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Book 2 ?
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If you are wondering if Isaac Marion's is going to write book 2 for warm bodies then check out his Blog http://burningbuilding.blogspot.co.uk... once you've read it , what do you think about his decision ? Do you think that it was the right one ?

I just finished reading Warm Bodies last week and loved it, so I'm happy to read that he's writing a sequel. He could have left it as a stand-alone and let us wonder what will become of the characters. The tone at the end of the book is one of optimism, so there is reason to hope that the world will one day be a better place. But it's by no means a done deal, there are still plenty of doors open for a sequel, so I'm glad he's writing it.

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it says he wrote 256 PAGES!!! the paperback I got only had 239. Why?

I normally want another book but this really felt like a stand alone. I was satisfied by the way the book ended.

EXCITEMENT!!!! I love the fact that he was just like "You know, there is good stand alone books out there..... But this isn't one of them. Its a good book one in a series." I always feel like writers can always tell more in a book or stories, and am disappointed when they're is so much left to tell, or they leave so much stuff unknown/unexplained. And I kinda felt that way at the end of warm bodies. I was satisfied, but I felt there was still a lot left untold, like all the things before the Zombie Plague, and what was happening in other places around the world. So yes, I am very happy :)

I hate the idea of a sequel. I loved this book and have been promoting it in the bookshop I work at since I read it! I like it because it is stand alone. I really really don't like the idea of a second one.

To tell you the truth, the first book was pretty boring for me.. (no offence to people who like it).. I would not want a second book because I also felt like it ended at a good spot and I really do not want to read another one...

I totally agree!!!

However, I was in no way satisfied with the ending..!
I totally loved the book, even though I usually hate zombie-stories.
But then: They kiss, both of them fight the black cells and that was that? They get golden eyes and everything's fine??? Way too easy, in my opinion.

But I just don't like the idea of a sequel and I don't want him to write the announced prequel either. Some books should just stand alone, and that's not, because they're not good. Just the OPPOSITE. This book alone is really great and that shouldn't be ruined!

I really hate the idea of a second book. Don't get me wrong I LOVED the first book I just really liked it as a stand-alone novel.

I would love for there to be a 2nd book, but what could Isaac Marion possibly write to continue this as a series. I like it as a lone book. It leave you wondering and enjoying to want more, but there's no more conflict really, the problem was solved. I would like a 2nd book but I think it'd be a drag of the 1st book.

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