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Lena, Alex, and Julian

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Breatee123 ok so I know that like everyone wants Alex and Lena together. I love Alex a lot but Julian has really grown on me. I don't know who I want Lena to be with. I mean think about it, Julian risked his life for Lena but so Alex. I don't want Julian dead either! I think Alex should have stayed dead though because there wouldn't have been a love triangle. Lena was just starting to get over Alex but of course he had to show up. Well I just hope it works out good i guess. I don't hate Alex I just think with him there he created a mess.
Also if Alex would have crossed the border without getting captured there wouldn't be a huge mess either.

Ilana i hear where you're coming from, and as much as i'm kind of happy about the relationship that grew between lena and julian, i think that Alex is really her true match. i feel like she really had a connection with him before anything anxiety ridden happened and held on to that for a long long time after - when things went upside down. with Julian, i think that there was a very slow build to anything there, that she kind of forced herself to feel something because she wanted to get over Alex, and that can't be a strong basis for a relationship. it's like being a rebound and that's not usually the onset to a successful relationship. i hope that it's not an easy fix though in Requiem, and that there's a complicated story there in whatever the resolution turns out to be since nothing annoys me more than predictable story lines. regardless if we think we know how it ends, it's nice to take a lot of twists and turns to get there.

Ezinwanyi~ThatEzi  (Oh My Shelves) I'm on Team Julian. I liked Alex in book 1 but Lena isn't thatgirl in book 1 anymore. An experience like her capture and imprisonment with Julian is just life altering. In fact Alex isn't the same either. Hes angry lacking that hopeful bounce he had.

I judge Lena and Julian based on who they are now and they fit now. Alex is like her first love, but Julian is right for her now.

Don't_Trot_and_Text I don't know what to think of either of them. Julian AND Alex BOTH risked their lives to save Lena, and they BOTH equally love her. Lena is a lucky girl! Alex personally grew on me because he's the reason Lena found love and discovered that it's not a bad thing. Julian is great too and I think that he deserves Lena too...but...grrrrrrr!! I hate love triangles!! Lauren Oliver makes us cry because when Alex died, she made us happy when Julian appeared, and made us frustrated when Alex appeared at the end. Other than Alex "dying" I think it was so clever of Lauren Oliver to mention the "Incidents" in the Crypts throughout th book so it was kind of like an "ah-ha!" moment when Alex appeared at the end. I thought the whole think made perfect sense. I'm so curious to see who Lena picks in Requiem. Julian, Alex, or neither? I personally hope it's Alex.

Macy SHE BETTER END UP WITH ALEX! I have waited what seems like forever for this book and if I figure they cured Alex or if they get Lena and Julian together I'll scream so much that id get arrested. If Oliver makes her with Julian or if they cured Alex (who is the best choice) I'll change the book myself.

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i know who Lena chooses in the end, pm me if you want to know

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Lindsay I really want her to end up with Julian. I agree 100% with Ezinwanyi. Lena is not the same girl she was in the first book. She doesn't need Alex anymore. I would also like to know where Alex has been all this time if he was okay. I think he's kind of bad now, and Lena should definitely stick with Julian. I think Julian and her have created the perfect bond because they have saved each other....come on people!!! You can not tell me that your hearts didn't melt when Julian told Lena that he wanted to know what they disease felt like..with her!!!!! They should be together, and I think everything would have been great if Alex stayed dead!

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