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Book Review - Kylie Podeswa

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Kylie Podeswa | 3 comments Let me start out by saying that when I first picked up "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, I was a little intimidated. It was a very large book; large books tend to frighten me. I didn't think I would have enough interest in it and therefore I wouldn't be able to finish it. I was dead wrong about this. A classmate of mine saw the book in my hand and told me that I would never be able to put the book down. I knew from the first chapter that I'd get this book done immediately, precisely because I couldn't put it down. "The Help" was fantastically written and I felt the passion in each and every character within it. After reading it, I craved the taste of Minny's fried chicken. I could feel the bigness of Miss Celia's house and I cried along with her throughout her miscarriages. Most of the time when I see the movie and the book, I always end up liking which ever one came first. If I watch the movie before I read the book, I'll like the movie better. If I read the book before I watch the movie, I'll like the book better. In this case, I saw the movie first... multiple times. But I can honestly say that the book and the movie are even in my ranking. Comparing the two helped a lot in reading the book. I could compare the events and characters and how the whole story played out. I enjoyed picturing the movie scenes in my head as I read along with them in the book. This book also taught me a lot about segregation in that time period. While reading the book, you feel terrible about everything that happened to African Americans and you see how unfair they were treated. The events were all so realistic and it gives you a great look in the past. Overall, "The Help" was a great book and I think anyone would enjoy it. There is no reason why anyone wouldn't...

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