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Ashley We will discuss Ender's Game in this thread. Please remember to mark your spoilers. :)

Nikki (dancernl) Count me in for this one! It's one of my favorite books of all time and it's been a little while since I've read it. Looking forward to discussing it with other OSC and Ender fans!

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Ana | 132 comments definetely in but closer to the end of the month after i finish my exams and buy the book

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Ana | 132 comments definetely in but closer to the end of the month after i finish my exams and buy the book

Craig | 822 comments I'm in as well but it might be later in the month before I can start discussing - depending on when I finish A Clash of Kings!!

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Jack (jack_) I'm in too. I got it as a Christmas present and looking forward to reading it, though I'm not sure it's the type of book that I'd usually read. But you never know, I'll probably love it!

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Jack (jack_) I'm starting it next week. More excited now as my friends say its brilliant!

Nikki (dancernl) Anyone reading yet and ready to discuss? I am in the middle of chapter 8.

Nathan (nathlawle) I've got to chapter 9, Nikki.

I'm so glad it's living up to my huge expectations from my last read of it! Man, I've forgotten how good this book is. ;)

Nikki (dancernl) I've had the same thoughts Trevor! It's been about 5 years since I read it for the first time, and I remember being so confused by the first two chapters just trying to grasp what was going on, imagining the technology (which scarily exists today and OSC wrote this in 1977!) and putting together pieces of the history of the bugger wars, etc. This time around it makes a lot more sense! I'm also trying to imagine how they've made a film out of this story and don't have high hopes for it.

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Nathan (nathlawle) Nikki wrote: "I'm also trying to imagine how they've made a film out of this story and don't have high hopes for it."

YES! Me too. I'm reading about the battles and I'm so confused about how they're going to do this in the movie. I'm so scared they'll ruin it!

Nikki, have you read Earth Unaware? It's supposed to be the story of the first war. I've been meaning to read it for a while but haven't gotten around to it.

Ashley I had no idea this was going to be a movie! I read it for the first time this month...shocker, I know. Science Fiction is really not my forte, but I really liked this book a lot!

Don't really know how they will do a movie for this book, but will be interesting to see!

Nikki (dancernl) Trevor, I haven't ready anything but Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide in the series. By the time I got to the third novel I was a little burned out! It's so philosophical at that point I found myself dragging. I am interested in reading some of the prequels and the Shadow series, which is the same events that take place in the Ender saga but from Bean's point of view.

From what I've been able to research about the movie, OSC did not write the screenplay and was quoted that "very little" from the novel actually appears in the movie. YIKES! Take that with a grain of salt (or an entire shaker) as OSC has been very finicky about turning Ender into a movie since the early 90's. I don't want to completely poo-poo it until I see the film, but I'm skeptical to say the least.

cstmpkg | 5 comments Trevor: Earth Unaware was an excellent book. It hearkened back to the original Enders Game short story, at least i felt it did writing style wise. novels have the luxury of expansiveness, short stories tend to need to be quick and to the point. Have you read any of the spin offs from Enders Game?

Nathan (nathlawle) Ashley: I'm so glad you liked it! I find that most people enjoy Ender's Game even if they aren't into Science Fiction.

Nikki: The whole series is very philosophical. I read them all last year and I actually rather disliked the final book, Children of the Mind. I was glad to have read it though. I loved the Shadow series consistently. I can't wait for the next one! The prequels were also quite good. I think I've almost read all of the Enderverse books and I'm working on reading all the short stories as well. It's a tough job, there are so many! I love OSC's writing though, and it's very enjoyable when the shorts are about different characters in the Enderverse. As for the movie, I am skeptical as well. Ugh, I REALLY hope it's good!

Donna: That's awesome! I'm glad to hear it, as I have Earth Unaware on my reading list for later this year. So far I've read all the Ender books, all the Shadow books, as well as quite a few short stories. For example, I read Mazer in Prison and First Meetings in Ender's Universe. I have printed off Cheater to read as well, I believe it focuses on Hot Soup's story. I am quite the Ender's Game fan, are there any great stories I'm missing? I'm trying to read them all!!

Nikki (dancernl) Trevor, for other stuff by OSC you may like the Worthing saga. I liked it just as much as Ender and it has some similarities. I've tried to get into the Homecoming Saga but only read The Memory of Earth, which I liked but couldn't get into The Call of Earth (#2 in the series) when I started it and never finished. I really enjoyed Enchanted, which is a stand alone fantasy book, and I'm looking forward to the second in the Mithermages series that's coming out in March. OSC has so much going on and is writing for three different series I don't know how he can keep it all straight!

cstmpkg | 5 comments Trevor you may want to look into wyrms by osc not in the enders game universe but excellent if you want to see how he progressed as a writer. I'm gonna have to check my computer and see what short stories I have of his. read most of them I know. also, enchantment read it. wow :-)

Nathan (nathlawle) I loved The Homecoming Saga! I remember struggling through the last couple books, but I did like them in the end.

I will definitely look into Enchanted and Wyrms, I believe I own those actually...

Nikki (dancernl) Ha, oops the title of the book is Enchantment not Enchanted, lol. That's a Disney movie. The problem I had with Call of Earth was I started it a long time after I finished Memory and it was hard for me to remember all the characters and some plot points so I put it down until I could read them all successively but haven't gotten around to it. I really liked the themes of it and the society OSC created was fascinating (let's hear it for matriarchy!).

Anyway, sorry to have taken this so off topic. Back to Ender. A couple discussion questions to stew over-
1) the bugger wars have forced nations to come together in order to fight a common enemy and save the human race. What events, either current or past, have also called for global cooperation on this scale?
2) what technologies exist in Ender's world that were just part of OSC's imagination in the late 70's but have come into being and use in our everyday lives in 2013? Does this freak you out? What technology do you hope doesn't come to fruition someday?

Hope those weren't too spoilery, I am typing on my iPad (desk?) and can't hide text.

cstmpkg | 5 comments Nikki, first and foremost, (to answer 2) the internet. the message boards of demosthenes and locke that shape the world (been following SOPA CISPA bills online lately?) granted ARPA net was like the great grand daddy of it from around that time, but really a communication board that anyone anywhere could access (including children) and as long as you were able to hold your own influence the thoughts of the world... lets just say facebook isn't doing us any favors.

personally don't feel that response was too spoilery, since it starts happening pretty close to the beginning of the book.

Oddly enough i would say overall OSC in this book had a practical view of the world, based on overpopulation stats that were coming out of China at the time. When they talk about gravity in space, space flight and relative space flight, he's pretty spot on with what we think now, although advances in physics strongly suggest now that we have no clue really how light works and therefore travel at that speed would be weirder than we originally theorized. I am personally looking forward to ansible type tech ^_^

to answer 1. closest we as a race have come to global cooperation? WW1 (ish) WW2 although not every nation participated (even if battles happened in their countries)and arguable that america wouldn't have shown up to the WW2 party if not for pearl harbor

cstmpkg | 5 comments also, had no idea about the Homecoming Saga, i will absolutely check it out. is it as slow as Pastwatch redemption of christopher columbus?

Kaitlin (kait-k) | 520 comments Just got this from the library - looking forward to reading it this week!

Craig | 822 comments Just started today so will be giving my thoughts in due course

Craig | 822 comments Just finished reading this yesterday and I really loved it and will definitely be getting the rest of the series. It was really easy to imagine myself there, I guess being a spaceman fighting the nasty alien-types was a boyhood dream or something! I think Ender's approach, especially when he got his own army, was honorable and made him a very likeable character. There's a lot to be said for the way he ran his army, lots of points which could translate easily into real world work situations if you look close enough. I think Ender was an easy person for me to associate with and I really forgot his age throughout most of the book.

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Ana | 132 comments i have just bought it so i'll start reading it and post my thoughts here

Lianne (liannevanroekel) | 275 comments This is my second five-star book this year. My first real acquaintance with the genre science-fiction has been quite overwhelming. The story is so well-thought-out I couldn't put the book down. If I hadn't read many other books at the same time I would have finished reading days ago. I especially liked the psychological aspect of the story. The teachers have dilemmas how far they can push Ender and Ender has dilemmas how to deal with the challenges he's facing. The appearance of Ender's brother Peter as the antagonist was a brilliant move of the author. There's so much dept to the story that I'm really quite overwhelmed by it.

While I was reading the book, I thought they should make a movie out of this one. I just found out there's actually going to be a movie this year and I'm pleasantly surprised. Reading the comments in this topic I'm becoming slightly worried they will do the story harm though. We'll have to wait and see I guess!

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1077 comments I will be starting this book today! Hopefully it doesn't take me too long.

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1077 comments Lianne- Im loving this book!!! I cant put it down!

Craig | 822 comments It's awesome - can't wait to read the next ones after it :-)

Lilac  | 819 comments What are order do you plan to read the rest of the series in Craig?
I think I'm going to read them in publication order because that seems the simplest.

Craig | 822 comments That's what I'm going for too. If you want to read the rest as well we could discuss as we read if you like?

Lianne (liannevanroekel) | 275 comments Alison wrote: "Lianne- Im loving this book!!! I cant put it down!"

Yeah, it's a great read. I couldn't put it down either. Hope you like the rest of the book as well, but I'm quite sure you will :)

Craig and Lilac, if you don't mind me joining in, I would like to discuss the rest of the series as well.

Lilac  | 819 comments That's a great idea Craig, and of course you're welcome to discuss too, Lianne.

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Kara (KaraAyako) | 3536 comments Maybe it makes sense for us to create an "Enderverse" thread in buddy reads, and you all can set your own pace and read and comment together. I'll create it--will one of you be responsible for setting the pace of the reading (i.e., letting the others know which book you're starting when and keeping the discussion going)?

Craig | 822 comments I'll do it Kara since it was my idea.

Talia (MissTalia) | 244 comments I'd like to join the "Enderverse" as well for at least book 2, so I'll keep an eye out for the thread. I loved Ender's Game and am curious on how the series will develop. Also looking forward to seeing the upcoming film!

Lilac  | 819 comments Me too, but I'm scared they'll completely mess it up :(

Lilac  | 819 comments I've just looked at the cast and they're all so much older than they should be.

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1077 comments I just finished Ender's Game. I loved it!! I am still trying to figure out how the ending came back into play. What do you thing the significance of the ending was when he went back to the "arcade game" in real life.

Craig | 822 comments Kara, did you create that "Enderverse" thread we were talking about? Sorry if I'm just missing it, and I'm happy to take charge of it :)

Lilac  | 819 comments So when abouts are we going to start reading the rest of the series?

Craig | 822 comments I'd like to start reading book 2 this month or next. If we can get the "Enderverse" thread up and running. Depends what everyone else has already committed to read this month or next. Any preferences for anybody?

Lilac  | 819 comments I don't really mind when we start, as long as we read at a steady pace. I couldn't manage 3+ of these books a month, since I have other books I need to read, but I'm fine with 1 or 2 books a month.

Craig | 822 comments I think I'd be going for 1 book per month as I've already got plenty other books set aside to read as well.

Talia (MissTalia) | 244 comments 1 book a month works for me. I'm open to start in May or June.

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1077 comments I want to read the other books too but I can't get a hold of them right now. So I will just wait to read them later.

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