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More relevant now than ever before

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David Kessler | 1 comments 1984 was written By George Orwell in 1949. It was required reading in High School and like most "Think they know it all" teenagers. I flipped through and tried to muddle through a book report. Since then, I have become quite a bit older and somewhat wiser.

I signed onto my Nook in hopes that it would be there and perhaps I could appreciate it more now, than when I was a still wet behind the ears youth.

As I started to read it, my idle curiosity turned to utter amazement. How could George Orwell possibly have envisioned a world where everyone was made to have a TV Monitor on their wall that spewed out Party Propaganda 24 hours a day. Thought police whose sole job was to make sure you were one of the party clones and a Ministry of Love which was actually a place to get re-educated (Brainwashed) and if that failed, you were simply never heard from again and any history of you was erased forever.

That is just a miniscule taste of what the reader has in store when they pick up this most important and relevant novel. It has, in fact, started to come true in a frighteningly real manner.

I urge everyone to read or re-read this most gripping novel.

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