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message 2: by Ellie (last edited Feb 24, 2013 10:42AM) (new)

Bill | 3929 comments Quite a nice mix, Ellie. I enjoyed Mistress of the Art of Death very much and le Carre is a favourite writer of mine. Love your little train too.. :0)

Linette | 1135 comments It makes me happy to see that a number of people are going to be trying out Mistress this year :) It's Bill's fault that I read it, and I enjoyed it so much. I'm working through Maisie's books as well, love the setting and the way she portrays life then. Haven't heard of quite a few on your list, but then you are always reading books that are unknown to me but intriguing. Happy reading, Ellie (as always :) )

Alondra | 4449 comments Since I also have Mistress of the Art of Death on my list as well. I will definitely be looking forward to your wonderful reviews.

Your list looks intriguing and more than likely, I will again add some of your favorites to my TBR.

Good luck :D

Donna | 436 comments Oh, you're reading Number 9 Dream! It's the next Mitchell book I'd like to try. I'll be interested to see how you like it. Good luck, Ellie!

Martha (marthas48) | 2831 comments Great list, Ellie! More books I need to check out!! LOL

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks everyone! (LOL Martha!)

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments My list is starting to be more interesting (to me, that is). Hopefully, I'm not setting myself up to fail, the way I did two years ago. This year was a nice mix of difficult & easy & I finished with time to spare. Next year is a little top-heavy with books I've been wanting to read but needed the time. I liked the idea of reading stuff off our shelves, already bought but unread. I have so so many of those, this is a welcome chance to try to clear some off.

Linda (LindaJS) | 130 comments I like your list. Masie Dobbs got me hooked on that series - a great look at the strata of English society and the horrors of WWI. And, Anansi Boys is just flat out great fun. Enjoy.

message 11: by B. (new)

B. I haven't read any of your choices, but my husband is a huge fan of the Masie Dobbs series -- he thinks it gets better with every book :)

Hope you have fun with all your selections.

Nance (Nabpurple12) | 377 comments I've always heard what a great author Thomas Pynchon is. So, I can't wait to hear what you have to say once you read V.. I myself bought Against the Day this year, but I haven't had a chance to get into it. It sounds good, but it such a massive novel. I hope to give it a shot this year. Enjoy the rest of your challenge!

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Nance, I struggled with Gravity's Rainbow this year and it was definitely worth the work so I'm excited (and a little nervous) about reading V.

Beth, I've just remembered that I read the Maisy Dobbs. Now I have a hole in my list. :( I'm thinking of choosing another Dobbs, because I really liked it but I wanted to only read books I already owned. And I actually can not think of another choice.

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Well, I've plugged up the hole but I'm feeling kind of insecure about my list this year. Real life (looking for a new apartment, packing up, and work) is conspiring to distract me from my realest life.

Bill | 3929 comments Good luck finding yourself a new apartment, then take one more look to make sure you don't want to make some final changes. Hope you get settled so you can get back to your 'realest' life. :0)

Marguerite Woodward Hi Ellie and what a wonderful list you have, happy reading!!!

message 17: by Ellie (last edited Dec 09, 2012 09:27AM) (new)

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Found an apartment: now all I have standing between me & my books is the packing. So far, I've back 47 boxes of books-and there are at least several boxes left since I left my currently reading and probably soon to be reading for last.

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Still playing with my list. For some reason, I'm still feeling very insecure about it. Probably because I feel like I'll never have enough time to read.

Not that I ever did.

Linette | 1135 comments Congrats Ellie - that's a huge weight lifted, finding a new place to call home. The moving hurdle still to go, then time with your books again. Just think about how nice it will be to sort through your books as you put them back on the shelves. 47 boxes, huh? Oh my. LOL. I have only 3 tall bookshelves full - I've limited myself to only the books I will re-read, or need for reference - all others must be donated or traded in. I'd be buried in books otherwise. Love them!
You still have a few weeks to change your mind for your list if you need to.

Bill | 3929 comments Congrats on finding an apartment, Ellie. I hope your move goes smoothly. Imagine the fun you'll have unpacking your books, like Linette says. It'll be like Xmas.. :0)

Marylene | 351 comments Wow. This is a different list. I haven't heard of any of these books, but I'll have to check them out. Some of the titles are catchy. Congrats on the apartment. I totally feel you about the books. When I sold my house to move into an apartment, I had to pack up my books and put a bunch of them in storage or my mom's basement. The apartment didn't have as much room for everything. It really stinks when that happens. I've somehow managed to accumulate a bunch of books and squeezed them into the apartment somehow. I never made it back for the rest. I guess someday I will. I hope you find room for all your books! Happy reading!

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks everyone!!!
We're now up to 53 boxes (and still counting)

The only thing I am actually looking forward to unpacking are the books!. Revisiting each one. I'm worried about having to get rid of a lot. :( But hopefully not too many. I wish I could give you guys the extras.

Alondra | 4449 comments Ellie wrote: "Found an apartment: now all I have standing between me & my books is the packing. So far, I've back 47 boxes of books-and there are at least several boxes left since I left my currently reading and..."

wow! i think you may have me beat... do the bookshelves in the kids rooms count!?? hahhaha... :D

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Uh...actually, no. :#

Still making changes. I feel like I'm missing something really important. I'll probably be making changes right up until the 31st.

We've moved in-now it's time to unpack!

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Well, the list has been influenced by one of my groups readings for next year-I'm hoping having the books listed in 2 places will help me actually read them-they're all long & quite difficult.

I hope the list still looks like a good one. *nervously*

Bill | 3929 comments I've read The Magus (although it was back in my university days and I can't recall it all that well. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed though.. lol). The other is Mistress of the Art of Death and as I mentioned in my earlier comment, loved it. I do recall Giles Goat Boy, but I think it was because some of my university friends took it in a course they had. The rest are also new to me, Ellie. I look forward to seeing what you think of them. glad to hear you're all moved in. Have fun unpacking.. :0)

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks! :$

Linette | 1135 comments You've passed the second huge hurdle, moving! Yay - only the unpacking to do so it's all downhill from here. Have fun unpacking your books - might influence yet more changes to your list :)

Karen | 90 comments I loved The Magus but I tnink I may have been too young when I read it. I need to read Ada, also. I'm thinking of putting that on my list.

Alice  Heiserman (EditorAlice) | 16 comments Ellie, Moving is a big challenge! Best wishes for a an easier year in 2013. Be sure you have included some fun--lighter reading. Just finished Sweet Tooth and it's a good read that fulfills this goal.

message 31: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9250 comments Mod
Hi Ellie. Awesome list. I have "Midnight's Children," on my bookshelf. I'm scared to add it to my list because I'm afraid it will be too hard. Have you read other books by the author? Happy Reading.


message 32: by Ellie (last edited Dec 24, 2012 05:07PM) (new)

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Hi Marbear-I'm also afraid it will be too hard for me!
But I haven't read anything by Rushdie & feel

And thanks Alice. We're almost finished moving-then it's time to unpack, lol!

message 33: by Mary (Marbear), Founder (new)

Mary (Marbear) Blackburn (mbeth45) | 9250 comments Mod
Hi Ellie. The first year I had "Midnight's Children," on my list and I let people scare me off from reading it. I'm determined to give it a try. Email me when you start to read it. Or you may not have to since it's an alternate.


Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments I'm planning on reading it, MarBear, even though it's an alternate. I just couldn't fit every book I wanted in the first 12! :#

I will let you know when I start to read it.

Martha (marthas48) | 2831 comments Congrats on the move, Ellie! We've finally finished moving all of Jason's things out of his brother's house. He's a world-class hoarder! LOL He's been living with us since mid-October. Now that we're done over there, I can work on our house again. He tells me that I have a LOT of books! LOL

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments I'm busy unpacking books. After this move, I feel like a hoarder. We threw out so much!

But I am enjoying going through my books.

message 37: by Ellie (last edited Jan 01, 2013 01:01PM) (new)

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Just started the first book for 2013-The Magus. So far (not very) so good.

Linette | 1135 comments LOL - hope your book improves! Maybe just the lure of all the books you are having fun unpacking that is distracting you ;)

Janet (goodreadscomJanBookFan) | 865 comments Hi Elle, congrats on the move, Happy New Year, and...good luck with your 2013 Group Challenge. I haven't read any of the books on your list.

Good luck, Janet

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks Janet. Neither have I, lol.

Bill | 3929 comments Good luck with the Magus. It was so long ago that I read it, I can't remember what I felt about it. Have fun with the rest of your unpacking. :0)

message 42: by Lynne (last edited Jan 02, 2013 10:15AM) (new)

Lynne King The Magus is quite a complicated book and, when I first read it, I just couldn't understand the ending at all. Now reading it about ten years later, all is revealed. A very stylish and well-written book by John Fowles. I have all of his books.

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks for the input! :)

Martha (marthas48) | 2831 comments Ellie wrote: "I'm busy unpacking books. After this move, I feel like a hoarder. We threw out so much!

But I am enjoying going through my books."

We threw away so much stuff. He kept empty boxes galore and just clutter. Thankfully, he says he doesn't want to live like that anymore. I think he felt unwanted since my son's current wife moved in and has gone through a mild depression. I've seen him like this before and his apartment then was in the same state. I'm a bit of a hoarder, too, especially with books. Have been trying very hard to get rid of some and am going through every room, every drawer, every cabinet .... I've needed to do this for a very long time! LOL But I'd rather read. :-)

message 45: by Vikki, Moderator (new)

Vikki (silverstarz) | 855 comments Mod
Good luck with your challenge!

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments Thanks Vikki

Lea (Leaspot) | 1942 comments Ellie, your list is really ambitious. I hope you enjoy what you read. I haven't read any of the books on your list, but I would love to read quite a few. I hope you will post your thoughts on them. Happy reading and unpacking! :-)

message 48: by Kathy, Moderator (new)

Kathy Worrell | 4255 comments Mod
Wow, I don't get out much, because I don't know too many of those books. I hope they are all excellent!

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 1677 comments The Magus-fascinating, enraging, mesmerizing.

Karen | 90 comments I read that years ago. I like Fowles a lot. I'm sure a second reading is in order.

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