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message 1: by Christine, FSC BOOK CLUB MODERATOR (new) - rated it 5 stars

Christine | 109 comments Mod
It’s time to get our drink on and carbo-load! ‘Tis the season, yes? We have made it to two delicious chapters: Bread & Crackers and Drinks. While I semi-regularly (meaning maybe monthly, not weekly) make our own bread, I have only made my own crackers once. It blew my mind. And I’ve never made my own tortillas!

As we prepare our Thanksgiving feasts and head right into the holiday season, let’s see if we can add a homemade carb or drink to our menus. How about bringing breadsticks as an appetizer? Or making your own bread or dinner rolls? How cozy would it be to sip your from-scratch hot chocolate or a tasty liquer?

Your assignments:

First, is to tell us something you are grateful for, food-wise. Are you grateful for a new kitchen appliance? For your newfound knowledge on how to make pie crusts from scratch? Are you thankful for a particular Thanksgiving or holiday food tradition? Share with us!

The second assignment is to pick a recipe to try and incorporate it into your holiday festivities. You don’t have to pile on more from-scratch projects into your already busy Thanksgiving, but see if you can make a tweak over the next few weeks to get your homemade pantry read for the holidays! And a bonus: share a photo of your Thanksgiving spread! Even if you didn’t make dinner. Even if you ordered out for Chinese food. Take a photo of your Thanksgiving feast and share it with us :) It will be our virtual Thanksgiving celebration.

As always, post photos of your creations and holiday celebrations here on Goodreads, over on Facebook, on Twitter or on Instagram. We may feature your FSC Book Club check-in on the From Scratch Club blog!


The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making author Alana Chernila will be visiting the Troy Farmers Market in Troy, NY on Saturday, December 8! Alana will be signing books at the From Scratch Club table from 9-10:45am and will then give a brief talk and lead an in-person book club discussion at 11am. After that, she'll be back at the table to sign books until 12:15pm and meet you all!

Books will be sold for $21 + tax.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 89 comments Had Friendsgiving this weekend, and only really got a picture of the fried turkey (which I did upload). Will be make a couple of veggie side dishes for the family Thanksgiving, so I will post those this weekend. Not sure which breads/crackers and drinks I will make for the hubby and myself yet...

Alana Chernila | 17 comments Hello All! Have I mentioned how much I love following along with all your kitchen adventures? I LOVE IT. One note- as you're coming into the Breads and Crackers chapter, some of you might have the very first printing from last Spring. There's a typo in the white sandwich bread recipe in that printing! The salt amount is 2 1/2 teaspoons (Not tablespoons!) I just wanted to catch any of you before you make super salty bread. Yours, Alana

message 4: by KitchenNinja (new)

KitchenNinja | 37 comments I made the hamburger buns this weekend but think they will be the PERFECT thing for turkey sandwiches! I blogged about it here: http://yankee-kitchen-ninja.blogspot....

Oh, and I'm extra-grateful during the holidays for my old fridge in the basement that gives me lots of room to make dishes in advance!

Casey (kcrose210) | 74 comments YES! I've been wanting to make those hamburger buns. Hopefully I will find some time over the long weekend to dive into these chapters. We have a small thanksgiving (just my bf and me) and I make him a duck to eat each year as he doesn't like turkey. Most of the prep work has already been started and as usually we will have lots of leftovers to eat all weekend.

I also have only made my own crackers once so I would like to try that again, we are going to an event on Monday at a cheese store so I hope to come home with some goodies that will need crackers.

This year I am thankful I took tons of risks, with joining a csa and growing and canning a large majority of our food. Everything tastes better and I know that we are eating healthier because of it.

message 6: by Tina (new)

Tina Jordan | 9 comments I am always looking for a good hamburger bun recipe. I'll be eager to try this one. A few weeks from now, when I have my fridge and freezer room back!.

I am grateful for my husband's expanded palate, and interest in food over the last ten years which has encouraged my own excitement to explore and try new ideas. I'm appreciative of the local abundance we have of food, farmer's markets, CSAs, CSFs and great food friends.

message 7: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia | 68 comments Christine wrote: " First, is to tell us something you are grateful for, food-wise."

I am grateful for the abundance of food provided by our magnificent earth, and for the fact that I have relatively easy access to plenty of it. I am also grateful for the many friends I have to share it with (including my new friends here with whom we share our thoughts on these topics). And I am thankful for the fact that I have the awareness that not everyone is yet so fortunate and the belief that we can change that.

message 8: by Amy (last edited Nov 25, 2012 04:38PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 89 comments I am thankful that I have the means to purchase/swap/grow and prepare high quality, nutritious food for my family. I am also thankful that my husband is willing to eat almost anything I am willing to try cooking (known exceptions: beets (though working on that) and olives).

message 9: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg (megriffi) | 59 comments Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and traffic-free Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my growing family - including my new baby niece and my newest cousin-to-be! I'm also trying to be grateful for my current period of underemployment and the time that it allows for baking, cooking, blogging, and meeting wonderful folks like yourselves. ; )

Cheese cracker dough is chilling in the fridge and I can't wait to get my hands on it! If all goes well, the crackers might make an appearance at our annual Christmas cookie bake-off in a few weeks (hopefully along with a few of Alana's other recipes).

message 10: by Cynthia (last edited Nov 27, 2012 06:43PM) (new) - added it

Cynthia | 68 comments I've been pretty slow getting to the cooking challenges lately - but I've had my eye on that wheat cracker recipe ever since I got the book. So today I found a few spare minutes to swing by the natural food store and pick up some spelt flour, as well as white and brown rice flour so I can try that version. I've already got some beautiful locally grown and milled wheat flour.

Might not have time to actually make them until next week, but we'll see!

I'm excited to experiment with the rice flour. I've never used it before.

message 11: by Meg (last edited Nov 28, 2012 10:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg (megriffi) | 59 comments Well, friends. Turns out, accidentally baking your cheddar crackers at 375F instead of 325F equals cheese cracker fail. Oh well...there's always next time! ; )

message 12: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia | 68 comments Meg wrote: "Well, friends. Turns out, accidentally baking your cheddar crackers at 375F instead of 325F equals cheese cracker fail. Oh well...there's always next time! ; )"

Meg - I love that poster at the end of your blog post :-)

message 13: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg (megriffi) | 59 comments Thanks, Cynthia! I love StoryPeople. Brian Andreas has an amazing way of making people feel like we are all part of the same story.

Casey (kcrose210) | 74 comments The Hamburger buns turned out great! I forgot to snap a pick but I have one in my lunch so I will try to remember when I eat. I had them with sweet potato black bean cranberry burgers (thanks giving produce leftovers) and they hold up very nicely! So glad to have a few tucked away in the freezer

message 15: by Cynthia (new) - added it

Cynthia | 68 comments Happy New Year! I finally made the crackers.

Our New Year's Eve party table always includes a big cheese board, and this year it was made even more beautiful by the gift, specifically for this purpose, of a homemade cutting board from two friends. They own a boat shop and made cutting boards for family and friends for Christmas out of scraps of wood from the shop. Ours was mahogany (two kinds, I think) and maple, 8 1/2 x 24 1/2 - PERFECT for four or five kinds of cheese plus bread or crackers to be set on the table as a unit. Paul and I often take bread and cheese to pot lucks, and it just doesn't quite work on a big busy pot luck table to have the bread on the board and the cheese on a plate next to it - looks like two unrelated items.

Somehow I have lost track of my Homemade Pantry cookbook. I have a very vague recollection that I may have loaned it to someone - knowing I wasn't going to use it until New Year's Eve. But now I cannot remember who! Thank goodness for the Internet. I knew I wanted to make the crakers, and was able to find the cracker recipe online on Alana's blog by Googling "Alana Chernila crackers".

I had intended to make both the gluten and gluten-free versions, but the gluten-free version ended up on the list of planned menu items that didn't come to fruition as I ran out of cooking time. So I'll try those another time.

I forgot to put the salt on top, and they could have used it, but they were still quite good and several people commented on them (which is something, considering the number of food items on the table competing for attention - I make a LARGE spread so it's almost like a potluck even though I make all of it).

This year's cheese board included Huntsman, Morbier, local York Hill Farm Dill/Chevre roll, Brie, and Ginger Mango Stilton, accompanied by Alana's crackers (with my homegrown rosemary) and a sliced French baguette.

message 16: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg (megriffi) | 59 comments Hi folks - I finally got around to making a beverage from Alana's book. In case you're curious, here's a post about my take on Alana's berry syrup. Enjoy!

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