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Carole I love this have to read the next 3 in this series...

Carole I just finished the son the fourth book in this series..loved them all

~*Trema Renae*~ Totally agree! I just finished Son. Great ending/wrap up to the series.

Lisa Collins (Lisa Likes Books) I loved The Giver. When I started Gathering Blue, though, I found myself extremely bored. I still have the book, but I don't know if I'm going to bother reading it yet.

Kyra I cried and cried at the end of The Messenger. And I just found out that there was a fourth book (Son). WHERE ON EARTH HAS THIS BEEN HIDING? I MUST HAVE IT.

But yeah, excellent book. I absolutely adore the name Jonas now.

Shannon There are four? WHAT? I'm with Kyra. I must find this.

~*Trema Renae*~ Son was just released Oct. 2012. It states that it is the FINAL book in The Giver series. Sad, that the story won't continue, but definitely worth the wait!

Kyra ACK. I know what's going on my Christmas list:P

Kendrastarr Son was soooo good. It was amazing how all the books were brought together in the end. That was reallllly cool.

Amber Yeah, I dont know. . . I liked the giver but I dont know about the rest of the books. The 2nd and 3rd sounded boring.

Is jonas in the 4th a little more the the 3rd? If he were in it even as the old man I heard he had grown into then maybe ill the whole aeries a go.

Valerie Thank the Lord that they come together in the end. I am currently halfway through The Son and willing myself to keep reading. It is a long journey for the characters in the book and for me to continue, ready for a break from wondering what happened to the rest of the stories!

However, I still think that it is a very good series to read, will have to have my children read it!

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