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Sheila Sheila Oct 09, 2012 05:13PM
If anyone watched black and white movie and read the book please comment.

the book

Because of the time period the movie was made in, they simply couldn't get into every aspect of the book. I mean, the book has some crazy sex in it that the movie could not even allude to - it just wasn't done back in the 50s or whenever they made it. I didn't see all of the movie - only parts of it - but it seemed that everything, all the themes, were somehow muted, or muffled. I guess the movie didn't want to offend. Rand, I guess, didn't care. However, I loved it more than Atlas Shrugged.

The book is definitely phenomenal. This is the first book I read of Ayn Rand and I dare say that I liked it even after reading Atlas Shrugged, which most consider to be better than Fountain Head.

This book, to date, still serves as a go-to book for me, when I need inspiration to get through a day or phase and I read it almost seven years ago and read it many times since.

Movie was definitely disappointing.
Movie did not have the logical flow and the key characteristics of the characters were not directed/acted well!

Personally, I would definitely not suggest watching the movie over reading the book. And I would not suggest watching the movie, after reading the book :).

Sheila I did not like the movie. Loved the book
Oct 10, 2012 06:37PM

The book is definitely more detailed than the movie, and I think it is extremely difficult to do justice to the author's philosophy in a movie of a few hours; it's like you trying to fit the entire read into a few hours. Just like it is difficult to follow Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code in the movie by the same name, The Fountainhead can be best appreciated by reading the novel first.

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