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Tova Mackay (bookexogorth) | 6 comments Mod
So Weber asked us to right around 600 words talking about the different things he put in the worksheet. If anyone would like to share their opinions about any of the topics on here that would be great.
Here is mine:
#6 The government has no right to know what I'm reading, this statement basically says that if you read any questionable materials... i.e. The Koran, or a manual on how to make bombs, or maybe even a NRA magazine you could be considered a "threat". This is ridiculous, freedom of thought, text, and ideas means you should be able to read what you want without being monitored! Even though the government may find a potential or real terrorist or threat, they also may spend years looking at the books, or other materials people are reading and just spend their time eating donuts and wasting our tax dollars. It's the same as saying if they monitor us in any other form they will find said threats. The actual likely hood of finding them is unlikely, and whose to say how they will determine what texts may or may not be a threat to the government. Not to long ago in fact around the 1970-1980's porn in any form was banned on morale grounds. Whose to say some of our favorite books, novels, or magazines would not become banned if deemed a material that would be read by a threat to our government?
Any comments on my post or any thoughts about the other items on the list are appreciated! I will try to check every night and keep the conversation going.

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