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What are your theories for Book 3?
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Okay I don't think Noah is dead, I think Doctor Kells was saying that because she knows Noah and her will find ways to see each other and cause trouble. I think she may have told Noah that Mara died also. Or Noah escaped and is being held hostage. I also think Kells is a liar and Jude and her are related or have a connection somehow.

Do you think Noah died and what do you think will happen or your theories?

Book 3 comes out October 22, 2013:}}} That is in like 10 Months:) and the cover is on this link

Things I noticed while reading the book that may come into play for the Retribution of Mara Dryer sequel:

1) Jamie's "power" seems to be that people must do what he commands, at least for a brief period of time. Evidence: when he commands Jude to let him go after Jude grabs him and Mara is shocked to see that Jude actually does it...although Jude immediately re-grabs him and then kicks him in the stomach and tells him not to speak again.

3) The numbers 1821 or 1281 (the same numbers in reverse) seems to be important. Evidence: 1)when all the stats of the Horizons patients are posted for Mara to read, the patients with powers are said to have manifested with "G1821" original carrier. 2)The address of Jude's former residence was 1281 Live Oak Court. 3) the disk with the recording of when the building collapsed killing Claire and Rachel is labeled "31281."

3) Mara's and Noah's initials spell M.A.D.N.E.S.S.

4) Mara reads at the end of the book that her stats posted by Dr. Kells says that her suspected Contraindications is "n.e.s.s." Maybe this means that her contraindication (AKA weakness) is Noah, since that's his initials.

5)Similarly in Noah's stats, it says he was tested with a bunch of barbiturates that he was unresponsive to. Then is says, "test m.a.d.," which is then crossed out. Perhaps they are trying to find his contraindication/weakness is, and they were trying to see if m.a.d. (Mara) was it, which was the whole point of having Jude torture Mara in front of him during the epic standoff in the zen garden. Since Mara ended up bringing down the building, interrupting the experiment, maybe that's why "test m.a.d." is crossed out.

I'm reaching, I know, but something to think about.

so when i finished the 2nd book i kept on repeating "NO NOAH IS NOT DEAD",and soo i think Noah is going to come back and save Mara from a part with Jude :D Then Jude is going to die and then Mara and Noah are going to live happily ever AFTER 4 EVER :P :) cant fricking WAIT :D

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Alice um...
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Psh hello Noah Shaw will come back be like "Mara begone. Shoo". Then come running to me and pick me up in his arms and love me forever. Jk.
Most likely Noah will come back at some point in the book to recover Mara. At which I blank after that.

NOAH SHAW IS NOT DEAD! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE HI IS! Okayy, so I was on Michelles pinterest and saw this It obviously has something to do with Maras doll, maybe it's a voodoo doll?
And the necklaces... So remember when that girl (I actually think she's Maras grandma) saves the tiger, and remember when Noah said his mom was freeing lab animals... well, I think they were a part of some kind of team, and they all wore those necklaces... Idk...
And the letter says it's written in New York You see that picture on NY on the left? Yeah, I think she'll run away, and that's when she writes it, because in the letter she already knows her 'abilities' and she says she is responsable for the murders ''...Even telling you this much probably isn't smart...'' I think she is writing to Lukimi. And how can we forget about Jamies and Josephs abilities. We've already got:
So we need someone to:
-see something others can't
-bring back life
-talk to animals
I used to have a theory that Lukimi was actually Jude and Mrs Kells was Morales, but Idk anymore

A good theory is that we will all be dead when this book finally comes out... It has been delayed twice... I don't know why though
But seriously, I don't think Noah is dead either...

I hope Noah's not dead. Who else could be the guy hugging Mara on the cover of the Retribution of Mara dyer (the 3rd book)

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I posted all of The Retribution of Mara Dyer teasers Michelle Hodkin has posted in 2013, check them out here:

This is a little summary of the book Pale Fire which you can see down in this picture Michelle Hodkin posted

"Canto 1 includes his early encounters with death and glimpses of what he takes to be the supernatural.
Canto 2 is about his family and the apparent suicide of his daughter, Hazel Shade.
Canto 3 focuses on Shade's search for knowledge about an afterlife, culminating in a "faint hope" in higher powers "playing a game of worlds" as indicated by apparent coincidences.
Canto 4 offers details on Shade's daily life and creative process, as well as thoughts on his poetry, which he finds to be a means of somehow understanding the universe."

There are some resemblances to Mara's story there...
The book is written by Vladimir Nabokov, who also wrote Lolita, which again is the book Mara was reading in The Unbecoming.

Mara was unconscious for 3 days after the accident,
the book 'Three Theban Plays' was mentioned, which Mara has read
there were three French doors,
her grandmother committed suicide three days after Mara was born.
I'm assuming "a few days before" means Noah's mom was stabbed three days before he turned five.
Noah was born 21.12 and Mara 15.03, the numbers can all be divided by three.

Well, I'm really hoping that part of it will be told in Noah's pov sense there is no way that he is really dead, and then i think it will mainly be about them trying to reunite until they do (which will probabaly be near the middle or the book) and then it will be them killing Jude the ass and then Dr. Kells.

noah can not be dead i refuse to believe it. when i read that i sent like 20 panicing text messages to like half my contacts in my phone even though they had no idea what i was talking about

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Alice I feel ya
Dec 10, 2014 12:51PM

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ok so here are some things ive noticed:

1. obviously, like most of you have noticed, the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 8 are significant because they keep subtly reappearing, eg. 1) the patients with powers are carriers of "G1821" 2)The address of Jude's former residence was 1281 Live Oak Court 3) the disk with the recording of the asylum collapsed is labelled "31281." 4) 213 is the room number of Ms. Morales' Spanish class 5) When Noah finds Mara in the kitchen with a knife the time is 2:13 am 6) The room Jude and Mara were in at the asylum was numbered 213 7) The courtroom where Lassiter comes out of and is shot is number 213

2. im pretty sure that Noah's dad is significant. Noah said his dad worked in biotechnology. More specifically, near the beginning of the evolution Mara's dad says that David Shaw (noah's dad) is linked to Aurora Biotech. I looked up this company and basically they work with cells and develop new drugs and stuff. My theory is that dr kells is a scientist, who has discovered this rare gene that mara, noah, Jamie, stella and jude etc. seem to carry which gives them unnatural powers, and this whole thing is just part of her sick research and she doesn't care who dies in the process, because to her the research is more important. Obviously this gene is very important as it could be used as a weapon. They've clearly manipulated jude and claire's cells to try and give them powers as well and I guess it worked on jude. How does this link to noah's dad? My guess is that Noah's dad is funding this research or something. Well im not really sure how but im certain he is more important than we think. Also (im probably just over thinking this too much but) I think that HE was the guy who paid rosyln to tell mara the stuff at the fair and somehow noah guessed because he said 'was it an accent like mine?'. Probably just coincidence but idk worth thinking about

3. pretty damn sure noah isn't dead because more than anything kells needs him in order to carry out her research. they wouldn't just let him die and even if he did they would do anything they could to retrieve his body, which kells told mara they didn't do. also, obviously kells has lied to mara about everything sofar to there is no way we can trust her. and there are lots of reasons for kells to lie to mara this time 1) if noah HAS escaped then there is no way that kells would tell mara because it would give her something to fight for 2) alternatively, kells might actually have noah trapped somewhere as well (perhaps she's telling him that mara died) which she definitely wouldnt tell mara because she obviously wants to see mara's reaction at the news of noah's death.

4. ok so finally, the only thing I don't understand is why mara doesn't just use her powers to kill kells? obviously kells must have mara under some sort of drug or something that limits her powers. Or perhaps kells has a power too.....

that's all ive got for now. please tell me what you think of my theories or if you can expand on them or anything..

I'm more intrigued by the story of the little Mara in India and the lukimi guy. This is one of the best series ever. I'm extremely confused about everything now cant wait for book 3.

No we don't find out Mara's real name because her lawyer taught her pick something to cover her identity

I don't have any theories. I will just wait for the third book and hope that *insert bigger plot twist here* Noah is alive by some miracle. Until then, I’ll just be in my room and weep my heart out. *Don’t touch me*

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I think Noah is either alive and Dr. Kells is testing Mara or that Jude has Noah and is going to use Noah against Mara to make her do what he wants.

On the other hand if Noah really is dead maybe Jude is right about Mara being able to bring people back and she'll bring Noah back. That doesn't really seem to go with Noah's ability though so I kind of doubt that one.

Besides at the end of the book it says in Noah's profile (test against m.a.d) and its crossed out, implying that they already tested him against Mara. Likewise in Mara's profile it says that her suspected contraindication is n.e.s.s. (Noah) and its not crossed out. If he really was dead wouldn't they cross that out as well?

The madness thing is so clever! I noticed Mara's initials spelled mad but I never though of putting them with Noah's initials!

I think Every 'special' kid in the book is nothing but a part of some secret experiment run by Kells and someone unnamed. They are all being tested. and of crz Noah is alive!!!

ya, there's no way they would kill off noah. other than that i really have no clue. all i have to say is that i hate mrs. kells, shes an annoying bitch. and i also hate jude, ugh, he's such a stalker! but i'm so excited, this is a great series so far!

You know, Noah could be faking his death as he can only save Mara by pretending to be dead. Maybe there's someone else or something else in the body bag. After all this, we readers deserve a happy ending.

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i'm 100% sure Noah isn't dead. When I first read that I looked at it like o_o but then I was like "Naaah" xD I srsly don't believe it. 1st- why believe a liar like her?! 2nd- he can heal himself. That's Noah's thing. it shouldn't be that easy to kill Noah off. I srsly want to know what happened to them though.

so initials M.A.D and N.E.S.S? hmm they will be officially declared as the Madness Couple to me for forever onwards <_<

This is a bit far fetched but do you think there might be a love triangle? Remember the "Tall,Dark,Handsome" Guy who said Noah would die by her side. Who is he???

I highly doubt Noah is dead.
If you remember the list Mara saw, you most likely noticed none of the medications/etc (I literally do not remember what they were, ahah) did not affect Noah, and that all their efforts in prompting his abilities, or muddling his brain, or whatever else they were attempting to do, were useless on him. So, I'm thinking they're either doing some experimenting/research on him for their own purposes, or trying to separate him from Mara completely.

There's no way you can kill Noah Shaw. Come on now.
By the way, I totally did not pick up on the M.A.D + N.E.S.S thing. Cleveeeerrrr.

Jamie's ability is persuasion. He told Jude to let him go and he did. He told Anna to drive off a cliff and she did. When he asked Mara why she wasn't okay after hearing about Jordana, she practically vomited “I was in an accident before we moved here. My best friend died.” and she couldn't understand why she had told him and said “But when I met Jamie’s eyes, it was like I didn’t have a choice.”

We will find our Mara's real name in the last book!! Michelle Hodkin has already confirmed that.

I don't think Noah is dead. But this book series has so many twists and turns that I can't even try to figure out what is going to happen next.


My theory is that Dr. Kells might be a reincarnation of Mara's grandmother. I have no clue, just a theory, but I think she's alive.

I just realized that Noah and Maria's initials put together make the word madness

Noah is not dead. The fandom has simply just not given up. And Michelle Hodkin wouldn't do that to us. Would she?

I have found both of these books are hard to predict most books you read these days you can guess whats going to happen but its a whole different ball game with the mara dyer books, the only thing i can come up with is Noah is NOT dead but either dr kells is lying or thinks she is telling the truth either noah had been taken hostage or has woken up in a hospital room just as mara and is being told the same thing about her .............or this is what i believe that noah managed to get away and as they found no body they put him down as deceased, Noah always seems to know whats going to happen but i really do not know but i know one thing Dr Kells and Jude must die !!!!! also a little confused with the flashbacks to india i understand that the mara in the flashbacks is some relation to her or noah but we will see in book 3.

I was so so so upset with the whole Dr.Khells and everything being staged thing. It was not needed. The book felt less real to me. Even with Jude gone we still have a lot to go on without the need for the staging. Creepy dolls then staged everything? I'm so upset

What I'm expecting is:

1) Mara's history. ( I really hope that she is not her grandmother's reincarnation cause we already have plenty happening)

2) Mara's grandmother's and Noah's mother relationship revealed

3) Mental kids squad ( I miss Mara having a female friend)

I'm so excited about book 3! 7 months is too much!

I hadn't noticed the m.a.d.n.e.s.s. thing or the numbers, good catch. I do not believe Noah is dead and neither does Mara, I think it's a way to try to manipulate Mara.

I do think Jamie had something to do with Anna's death.

A few things I don't understand is, if Mara isn't crazy and all of this is really happening, then why hasn't Stella said anything before now if she can read minds?

And how is Horizon's going to explain all the death of patients? No one would ever send their child there with the murder of Phoebe, unless they try to say she died during the collapse of the building.

I looked up the definition of Retribution. It means, to take revenge, which makes it seem like Mara is going to go all "Carrie" on Jude and Mrs. Kells for the things they have done to her. But it also means to correct or compensate. So, if Mara isn't crazy, what's the point of all of this? Unless there is something else she can do that will somehow bring retribution/Correction to her ability? Is it possible to have a happy ending to her story?

Okay, Michelle Hodkin will be dead (by the fandom, of course) if she kills Noah in the third book, and the whole story won't make any sense and our money will be wasted if he's dead in TRoMD.
So basically, my theory is:
* Noah is crazier than Jude now
* Mara's real name is Cactus
* Mara's whole family will be killed by Jude, except for Daniel
* Rachel is alive and insane
* Jude and Dr Kells are secretly a couple
HAHAHAHA. Nah, just kidding. But srsly, I believe, deep in my heart, that Noah is alive. And we will figure out everything that the author did not mention in the second book, including Mara's real name. :)

Noah is not dead, he can't die....

-Noah isn't dead as he is on the cover of Retribution.
So no chance.
-Mara's mother, I think, is in on this whole experiment thing.
-Noah will try to get Mara out. Jamie, Stella and Mara will all try to break out.
-Okay so this one is pretty wild but Mara is expecting maybe.
-There won't be a happy ending. (Because hello! retribution=punishment)

Michelle is brilliant and sooo clever with the whole mystery thing. Let's see. Can't wait for it to come! out!

Niamh that was what I was thinking!

No creo que Noah esté muerto, es NOAH SHAW, dah.. y también lo que de las iniciales de Mara y Noah deletrean M.A.D.N.E.S.S ,eso me dió miedito.

Noah can't be dead. I think Dr. Kells is faking it to get to Mara. I can't wait to read book 3 and get some answers. Plus, we'll learn her real name. I wonder if all of the characters names are made up too. I mean her lawyer had recommended she not se hers, maybe she made up Noah and Jude as well.

The only theory I have is that the beautiful Noah is alive (:

I don't think Noah is dead, he can't be. I didn't even notice the m.a.d.n.e.s.s thing smart, and the numbers. This book drove me crazy and I can't wait for the 3rd book to figure it all out.

I agree there is no way Noah is dead but, i feel some great battle will happen(joking). I can't wait for the next book to come out!

I totally agree. Noah couldn't have died. I'm almost 100% sure about that. I like the idea of Noah being held hostage though. It would be a pretty cool idea for the next book, for Mara to figure out that he's still alive and have to go rescue him or something. But, just a quick question...maybe I can't remember from the first book, but did we ever find out Mara's real name? Because I remember in the first chapter of Book 1 that she says her real name is not Mara Dyer, but I can't remember if we ever found out.

1.) Well In a way I hope that Noah is really not dead because this author has a way of ripping the carpet right out from under us. So I feel iffy on that fact.

2.) Could our dear Mara Dyer be her grandmother? Why are we seeing the grandmothers old life in Mara's mind? OR is Mara's Grandmother Alive and able to change the way people think,like for example: give people certain dreams or even make people believe she died in a car accident...

3.) Mara mentioned in the 1st book how her name was wayyy to close to the truth. So is "Mara's" actual name in her real name?

4.) could Dr. Kells be working for Noah's Dad? Or could Dr.Kells be Noah's mother?

5.) How does Dr. Kells know about the DNA thing with the group? Did Kells kill the Grandmother of Mara and the Mother of Noah?!

Thoughts anyone??!!

Noah Cannot be dead, I think he is alive. I think that we will learn more about the necklace that they both had, more about their powers and about Mara's grandmother. Dr Kells, I don't even know about her, I think that she is hiding a big secret from Mara but I don't know what. I think that Mara might have been reincarnated because of that dreams that she has had. But Noah CANNOT BE DEAD, HE IS ALIVE!!! Also how did Dr. Kells know all about the powers and who has the powers, unless she has a power herself??? I don't know but I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out!!!!!

Hey guys, I'm new here, but I was reading this thread and a few posts reminded me of a post from Michelle Hodkins that I'd read on The Retribution of Mara Dyer page on Goodreads:
There was more than this, so if you like I can post the whole thing, but this paragraph stood out to me:

I can’t tell you much about it, but I can tell you this: I love it. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, and I think you will too. It’s shocking and provocative and wild and a bunch of other adjectives I won’t use because spoilers, but the important thing is: I’m proud of it. And a thing I want you to know: the ending to the trilogy has always, always been the same, since the second I had the idea for the series. Only the beginning and the middle have changed. (So, you know, nothing important).

I'm beginning to wonder: something bad is about to happen that will probably upset a few readers, because she says "the ending to the trilogy has always been same, since the second I had the idea.."
What do you guys make of this? I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but I don't know, it kind of has me on edge!
I am DYING without this book..I need it now!! :D

I have a really wild theory about the book 3 of Mara Dyer.....I mean what if they are really insane and they are just having a role playing game...or what if Noah doesn't really exist,...or Mara is really just a psycho..I don't know but, this book made me crazy :DD

I believe Noah isn't dead. I think the scientists are holding him hostage in order to keep him away from Mara. The ending to the second book killed me and then they had to go push back the release date for the third book. When the book is released next month, I am going to end up reading it in less than a day. I can not stand the suspense that comes with these books. I already know I will most likely end up in a reading slump after I finish this series. I am rereading the first and second book later this month to get me ready for the final book. If Noah really is dead then I am going to be so mad at Michelle Hodkin.

Is this book about demons??? Or about a gene mutation?? I'm not sure at this point which way it is leaning!!!! Seriously is it more x-man or magical!?

Noah is so not dead. Absolutely not. I think that Kells has got Mara and Noah held hostage in this building, wherever they are, and she has told Mara that Noah is dead, and the same of Mara to Noah. I think she is trying to get something from them. Did anyone notice that in the last few pages with the contraindictations, Mara had (n.e.s.s) on it which are Noah's initials, and Noah has (m.a.d), Mara's initials? Apart from not actually finishing your book, what are you up to Michelle Hodkin?

The flashbacks and the plot had me very confused basically the entire time. But not confused because of the writing. Confused because of the narrator. Whether its a demon or a "gift" or a gene that runs in her family, she is changing.

I dnt know. fudge. hahaha :)

Noah can't be dead otherwise that would just ruin the whole book.

I mean, the cliffhanger it's so hard and i don't know what to think so i don't have any theorie! Just wating to see the Richelle Mead's work!
P.s i don't think that Noah is dead...

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