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who would want a second series just like the percy jackson with the heroes of olympus?

oh no .. they shouldn't . ( i like the hunger games series . don't get me wrong.) but too much casualties is enough (although they are fictional , but still ..)

Uhm, no. I don't think so. I mean. What's left to continue another series?

I would!! I definitely would! For such a terrific series, three books seemed so less.
Maybe, if she could bring back Hunger Games and Katniss and Peeta's children are chosen and Katniss and Peeta mentor them... Nah... well, Suzanne Collins is the writer (not me) and I hope she continues the series in some way.

IMO would say no bc as the series went on it got worst as if the books were never intended to be a series. And when it ended for me I didnt care anymore about any of the characters, the future of the districts or a prequel involving Haymitch. Unlike the Jackson series which was a better written and better develop story i just want their adventures to never end and even wish he would bring back characters who r no longer involved in the series. No so much with the Hunger Games

It would have to be a prequel, because there isn't any where else to take the main series. Maybe Haymitch's Hunger Games or even Finnick's story. I'm sure she could write a whole prequel trilogy on Finnick.

i think it would be nice to see how everything is going after 10 years. from a diffrent persons point

i would bu how would hey write about it the districs are over so there isnt ta much to write about bu i would love to read it if they do make a series

Maybe a prequel, like Sean said.

I would like to see Finnick's story or even Johanna's. Anything written in a different POV from Katniss would be awesome.

Mila *You Are In The Presence of Amazingness* I agree but not those people what about someone else like Rue
Feb 11, 2013 01:16PM

I don't see a way it could work. I mean, honestly, what would be a good topic for a spin-off. I can't think of ANYTHING. If Suzanne Collins found a way, I would read it, but I don't see any possibilities for it.

No I wouldn't be able to take all the sadness. A prequel does sound really interesting though, I want to know the story but I don't think I would be able to deal with knowing that most of the characters are dead again

Yeah I think it could be cool to have another series from their kids point of view. There could be government conflicts. I mean, in the last book, it didn't really talk about a new government being formed after President Snow died, so problems could arise with that which could cause arguments or even a war about the new government style...alright, now I'm just rambling haha.

NO, NO, NO!!! Leave it be. It's perfect just the way it is. I don't think I need more. I mean I love it but the way it ended showed that the author is done with the series. All the questions were answered and there is nothing more. More would just drag it on.

I would like prequel series.About like a person said already Finnick's games and years after that.Johanna would be good too.She could even do novella's on life in each of the disticts for a person's POV that lived in each one.

Absolutely, I loved the Heroes of Olympus just as much if not more than the original series. With Hunger Games there's alot of room to expand or even go back and give an origin story about the original rebellion and the first Hunger games....although it might take away from the mystery...
It shall be Hunger Pangs!!!

Don't think there is any place else for it to go.

Maybe a different view? Like, from Coin's perspective? Or maybe an Alternate timeline, like if District 13 didn't have to go underground or something.

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Oh I don't know, I think that this series works well standing alone. Adding more might just make it too much, drag it out. The series ended and hopefully got across the point that Suzanne Collins wanted to make.

That would be great. Get more perspective on the other districts and maybe just more story in general.

you know what, i think that that is a good idea. it would be katniss's kid and its like the anniversary of the hunger games and they might like play games like it or something that would be really really cool

Ummmmmm. No. I don't see how that will work with Hunger Games, but that would be awesome if Susanne Collins found a way.

I think she could do a spin-off from another district years before when District 13 got blown up in the first place

I think it would be cool. I want to read the series from Peeta's point of view, maybe even Haymitch's. But a spin-off? Like from the view of the kids or Peeta (Heaven forbid we go through Katniss' mind again). That might be nice too. Someone needs to become best friends with Suzanne Collins and force her to write it.

deleted user I would become best friends with Suzanne Collins if I had the chance :)
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