetry - Despite that unfortunate incident, Lilibeth's love for poetry did not dwindle but only grew stronger. While she was all by herself it was her only friends, and she still has numerous journals full of the stuff.

Books - Reading about tales from far of lands or in places that could very well be happening right next door to her.

Romantic Movies - I know, it's cheesy. Lilibeth romanticizes falling in love with that one guy. Not Perry, that is the last person she would ever want to fall in love with again.

Volunteering - Lilibeth is a helpful person, and enjoys very much when she brings a smile to someone's face. Perhaps it's because someone helped her once? Whatever the case, Lilibeth is always looking for ways to help others.

Rain - The sound it makes from a mere drizzle to a full out downpour, Lilibeth finds it soothing. The smell of rain, some people say it doesn't have a 'smell'. Don't get her started about it, please.

Outdoors - Nature is just a wonderful place, away from the world of stress that one has to live everyday. Not to mention that beauty all around just waiting to be photographed.

Writing - If you haven't already guessed already, Lilibeth loves to write. Hence the poetry and the yearbook, and did I mention the school's newspaper. Yep, she's the editor for it.

Tea - Some people just think it's hot water with leaves, and you would be right if the person who was making the tea had not idea what they were doing, yes it would be exactly that. But yuck, who wants to drink that. Tea is so much more and must be made a certain way.

Winning - Lilibeth is sort of competitive, where this came from originally is unknown, but at some point she just decided that she needed to win.

Order - Order and organization are both virtues in Lilibeth's opinion, and they must always be kept. She herself is a bit OCD, and so you might understand her need for order.

Perfection - Everything must be perfect, along with the order thing. Lilibeth can't stand when something, no matter how small, is wrong.

Justice - In the world, justice is everything. Lilibeth likes to think of herself and the brotherhood as justice, it is more then simply about silly revenge for her. In her mind it is what is right, justice.

Being in Charge - Lilibeth oh-so-very-much-enjoys being in charge and being the one who tells the commands. She wants respect, and that is exactly what she will get, one way or another.


Apples - She is called Snow White, right? Haha, that's not the actual reason though. Nope, Lilibeth just happens to not really enjoy the taste of apples. Lilibeth used to have an apple tree when she was little and her brother Simon would help her take care of it. Now she can't stand their taste, though she still takes care of the tree.

Lairs - Absolutely loathes people who lie and are fake. She may not have been able recognize a lie before, but now Lilibeth has a pretty good intuition for them.

Falling in Love - Lilibeth doesn't want to fall in love, not after that incident, she no longer trusts her heart. It's difficult though, ignoring what your heart yearns for.

Boys - The falling in love thing, she sort of distrust boys when it comes to romantics and relationships. Lilibeth isn't sexist though, but still.

Bullies - These are the type of people who need to be brought to justice, those like Alexis and Perry. Lilibeth can't stand someone who uses their position to be cruel to others, can't stand it at all.

Perry - If you haven't guessed already, she absolutely loathes this boy. Why him and not Alexis you might ask? Simple, he was the one she was in love with. Lilibeth may not actually know if he was involved in the whole thing, but she doesn't care. She hates this person.

Physical Contact - Lilibeth has a thing about physical contact, it makes her skin crawl whenever she touches somebody. Though, despite this she has to pretend like it doesn't, otherwise people would give her weird looks. Lilibeth avoids making contact as much as possible though, only the occasional hug or whatever.

Ignorance - People who are bluntly ignorant annoy her, those who understand very little. They are what make the world such an awful place, with their ignorant ideas.

Those not willing to stand up for what they believe in - Do you have no pride, no self-respect for yourself? Lilibeth can't stand anyone who merely stays along the sideline. Do something with yourself, else she will do it for you.

Indoors - It's so cramped, the air is stale, what is there to like about it?

Loosing - As I said before, she's a bit competitive...

Apathy - It's almost worse the ignorance, not caring is worse then simply not knowing. These people are the type that make Lilibeth seethe with anger to her very core.

Indecisiveness - Those who can't decide, it goes along with there other things. Just another one of those many qualities that Lilibeth loathes in a person.


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