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Cat Hey guys! I'm having a contest for a fanfiction writing thing! It's not like a contest where you get a prize and stuff, I just like reading fanfictions by other people and I think it'd be a cool idea to get disscussions started and share our fanfic! Alot are really good! I have a challenge for you guys, and Ill participate if you want!!
Ok, the challenge is, you have to write a fanfiction on one of these three topics and the "contest" is open for as long as we want! New people could come next year! Ok, the topics are...

- Bellatrix carving mudblood onto Hermione's arm/neck (1st person, Hermione's perspective)
- Sirius's death (3rd or 1st person, Lupin's perspective)
- Ginny time with Tom Riddle's diary (1st person, Ginny and Tom's perspective)

No hate please. And YES, I do know about the creative writing section here. I just thought this would be more fun. Happy writing!

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Ginny and Tom?

My cauldron feels a little heavier than before... Mr Malfoy looks smug as he calls the blond boy, his son, over and sneers at us as they swagger away. It's kind of weird being here and actually buying books for school, rather than watching enviously at my brothers. Just as the boy and his father are leaving I see that I've acquired an extra book. I begin to raise my hand to stop them and I begin to call out his name, but my voice comes out in less than a squeak. Harry's looking at me. Only for a moment, but now the blond pair have gone. I guess I'll give the boy the book when I get to Hogwarts.
Hogwarts! I can hardly wait!

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Cat cool!

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