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The Catcher in the Rye
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Sebastian book review 3

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Sebastian Velez | 2 comments The book "The catcher in the rye" is about a boy named holden. holden attends a prep school in which he is being kicked out of. holden decides to leave the school a bit earlier, due to an altercation with his roommate. he leaves to go to the city where he decides to go to a hotel room and order a prostitute from the elevator door man. after only talking to the prostitute, holden is confronted by the pimp to give up more money. when he refuses holden is punched in the stomach and the money is taken anyway. the next day holden calls one of his friends and has an outing with her at the park, he frustrates her and she leaves. holden then heads over to his parents apartment where he talks about moving. when his little sister asks to come he decides to stay. he then makes a reference about him being sick which i will leave up to interpretation.

i would give this book a 3. the reason being that it was a kind of slow moving book but it had a lot of examples of symbolism.

i would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to read a book that is a lot deeper than just a simple story. someone who wants to challenge themselves.

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