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Olivia So I finished the book...
Wow. If this isn't a book that can leave a reader asking billions of questions, I don't know what is. Surprisingly, the whole mystery behind Edith Prior isn't my biggest question. What is blowing my mind and keeps me going on a rant is the fact that all of the factions are pretty much this bubble. If I understand it correctly, Edith created the Faction system so that eventually the Divergent can come out and go outside of the fence and help "their" society", but if that is the case then WHAT THE HECK IS OUTSIDE THE FENCE! WHAT IS THE WORLD REALLY LIKE! They have to get out of that fence, because I might burst if I don't find out how the world actually is.

That's my biggest question: What is the world really like?What do you guys think about what could be outside the fence?

Sydneyjung is this the ending of the SERIES? or where they left off in the last book?

Smay i cant believe that this is going to be the last book :(

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