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If you have not read this book, beware....SPOILER!!!
deleted member Nov 28, 2012 11:59AM
This contains a spoiler, so if you have not read the book, don't continue reading. Do you think that Noah is really gone?

No, I had a brief moment of freaking-out when I saw the word "deceased" and then Kells said he was dead, but then Mara was like there's no way he's dead, so I was like, there's no way he's dead. Plus if Jude supposedly lived through that even with his 'power' than Noah would most definitely.

There is no way. And if he is then he will come back to Mara as a ghost. I had a heart attack when I read it. I saying: Don't think about it.
But I do. Noah... :(

I read that and I really hope that it isn't true. I think Dr. Kells is just trying to break Mara, isolate her from everyone. I'm not sure why she is so important but there was no way that Dr. Kells could break her if she still thought she had Noah. Either he got out and will come back for her or Kells has him locked down somewhere else.

He can't be dead. It has to be a mistake!

NO! Never will I believe it until I read it with my own eyes.

This is one of the few books that actually made me cry; if Noah is truly gone...oh my gosh, my heart would break.

No way is he dead.

I really hope he isn't dead. I love Noah, he is my fave character! Dr. Kells and Jude really deserve to die an agonizing death in the next book for what they put Mara and the others through in book two!

No i really don't think so, even Mara didn't believe it after a moment of freaking out.

No way on hell he's dead.. like noooooooo.... btw i dont think that he's dead cuz he's on the cover of the next book!!!!!!

I think the whole healing thing will come into play and he'll come back to life if indeed he did Wolverine.

Isn't he indestructable/unkillable? I'm sure he's still around.

If Noah dies, Mara dies with him. If they both die, the fandom dies with them. BWAHAHA. Michelle Hodkins, you know what to do.

he's not dead, kells is hiding him somewhere

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