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message 10: by JC (new) - rated it 5 stars

JC I agree. I never thought a pursuit to have an acting career could be so diverse. Also the president is the weirdest man I ever read about.

message 9: by Riley (last edited Mar 29, 2013 04:43AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Riley I've just recently got into Skip beat it is by far the best Manga and Anime I've seen so far. Tts so hilarious and Cute, I love all the Characters Mogami Kyouko and Ren Tsuruga are like so cute and Fuwa Shou is also an interesting guy and I love all the secondary characters like Moko san and the president and The Beagle guy hes hilarious.

Lilee White I love this manga series, I've seen the anime and the drama and loved Choi Si Won as Dun He Lian (Ren).
At the end of the day I always go back to the manga, it's just too frigging hilarious

Niena The taiwan drama is out, but the manga and anime is still the best. Cant wait fo the next chapter :)

Katherine Skip Beat is really awesome!!!:):) I luv that manga!!:)

Jelena Go Ran and Kyoko!!!!

Huieon I like Chrooga Ran. Kyoko too. I really want this book's ending should happy ending!

message 3: by JC (new) - rated it 5 stars

JC I love Skip Beat! especially when Kyoko evil spirits rise up. They are hilarious.

Winter Rose Phantom I Hate Sho he's an ass

Shreya i like kyoko! Moko san is pretty too. I cant believe she is still trying to take revenge from sho if i were her i would get over it. Ren is actually corn the guy who gave her the stone! I knew that one month ago! It was funny in ep.19 sho gets pissed off at kyoko when she talks to ren over the phone. He gets pissed because he is his enemy!

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