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Gisbelle | 22398 comments I just finished this book and I am DYING to talk with someone about it XD

Trisha | 18303 comments oh, oh my gosh. I LOVED this book!!

so...I must know (view spoiler)

Gisbelle | 22398 comments The one without. But the one with Richard Parker is less heartbreaking to read, right? I was shocked when Pi told the version without Richard Parker.

Trisha | 18303 comments I was shocked too!!! Ugh, the one without Richard Parker is so very heartbreaking...

So, do you think he made up the story with Richard Parker in order to not deal with or accept what he went through?

Trisha | 18303 comments (have you seen the movie!!?? Absolutely amazing!!)

Gisbelle | 22398 comments Yes I believe so. Poor Pi witnessing the death of his mother that way.

Did you cry reading this one? I cried and I still cannot pick up another book. I need time to calm down first :)

Gisbelle | 22398 comments I still haven't watched the movie. I wanted to read the book first :)

Now about the cannibalism :( It was so gruesome.

Trisha | 18303 comments oh ugh, the people eating!! YES!! That...that was so gross!! Argh....just ew.

No, somehow I didn't cry...because I didn't side with that version of the story.

I believe the one with Richard Parker is the real story. :)

Gisbelle | 22398 comments I see :) I cried when he said good bye to Richard Parker when he thought he was going to die. And again when he told the version without Richard Parker.

I rather die then eating another person. It is just so wrong in any level.

This book is similar to The Raft by S.A. Bodeen which I read last year. It was not as good as Life of Pi though.

Harshini  Ramanujam (watchmeread) | 360 comments I loved this book! :) Amazing, I really want to believe the story with Richard. By the way (view spoiler)

I so want to watch the film!

Gisbelle | 22398 comments It is impossible. I haven't watch the movie either. Last time, I hadn't read the book, so I decided to wait. Now, I'm going to buy the DVD when it's released :)

Siobhan (Totalwordjunkie) | 32 comments It's a great book, I love how you have to pay attention to all the details because they're relevant, even the debates with the priest and the acceptance of the muslim faith had a relevance to his survival story.

Harshini  Ramanujam (watchmeread) | 360 comments Same here! Th movie is apparently amazing as well!

I love Hinduism, Islam and Christianity were described in the book, it explained them well

Gisbelle | 22398 comments The movie is a bit disappointing to me.

Harshini  Ramanujam (watchmeread) | 360 comments You watched it?? Was it not as good as the book?

Gisbelle | 22398 comments The book is way better. The ending in the movie was so disappointing :(

Harshini  Ramanujam (watchmeread) | 360 comments Oh, I guess I should watch it sometime. But I hate it when the movie is not up to the mark (but that is what usually happens)

Abby Stinson (AbigailRochelle) | 269 comments I hate this book. When had to read it in English sophomore year, and it sucked.

Gisbelle | 22398 comments Harshini WatchMeRead wrote: "Oh, I guess I should watch it sometime. But I hate it when the movie is not up to the mark (but that is what usually happens)"

Yes. I was looking forward to watch the ending when Pi told another version without Richard Parker. And a lot of scenes were not included, like when Pi went temporary blind.

Harshini  Ramanujam (watchmeread) | 360 comments That part was really awesome :\ I hate it when movies forget the little parts that mean so much

Trinity | 6241 comments i seriously want to read this book! but im also dying to see the movie!!!!!!! XD

Gisbelle | 22398 comments Trinity wrote: "i seriously want to read this book! but im also dying to see the movie!!!!!!! XD"

I recommend reading the book first :)

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