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The Great Gatsby
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Lissa (lissastaley) | 44 comments Mod
Have you read The Great Gatsby before? Are you re-reading it for The Big Read? Why do you think this book is worth reading and discussing? What themes do you find in the novel? Who is your favorite character? What is the most memorable part of the book to you?
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Erin | 33 comments Mod
Ah, yes, Gatsby! I read it once in high school (did not care for it then), read it again about a year ago, and will listen to it as soon as my current audiobook is over. Why re-read it? It's one of those books with details I didn't notice earlier, and I think because I did not have to read it for school made a difference. I was able to absorb and enjoy it in my own time.

Kelli (KelliSmith) | 183 comments Mod
I read it once a couple of years ago and to be honest I can't remember much about it so I will probably read it again for The Big Read. I know the library is showing the Robert Redford version of the movie. I hope to watch that but I must say I'm super excited to watch the new Baz Luhrmann version of it that opens in May. I really enjoy his films and Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby.

Lissa (lissastaley) | 44 comments Mod
When rereading a classic, I always see more about what has changed in my own perspective and this re-read of The Great Gastby will be my first reading of it since becoming a mom. I've spent the morning paging through 1920's fashion and home magazines from the library's collections and I am sort of captivated now by the idea of womanhood that is advertised in their pages. Not really capitivated actually. More like horrified. But the multitude of advertisements for milk-replacement-products for feeding infants is making me feel more lenient toward Daisy's treatment of her own kid, which I was fearing I was going to find unforgiveable. Seeing all of those ads means that maybe I will just find it...a likely product of the times? I'm hoping.

Melanie | 212 comments I just read The Great Gatsby for the first time. I liked the writing and the story line was decent, but didn't connect to any of the characters. How could Jordan be a professional at anything she was lazy? Tom and Daisy deserve each other. Daisy doesn't drink - the only person she reminds me of it Lindsay Lohan. Nick was the only character to grow. I would have liked for Gatsby to live and see him find someone that really loved him unlike Daisy.

Melanie | 212 comments I read on review that said it was the 1920s version of Jersey Shore. I guess there is no escaping the Situation and Snooki.

Melanie | 212 comments I love the music to the movie Chicago which takes place in the same time period. What bothered me most is that Roxy gets away with murder, and her dreams come true. I had the opportunity to see the original silent film and l loved it. While Roxy got away with murder, she only got her 15 minutes of fame. As Amos kicks her out of his life her story is washed away gutter with the rain.

I did think about this movie when reading the book.

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