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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)
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Olivia McCloskey (BrewingUpBooks) | 2470 comments Mod
What did you think?

Alyssa | 184 comments This is probably my favorite of the books and the movie is my favorite to I think. I think it's because J.K. Rowling introduces us to so many new things like Hippogriffs, the Night Bus, Anamagus, dementors, the Protronus Charm, Hogmade ect.(excuse my spelling on those, I know it is really off) So yah, I believe this was the book that made me LOVE the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I don't really know. And for once time-travel actually made sense. Because in other ways, it was confusing and so many question popped up. This way made sense. The you from the future would come back. So there would be 2 you's at one time. Bloody Brilliant!

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