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Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace
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Infinite Jest - Spine 2012 > DFW biography by D.T. Max

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Jim | 2767 comments Mod
This is an open discussion of the new biography by D.T. Max Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace.

No particular schedule. Read and comment at your own pace.

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 248 comments I finished Love Story last week-I was a bit disappointed although I did think it was a good intro to DFW type book. I can't wait to read something else, though. I'm not sure what I want-more details, more analysis, something.

It was a fascinating (though quick) read. Oddly enough, I wanted a bio that was not a quick read.

Sophia Roberts I too was after something with a little more meat on it. Have you listened to this interview? Here Wallace’s biographer talks about why ‘David always wanted to be one David’, the solace he found in twelve-step programmes and what his use of wiper-fluid, on a car ride with Jonathan Franzen, reveals about his prose style.

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Jim | 2767 comments Mod
I haven't read the book or even any excerpts yet. I imagine it will be hard for anyone to write this biography, given the power of DFW's writing, the sadness of his death, and the loyalty of his followers. Best case scenario - DFW is resurrected and writes the bio himself...

I'm working my way through the first week's reading for IJ. It's kind of a horror story, in a way. A highbrow safari through the hellish, jerry springer underbelly of the American psyche. More intense than I imagined. At this point, I'm wondering why people complain about the footnotes, since the text itself is the real challenge.

Ellie (EllieArcher) | 248 comments I love the Jerry Springer reference-I was thinking Maury myself but same idea! I'm glad your experience seems similar to mine-first time I looked at the book I found it hilarious but this time I'm finding it painful with an hilarious surface.

I'm not finding the text itself especially difficult, just its massiveness not only in size but cast.

I'm very interested in the Hal's family constellation-the 3 very different brothers and their parents. I see Hamlet in the mother & uncle's connections but a little Dostoevsky too, somehow, in the brothers themselves & their relationship (the little I've seen so far) with their father.

All with this surreal American sports background (granted, it's tennis not football but still such American imagery)

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