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Trouble on Reserve (short story)

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Tracy This is a short story free with a download of the Sony Reader app from iTunes. I'm wondering if it takes place after Ever After, due to an inaccuracy in the number of kisses that have happened so far between Rachel and Trent. I don't want any spoilers! If any of you who have read an ARC of Ever After could let me know, I'd appreciate it!

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Cat D-M FYI (from facebook)
Catherine Dubé-Mayhew posted to Kim Harrison
In Trouble on Reserve: "but ever since a half-drunk confession and not one but two mutually consenting and poorly thought-out lip locks" WHAT? Did I miss something?! Anybody knows what she is talking about... I've got some re-re-re-reading to do :D
Kim Harrison: Consider it a big, fat, teaser for Ever After, Catherine. :-)

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Cat D-M It happens between Perfect Blood and Ever After... I guess we will found out what happens...

VampireNovelFan Definitely after EVER AFTER.

Angela(demonsangel) Fitzgerald I had forgot about Trouble on Reserve. There's so much stuff out its often hard to remember.

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