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Official Trailer - Im so excited OMG!!!!

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Jenny I saw for the first time the trailer for City of Bones and it looks so good. I'm actually looking forward to it. I really hope that they didn't make the trailer better thent he movie. I have high hopes for this one.

georgia I know- same here! I can't wait :) *fangirl moment*

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Sharen Woo hooo

Manchoo Kim I was kind of disappointed in the cast (especially Jace) before I watched the trailer, but TRAILER LOOKED SO GOOD! It was a lot better than I expected! :D I hope the movie would be as good as the trailer and I'm really looking forward to it!

Inday-Elie Jamie Campbell Bower = Jace!!! holy crap! he's just perfect! I love him already! :D

Lisa oooohhhh the trailer is awsome :D
but i feel it isnt like the book but hell i can't wait to see the movie :D it comes out a day after my birthday so this year i know what i want :p

Sophia Same here~~ i cant wait till it comes out next year? but yeah OMMMG i saw the trailer at the theater and i was like i'm going to watch it when its out.

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WOOOO YAY!!!! but is it just me or is Clary's hair color wrong?

Aliyah The trailor looked super cool but i'm still getting used to Jace.August is so far away :)

Vampirelol I just watched it and its EPIC!!!!!!!!! OMG can't wait to watch it!!!!!!!<3

Ruckieee  x OMG IT'S really good i didnt really enjoy the book that much but the trailer looks sooooooooooooooo ggoooooooooooooddddddddd.:) :D

Lizabeth Considering how long they have to finish the film I think it will be amazing! If they could put a trailer like that up within a short period of time, imagine what they can do with it during the months before the release. They can really take their time with it, get in all the details and special effects. I can't wait to see the film, how its alike, and how its different from the book.

Tyler Ok, talking civil here.

I really enjoyed the books; matter of fact, they're my favorites. But.. (I know), Jace is wrong in my mind, Jamie portrays him with too much anger and not enought sarcasm and wit like the books describe. Granted, it is a clip of the movie so it's just a moments hesitation on his character which, let's be honest, is a huge part of the entire series.

Also, it's not as grim of a world as you would expect. I feel like it's too much like Prince of Persia or Twilight instead of a Gladiator or The Lord Of The Rings feel. What I mean by that is, I feel like it's too light on the seriousness of dire situations and played up like a childs bedtime story (from narration in the trailor, super cheesy) than a reality that makes it feel and seem real. Too many stunts for entertainment purposes instead of actual combat manuvering.

I fell like they made a movie for entertainment purposes and not to tell a story of someone's life.

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Cassie YEEEEEEE!!!!!! Cant wait to see the movie love the series i hope the movie does it justice lol soo exited!! :)
i pictured jace as this super HOT guy and idk Jamie Campbell Bower as jace not that hot well thats just my opinion.
* when i thought of jace i pictured more of Alex Pettyfer playing his role anyone else agree with me??

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finally someone who also agrees!!! almost everyone agrees that Jamie Campbell Bower is the perfect jace.. i just dont see it!!! but then again i didnt like much of the cast hope the movie is GOOOOOOOOODDDDD though.!!

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