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If this book was a movie, who should play Evie and Lend?
Morgan Morgan Oct 13, 2012 09:17AM
I think it should. It would be like my new favorite movie!!
I have no Idea, so I need your opinion!!


Hmm... Evie : Nina Dobrev or Candice Accola
Lend: Paul Wesley or dunno? Lols
As for the director Movie Itself; Tim hudgens..
And for the Assistant : myself Polly ahahaha jks .... Maybe someone more educated than me for that position.. ❤

Velma is right on with who should be lend (Look Below)

But I think this should be Evie (Look Below)

She has the gray eyes, the blond hair, and she looks like a teenage (16)

deleted user f-ck she's hot!
Feb 09, 2013 01:38PM
❀Quindi❀ I Agree!!!!! + shes a great actress
Apr 07, 2013 11:06AM

yes kiera that should be evie johny depp lend (because of the way he moves)

I really hope they make a movie! I'm almost done with the book and I would really like to see it as a movie! :)

Yeah I think that that girl from soul surfer should play evie. She totally matches the part!! For lend... Well maybe josh hutcherson, or Luke benward? Justin bieber ( not really what u would call a fan, but i think he could maybe play that part well cuz he looks about that age...) ??

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