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What would you do if this REALLY happened?
deleted member Nov 08, 2012 04:35AM
What would you do if it really happened? How long would u last?

I would by out every groecery store in Milwaukee. everyone in wisconsin if I had to .I don't know about heat we don't have a woodstive

I'd die without cupcakes. I'd maybe last a few months before going totally crazy and dying on purpose.

i would run to the store, gas station, pharmacy, etc, as well. i'd also get fishing tackle. if nothing else, i'm betting snapping turtles would survive, as they did past catastrophes. tastes like chicken, i'm told. and i'd have to buy a wood heater/stove.

I would Def do a lot of the same things the characters did in the book! Like going to the Grocery store! That was smart. I would also take a TON of kerosene heaters! This series is really good! Not to far fetched of a concept!

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I have a underground storage I would live there and store up some food

OMG i cant answer this question i would want to be strong but id probably freak then try to get food. lucky theres a super market right across the street from me!!!!!

The first thing that popped into my head when I read the question was die. I would die. Haha I have the worst immune system, so even if I had enough food the flu would have wiped me out. I have no fireplace or any way to heat my apartment. So yeah, this is not a world I would want to live in.

We sell vegetables at market, and if it happened right now, we'd be surviving on squash, potatoes, cabbage and broccoli. My Brother-in-law has a small herd of cattle, so that would provide us with some meat. We heat with a wood stove, and already have wood cut so we'd be good for warmth.

I'd be all right for a while, but if it lasted a long time, and the sun didn't come back out, we'd be hungry with everyone else.

I'd probably eat all of my food in anxiety and then realize that HEY LOOK I JUST ATE MY THREE YEARS WORTH OF FOOD WHAT NOW.

yeah, i'd die

The scary thing is that it's pretty realistic dystopian. I would probably freak out, and then try to stock wood and food and stuff like that.

I'd just try to survive. I'd take it one day at a time and try not to get my hopes up or freak out. I have no clue how long i would last. I'd try not to think about it. I'd try to stay calm and take care of my family.

My garage has a wood stove in it, so I would probably move in there for the winter. Since we also have a garden, food would be easier, but I would still have crazy shopping day.

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