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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!!

Camp Jupiter is the Roman counterpart of Camp Half-Blood. The Roman demigods and their activities director Lupa knew the gods by their Roman counterparts. Its entrance is a service tunnel near the main Caldecott Tunnel in San Francisco. (Camp Jupiter Wiki) The current two Praetors are Jason and Reyna.

Will you form alliance with Camp Half-Blood? Will you take the path of the gods and go where your destiny leads you? And what godly troubles will arise when the Roman fire is alit and war is called for?

My character:

Name: Harper Kalen
Parent: Ceres (Greek: Demeter)
Age: 16
Quick Bio: I'm a daughter of the Goddess of Wheat and I can't make a decent piece of toast - in fact, I hate toast. I hate Wheetbix. I do like scones, but I'm pretty much useless when it comes to cooking. Once I arrived at Camp Jupiter, when my father decided he couldn't deal with me anymore (great parenting, huh?), I was awakened to the fact that my mum was also Goddess of the this piece of info opened my abilities up to a realm of different tricks. But all I long for is a quest of my own - to prove you don't have to a kid of the Big Three to be a heroine.

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Melissa | 869 comments Name: Cleo Harrison
Parent: Pluto (greek:hades)
Bio: After her mother attacked her (she was possessed by an eidolon) she was locked up in an insane asylum and Cleo was bounced around her various relatives homes. She could never fit in, no matter how hard she tried though, whether it was the ADHD, the dyslexia, seeing strange beasts wherever she went, or the string of accidents that seemed to follow her wherever she went Cleo has never found a place she could truly belong. After being guided to Camp Jupiter by dreams of a strange place full of wolves Cleo thought she would finally be able to find a place she belonged, if only she could get the other demigods to stop looking at her like she would bring destruction upon them all...

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Name: Jordan Blades
Parent: Minerva (Greek: Athena) but doesn't know
Age: 16
Bio: I live with my dad in a small house with my step mum. I don't know my mum, apparently she ran off with another man. So Mary (step mum) is my Mum, at least I call her that. I lived a normal life until Amber showed up in my life.

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Harper Kalen:

"Hey, Harper!" Peter Crest, Son of Bacchus, yelled out as he passed my cohort, on his way to the food hall. "Wanna reap my harvest?!"

The two demigods walking with him guawffed and slapped each other's backs. This wasn't even worthy of an eye-roll. I shot him the finger which only made him crack up harder as he and his buddies ran off. I mean, gees - harvest jokes are so last season. Literally. Not bothering to run after them and plague them with thorny roses, I headed for the Field of Mars to train.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I stared at the rude demigods as they slapped each other and made a queer gasping sound that I suppose was supposed to be laughter. One of them stopped and froze in place, as if sensing something cold. He turned in my direction and went pale, his friends turned to find out what he was looking at and they also paled. I cocked my head and their entire bodies clenched in terror. "We were just teasing her, honest!" Said the leader, he looked so scared he looked like he was going to soil himself and I had to hold back my smile.

I looked away and heard them all sigh in relief, apparently relieved I hadn't sicked a demon dog on them or something. I licked my lips and shrugged my black leather jacket on, glad that I didn't have any duties for the rest of the afternoon.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

I pulled the elastic from my gair with relish and ran a hand through my long golden locks. Apparently my hair was the subject of great envy amongst the girls at school, but I just want it short. Weird thing is, whenever I cut it, it always grew back the next day. That kind of stuff always happens to me but when I raise it with my dad, he always waves it off like it was completely normal.

He says I have my mum's hair. And not like Mary's, my step mum. He was talking about my actual mum, Mineral, or something like that. But I knew who I really called my Mum.

I looked in the mirror, I had my Dad's eyes, bluer than the ocean. He says that Mineral's eyes were stormier and more brilliant than any he'd ever seen. That's when Mary would make some comment on how they were always beautiful, then they'd both sigh like they were remembering something. But I gave up asking, I never got answers.

So I was blonde with blue eyes AKA Automatic Stupid Slut or ASS for short.
But even though I topped every subject, I was still a dumb whore to them. Guys treated me like crap and the girls were barely any better, I'm just glad that I'm moving next year.

Someone knocked at the Front door.
"Jordan, Sweetheart? Can you get that?" Called Mary.
"Yeah Mum."
"Thanks Sweetie."
Still in my uniform, I answered the door, and I opened the door to a life I never knew existed.

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Harper Kalen:

"Ah, Harper." 'Ah's never boded well when it came to the tall, fierce and deathly daughter of Mars, by the name of Ariana. Ariana stared at me with her amber eyes, her muscle-corded arms crossed across her chest, gazing at me with an expression that I knew well.

"I'm here to train," I said, lifting my chin. I wondered if I was making a suitable impression - my flaxen hair braided into a coil on my head, my face devoid of anything frivolous (like makeup) and my plain purple t-shirt clean and freshly pressed. One never knew with Ariana. Her moods changed like the seasons (pardon the reference).

"Train?" Ariana seemed to be trying not to sound condescending, but she was failing. "You?"
"Why not?" I asked, trying not to lose my temper.
"No offence, Harper," Ariana said, staring fearlessly at me. "But perhaps your talents are best employed elsewhere."
"The fields. In New Rome - Terminus might have some odd jobs for you to with the-"

I took a breath and interrupted her. "Ariana, I want to train. I can used knives, swords - the other day, Tristan had me working with a scythe..."
At Tristan's name Ariana's face grew red - with anger. Tristan, Son of Jupiter, was her rival when it came to arms and weaponry. Everyone preferred Tristan. With his looks, easy-going manner and aura of power, he would make a good Praetor some day. And Ariana hated competition. "Then you can wait until he's here to babysit you, Harper! I have better things to do and real demigods to train! No leave."

"Ariana-" I began.
"Leave . I hear the courtyard in New Rome needs a sweeping. Leaves are more up your alley." She smirked and turned on her heel, stomping off over to the targets. I considered disobeying her...but I knew that it wouldn't come to any good if I did. Instead, I sighed and walked off to talk to Terminus.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

I should mention that Mary has a son, her marriage turned out about the same way.
So I opened the door to my half-brother-not-really, Tristan. He goes to some boarding school and isn't home much.
We get along but it's an effort. We have almost nothing in common, he's more athletic while I'm more of a nerd. But of course, I'm a dumb slut of a nerd, as far as my classmates were concerned.
"Tristan!" I exclaimed. "What's up?"
"I need to talk to you." He said. No explanation. Nothing.
"Ok? Sure."
Mary came downstairs, "Tristan!!!!" She enveloped him in a brutal hug.
"Hey Mum, I'm only here a while. I need to talk to Jordan." There was a tone in his voice that she seemed to recognise. "Ok sweetie, do come back soon." She hugged ME strangely and left.
"So," I looked at him, "What do you have to tell me?"


I did not like what he had to tell me. Next thing I knew, I was packed and on the way to some Camp Jupiter, named after Tristan's dad.
"So," I frowned. "Mineral's a goddess?"
Tristan sighed, "Minerva." he corrected. "Minerva, Roman goddess counterpart of Athena. Wisdom and Strategy are her thing."
"That's where I get it!" I exclaimed.
"What, your smarts?"
"No. My reputation as a slut... Mum mum sleeps around. How lovely."
Tristan's face softenned, "Jordan, are you a slut?"
"Then you aren't one, simple as that. Now, let me tell you about Camp, we're due to arrive in ten minutes."

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Harper Kalen:

"Terminus - is Tristan around?" I asked the bust who stood (stood? sat? was? hung out?) outside the boundary to New Rome, his cold marble eyes squinting at me as if I carried fleas. Terminus was an OCD, panicky, finnicky, screechy-sounding talking Roman bust, who was in charge of Camp Jupiter's security and, funnily enough, the allocation of chores.

Terminus arched a white eyebrow. "Tristan? Son of Jupiter?"
"Yes, Terminus. That Tristan." Sarcasm laced my tone. There were no other Tristans in the camp as far as I knew. Terminus was just being his usual prickly self - just my luck.
"No. He's been sent on a recruitment and will not be back until dusk, or later." The bust pursed his lips. "Is that all?"
"Ariana sent me to get a job."

"Any job?" Was it just my imagination or did Terminus look almost gleeful?
"No. Something clean, honourable and painless," I hurried to add. Terminus sighed heavily. "Demigods these days - well, the courtyard needs sweeping..."
"Hmph. The crops need attending to."
I gazed at him with an opened mouth, just gaping. "Are you serious ?! Crops - really?! I did those yesterday!"
"Crops need constant attendance."
"You're such a ...a rock."
"Take that back !"
"I will not! I refuse to be on crop duty!"
"Flower bouquet arranging?" Terminus' tone was snide.
"In your dreams, Terminator."
"The daughters of Venus require a cool breeze for their gathering this evening-"

"Then buy a freaking fan!" I exclaimed, having had enough. "I'm not on seasonal duty, ok? Why can't I just have a real job?!" And I turned on my heel and started to stalk off.
"Where are you going?!" Terminus cried after me.
"To plant a tree!" I snapped.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I sat in the back of the book shop where I worked part time in New Rome, rearranging the poetry section. I know what you're thinking, Romans? Reading? Well don't get your little panties in a bunch, we Romans do enjoy a good book every once in a while (despite the fact that most all of us are dyslexic, we do have a lot of famous works translated into Latin). Though I will admit that most of them are documenting wars and the bloodiest ways to kill your opponent but still wasn't it a good sign that we aren't totally illiterate that there even was a poetry section?

I inhaled a mouthful of dust and had one of those awkward, half inhale, where you wait to see if you'll actually sneeze moments. I turned my head and finally sneezed into my elbow to make sure I didn't get any snot on the books. "You, my darling have one of the daintiest sneezes I have ever had the pleasure of hearing." I clucked my tongue but made no other response to the sudden appearance of the playboy extraordinaire, Nolan, son of Fortuna and all around pain in my ass.

"C'mon you're not still mad at me for the whole 'armory mishap', are you?" I swung around to face him and felt my eyes blaze, "misshap? Is that what you would call it? Because I would call that a. Disaster." I said the word slowly, as if talking to a child who was learning a new word. He held his hands up defensively, "well it wasn't my fault." I turned back around and grumbled under my breath, sure it wasn't his fault. At least it wasn't until I had proof.

"Well Miss Cleopatra, if you would do me the honor of accompanying me-" I cut him off before he could finish, "no, no for so many many reasons. For now I'll just stick with three, number one: Cleopatra was Egyptian, not Roman stupid. Two: My shift isn't over for the rest of the day, and Three, the most important reason of all. Listen carefully to this one, I. Don't. Want. To." He chuckled and I gave myself a mental face palm, knowing he wouldn't stop until I said yes. Or he got in my pants. Whichever came first, he didn't care either way.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

So we arrived at Camp Jupiter. I wanted to go home again.

As far as I could see, people were fighting with swords, shooting arrows at targets or doing crazy things like manipulating water or forging weapons.
Tristan turned to me, I don't think that his smile could have gotten any bigger nor his face more proud. "What do you think?" He asked.
"You know Tristan, I kind of believe what you said on the train, but after seeing this?" I sighed and gestured to the camp. "I know that I don't belong here. I'm just a nerd, I can't do any of that, that's crazy. You don't want to see me in PE. Can you take me home?"
Tristan looked at me, "Jordan, we've never been close but I've always known who you were. Your mum told me to get you-"
"What? She couldn't get me herself?" I interrupted.
He sighed. "No, she's very busy."
"Yes, sleeping around does fill up one's schedule." I muttered sarcastically.
He smiled, "Come on, Jordan! I give you the VIP tour! Soon you'll realize that this IS home." I highly doubted that but he grabbed my wrist and dragged me along. Though I fought, he was much stronger than me and I eventually gave in and let him lead me on.

Now I'm not the most sociable person and I get very nervous around new people, especially when the Venus girls crowded around me, playing with my hair and whispering judgement. Or the Mars kids who looked at my slim and weak physique with disdain, or even the Mercury kids who laughed at my clumsiness.
Tristan, oblivious to my painful experience, led me along with a skip in his step and a shine in his eyes.


Eventually, I met my siblings (to further prove the fact that my mum is a little... adventurous). All treated me with kindness and excitement, and I started to feel accepted, maybe I did belong. That was until Amber showed up.
Tristan told me that Minerva (Mineral) was famous for two main things; wisdom and Battle Strategy/Skill. While, he told me, most of her kids develop skill more dominantly in one, there were those who were expert in both.

For example, Amber McAdans.

She came totting into the group like she owned the place (she probably did, but that's beside the point), saw me and laughed.
"Sorry, but I think you are in the wrong family." then she pointed back to the Venus girls. "Weak and stupid ones are over there."
Once again, people judged me by my appearance, "I'm not stupid." I said. I took a deep breath and raised my chin challengingly.
She rolled her eyes. "Sweetie, you'd have to be a genius to be one of us. Or a good fighter, and let's just say, with those arms, it's unlikely. So are you a fighter or a genius?"
"Ummmmm, well I'm not a genius, but I'm still-"
"There we go." Amber finished, then shoo'd me off condesendingly. "Run along little Venus. Oh sorry, don't run, you might mess up your hair."
Tristan, who was previously occupied then spoke. "Amber, stop being bitchy. She's your sister and legally mine too. So if you have a problem, raise it with me and we could easily settle it in the Arena."
Amber scowled then glared at me. "Welcome to Minerva's family-" She halted. "Who are you?"
"Jordan." I said (it was more of a whisper, I was pretty pathetic). "Jordan Blades."
"Well, Jordan Blades, I look forward to seeing what you can do." She smiled maliciously.
"Come on." Tristan told me, scowling. "There are better places to be and infinitely more to see."

But I felt so humiliated, why would anyone hate me that much? I hadn't even been there a day and I had an enemy. Worse still, that enemy was my sister.

Welcome to Camp? More like Welcome to Hell.

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Harper Kalen:

What was I going to do? A demigod without a role in Camp Jupiter was a demigod with nothing - useless. I decided to head back to my cohort and check on...on my little secret. Well, it wasn't really mine - but that's a really long story.

I happen to be friends with one of the oddest demigods ever - Lucas, Son of Vulcan, who is obsessed with trinkets. Gadgets. Everything that can be put together with gears or pulled apart and it and he's meddled with it. He spends most of his days in the camp forge, making weaponry. Apparently his other pursuits aren't 'useful'.

Doesn't stop him from sneaking around and inventing stuff anyway.

I make it back to my cohort and sneak inside - breathing a sigh of relief when I see it's empty, the bunks all neatly made up. I walk over to my bunk and lean over it...pressing my hand hard against the wall of the cabin, wiggling my index finger into a notch in the wood, and waiting until I heard a low 'click'.

Last summer Lucas had surprised me with one of his invention for my birthday...a mechanical dragon. A gilded creation - which was small enough to curl in the palm of my hand - which gnashed its little teeth and coughed up flames when it decided to. Over time it had grown a little larger, so now it could curl its spiked tail around my neck like a prickly scarf.

Lucas had begged me to keep it a secret, 'lest the Praetors thought he was being frivolous with his talents. So my dragon, which I'd named Pandora, was kept tucked away in my cohort during the day and I only brought it out now and then to watch it yawn and watch me with its azure jewel eyes.

Like now. Stroking the length of its neck I smiled when it growled contentedly low in it throat. Pandora was one of my only friends that understood what it meant to be useless. A mechanical dragon was not apart of Roman life. And sometimes...sometimes I don't think I am either.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I finished up and locked the store, making sure to check in with the owners before leaving. After leaving the store I whistled, summoning my demon dog Deirdre. "Good girl, I hope you weren't too lonely today." I said as I scratched her behind her ears fondly. She whined and leaned against me, her tail wagging.

My stomach rumbled so I decided to get some food from my favorite restaurant in New Rome. They even allowed Deirdre in sometimes. A chill passed over me and I looked around, wondering what would cause it. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary I shrugged it off, chalking it up to paranoia. I was in New Rome and Deirdre was with me, she would sense it if something were about to happen.

Deirdre trotted after me and I only had to call her off the fauns a couple of times. I finally reached Caesar's restaurant and was glad when I noticed it wasn't too crowded.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

The sun was setting and night cloaked the camp with a calming magic. Warriors sheathed their swords, content with the day's train; Smiths cooled their forges and analysed their creations with unbelievable scrutiny. Venus and Minerva children talked like they didn't hate each other, forgetting the quarrels of the day like distant memories; Mars and Jupiter demigods shook hands and laughed merrily in the joy of the other's company.

Tristan and I walked along behind them all, my tour had led us everywhere and I had seen places and creatures that had only previously existed in my dreams.
"Jordan." Tristan said, pulling me out of my thoughts.
"Mmm?" I replied, not really committing to conversation.
"You're new and my mum-"
"OUR mum." I corrected.
He smiled, "Our mum told me that if I don't look after you, she'd kill me."
"She is lovely." I said and we both laughed. "But where is this going?"
"I'd like to train you- don't look at me like that! I need to get you confident in sword combat and at lleast archery soon, you may be chosen for a quest."
But he said that with such doubt that no one would believe it. "What? What's so strange about me going on a quest?"
"You're new."
"That's hardly a legitimate reason."
"You're right, but it is the one I'm giving you." Tristan said, smiling annoyingly. "So, do you want me to train you?"
"Do I actually have a choice because Harry, Ron and Hermione are kind of calling to me right now."
He snorted. "You'd rather read about epicness then actually live it?"
I glared at him, "Yes, because when you read the book, there's no threat of death."
He raised a eyebrow (how do people do that? I definitely can't). "Training starts tomorrow, I'll come get you. But now, we have dinner. Come on, Nerd!"
I laughed and allowed him to joyfully drag me to wherever dinner was held.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

After I had finished eating at Caesar's Deirdre ran off, probably to chase another caladrius. Which was not going to over well with the praetors. Even knowing the potential trouble she was going to cause I let her go, there was little point in trying to reign in a demon dog once it started to chase something. I sighed and watched her go, hoping she didn't get into too much trouble.

I walked down an alley in New Rome, a short cut to my cohort. In the alley I became aware of two people following me. I didn't react in any way, only becoming more alert as they kept pace with me. They sped up, trying to close the distance between us. I let them close the gap, wishing that Terminus hadn't confiscated my brass knuckles.

I stopped when two more people cut of the alley in front of me. "Stop right there you little witch!" I rolled my eyes, "really Don, I had thought that everyone was past that." I crossed my arms as Don, the son of Revenge cornered me. He sneered at me, the scar I had given him was probably the reason for his ambush.

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Melissa | 869 comments @Rachel
Have you read mark of athena yet?

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Sorry if my roleplaying is off, I haven't read past the original Percy Jackson series *guilt*

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Melissa | 869 comments No it's ok I was just wondering cuz in mark of athena one of the characters says that there is no such thing as a child of minerva because she is a virginal goddess. You don't have to change anything I just felt like I needed to point it out.

I like your character btw :)

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Oh, I knew that Minerva was a virgin, I just assumed that she was like Athena and they just appeared XD
I'll make it that only Amber and Jordan exist as her children. Thanks for telling me :)

I really like your character aswell :)

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Melissa | 869 comments Hey thanks :)

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

Don and his henchmen closed in on me, each of them probably planning some special type of torment for me. I recognized each of the others boys vaguely as people I had beaten in combat before. At least I knew why they were helping Don. "I'm surprised you didn't wait until I had left New Rome, then you could have used weapons." I said cooly and tried not to smiled when I saw a couple of the boys jostling each other like they wished they had thought of doing that.

Don scowled, "weapons would leave marks." He replied tersely. I smiled, more like he would be afraid I would beat him with my brass knuckles. I analyzed the situation, I might be able to fend off all four of them but it wouldn't be pretty and they would only try again. The real question was, what could I do that would make them leave me alone once and for all? I smiled cruelly when I found an answer.

"You may not have weapons, but I can summon some." Don paled for a moment before regaining his bravado, "nice try witch, Terminus would never allow weapons inside New Rome." I continued smiling, "allow me to clarify, when I said weapons I really meant warriors." I whistled loudly and hoped Deirdre was done chasing the birds. While they were distracted by my whistle I stepped back into the shadows and concentrated.

Don turned back to me with a triumphant expression on his despicable face. "Nice try witch, you can't fool me. What kind of warriors could someone like you summon." I broke out in a sweat but did succeed in opening the gateway. I tsked at him, "I am a daughter of Pluto, what kind of warriors do you think I can summon?" I said just as five skeletal warriors marched out of the shadows.

I hoped Terminus would cut me some slack later for summoning warriors inside New Rome. Don looked nervous, obviously not liking the new odds. "Well no matter how many of those skeletons you summon we can beat them, how tough can they be without weapons?" His buddies were looking at each other, as if questioning each other to see why they were here.

My warriors walked in front of me in a semi circle so that they were between me and my would be attackers. One of the boys looked as if any moment he was going to soil his pants and I had to laugh when Deirdre came bounding down the alley towards us, all of the boys fleeing except Don. He stood with his fists clenched and an expression of extreme fury on his face as Deirdre growled at him. "Cowards." He muttered. I cocked my head at him, "so Don are you gonna run off with your tail between your legs, vowing unspeakable revenge on me? Or are you gonna take on five skeletal warriors, a demon dog, and me?" He looked at me with unbridled hatred and slowly walked down the alley, never once breaking me gaze until he turned a corner and disappeared from view.

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Melissa | 869 comments ((Hamza how old is your character?))

Cleo Harrison

I jumped when I heard a shriek coming from the end of the alley. I turned, thinking maybe Don had rallied his buddies and were coming back to start something. It was only a boy though and he came running towards me with a huge smile on his face. "Pretty doggie! I wanna pet him!" I looked at the boy strangely, not many people would say that about a demon dog.

"I'm sorry, but Deirdre doesn't like it when people pet her. Please don't try, I don't want her to bite you." The boy looked like he was going to start crying and I tried to get him to calm down by letting him play with the skeletal warriors. He immediately perked up and started poking and prodding them. I winced but didn't stop him, glad at least they didn't see him as a threat or else he would have been toast.

After a moment he got bored and started edging closer to Deirdre. I gently grabbed his hand and started walking out of the alley while allowing the warriors to go back to the Underworld. The boy's eyes flashed when I started leading him away from Deirdre but I didn't pay it much attention. "Why don't we go this way, I heard there was an event in the plaza today." I jerked my head at Deirdre and she shot the opposite direction we were going. Something about this boy unsettled her so I figured keeping him away from her was a good idea.

"I'm Cleo, what's your name?" I asked the boy as I lead him through New Rome and towards the plaza.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

New Rome was amazing. Tristan and I walked through it hopefully heading towards some kind of food stand or restaurant.
Suddenly a gi

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments *Stupid phone*
Jordan Blades

New Rome was amazing. Tristan and I walked through it hopefully heading towards some kind of food stand or restaurant.
Suddenly a girl came into view, she was leading a boy through the city.
"I can introduce you to Cleo, daughter of Pluto." Tristan smiled.
"Who's that?" I pointed to the boy.
"A strange kid."
And we made our way over.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I felt bad for the boy and smiled at him, even though I was confused as to what had just happened. I was just about to ask him what he was sorry for when Tristan walked up with a girl who looked part awed and part miserable. "Hey Cleo, this is my step sister Jordan. She is a daughter of Minerva." I nodded my head at them both, "so you're showing her around New Rome? We were headed to the plaza, I heard there was some kind of event there today. Do you want to come?"

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Harper Kalen:

I was heading out of my cohort to the food hall, hoping to get there early and grab a seat out of the way, when Ariana stalked up to me and shoved a scroll in my face.

"Ah, hi to you too," I said, taking it from her.
She narrowed her eyes at me. "Give it to Tristan."
"Gees, you're in a jolly mood. It'll have to wait though - he's not in camp."
"He just got back." Ariana gave a smug, superior smile that made my blood boil. She was a locust - plaguing my day from dawn to dusk. "It's his recruitment trip form. He needs to fill in the details of the trip and state whether he successfully recruited the demigod or not - be sure to mention he needs to hand it in to the Praetor ASAP."
"Got it," I said, moving past her.
"Wait." She held out an arm, stopping me. "Also mention that he's on the training roster for tomorrow at dawn."

I paused, considering it. "The same shift as you? What know, I'd say it was a surprise but it isn't."
Ariana poked a finger at my chest, glaring down at me. "Listen here, Wheat Girl. I say. You do. I'm giving your day a purpose it would normally lack, so get going and shut up. Ok?"

I swatted her hand away, peeved. "Of course, Ariana. I'll also be sure to mention to Tristan that your temper hasn't sweetened in the past 24 hours."
"Like he'd listen to you," came the reply. I cringed. That was most likely true. No one ever did. "Now get going. And don't bother to turn up to training tomorrow morning. Tristan'll have his hands full and I'm way too busy to train with the likes of you."

She gave a tight smile and left me. Great. Now I was Messenger Girl to a girl who could have been Medusa's twin sister. If looks could kill...I'd be dead. Sighing, I turned the scroll over in my hands and set off to hunt down the elusive Tristan.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

"Sounds cool." Tristan said. I had kind of gone quiet in the presence of the two new demigods. Like I said, I'm pretty shy and these people were so confident.

It reminded me of my sister Amber, but at least these people were nice, which is more than I can say for Amber.

During the walk, Tristan would point to buildings or places and tell me stories about them. I had to admit, the place was cool.

"And then I was like-"
Tristan was in the middle of telling me something about a strange stand when someone called out from behind us, "Tristan!"
"You were like, 'Tristan'?" I asked, laughing.
He laughed and turned to face a girl about my age, undoubtably a demigod too. "Harper." He said in surprise. "How are you?"
"I'm good." The other girl said. "Ariana told me to give you this." She handed a scroll.
He groaned, "I hate paperwork!"
I laughed and he turned to me. "Oh, Harper, this is my step sister."
"Jordan Blades." I introduced myself. "Apparently, I'm the daughter of Minerva, but I really couldn't believe it."

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

"Ok," I said backing up, I had already surpassed my quota of weirdness for the day. "I'm hoing home."
Tristan drew his swor- Wait. He has a sword?
Cleo drew hers to.
"Harper, could you look after Jordan until we get back?"
He didn't wait for an answer as barrelled into the woods with Cleo close behind.

I looked at Harper. "Why aren't you running off to fight?"
She sighed and crossed her arms. "According to them, I'm not useful in battle. Not really useful at all."
"I hear you. I just met my sister, Amber McAdans."
She winced sympathetically, "She isn't the nicest girl on the block."
"Well, definitely not to me. She would have chopped off my head if Tristan weren't there."
"Yeah, he has a knack for that."
We stood there in a comfortable silence, both happy to have the company of someone who wasn't an outright legend.

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Harper Kalen:

I smiled at Jordan. "I'm Harper - daughter of the esteemed Goddess of Wheat-products."
Jordan raised an eyebrow. "Sounds fun."
"Oh it is. I can summon shitloads of snow and can keep trees evergreen, but I can't even make a decent piece of toast. Which," I hastily added before I looked like an idiot, "is not the point. Ariana said to tell you, Tristan, that you need to give those in to the Praetor as soon as you can."

Tristan nodded and I bit my lip, wanting to hang around but not wanting to be a pest. The gods only knew that everyone else thought I was one - I didn't want to alienate one of the few people who treated me with decency. "So...I guess I'll see you guys later, then."
Jordan nodded and smiled at me. "Sure."
Tristan was already immersed in the scroll. "Bye, Tristan," I said.
"Hmm? Oh, bye Harper."

Boys. Honestly. I waved to Jordan and headed off to the food hall. I sincerely hoped that Pandora was behaving and not getting up no good in my cohort whilst I was out. Jordan was lucky to have a brother like Tristan - and even luckier to be a daughter of Minerva.

Wisdom vs Wheat. No contest.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

Tristan had gone. Harper had gone. Caligula turned into something and ran off. Cleo followed him.

So I stood alone. Awkward, Uncomfortable. Very much alone.

When I thought that I couldn't get any more uncomfortable, I heard Amber's voice drawl behind me. "Gordon!" She laughed, saying my name wrong on purpose. "What are you doing all alone? Did Tristan get bored of you already?"
I felt my heart shrink as my half-sister approached. I saw the daggers in her belt, they were not very nice. "Uh- I-I was just waiting for him to get back. He went to go do something."
Amber clasped her hands together. "I can't leave you alone like this!"
"Oh yes you can. I'm quite content." I stammered.
"I'm quite content." She mimicked. "Listen my little Venus of a sister, you're weak and pathetic. But let's see if I'm wrong."

She grabbed my arm and dragged me to what looked like an arena. She tossed me a sword, I flinched as it fell on the group by my feet.
Amber laughed, "This will be fun."
I picked up the sword, it was heavy and awkward and I didn't like it. I looked down at my skinny jeans and tank top then up at her armor, "I don't think this is fair." I said.
She lunged and cut my arm, a light cut but it hurt all the same. "OW!"
"Life isn't fair, Princess. Get used to it."
She lunged again and I tried to block but she twisted around and cut my jeans open and blood began to stain them.

Eventually she had injured me so much that I collapsed in exhaustion.
The last thing I heard was her cackle as she walked away.

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Harper Kalen:

Following the path past the arena, I almost collided with Amber - who, when it came to attitude, could have been Ariana's twin. Amber shot me a disgusted look, muttered, "Freak!" and took off. I looked past her and gritted my teeth when I saw the new girl, Jordan, lying breathless on the arena floor, groaning.

I hurried down the steps and walked over to her - snatching up a water bottle from the table by the weapon's rack on the way. I crouched down and offered her the bottle. "Rough day?" I asked, gesturing to her arm where a cut was oozing blood.

She winced and sat up, taking the water bottle and drawing a sip - staring off after where Amber had disappeared. "I've had better."
I shook my head and sighed. "Tristan shouldn't leave you alone. These demigods are brutal."
"Tell me about it," she muttered.
"They're all about competition and hierarchy. You have to prove your worth." I smiled sadly. "I have yet to do that. Hence, I am the social equivalent of a leper."

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

"If being powerful means that you act like that." I panted. "I'd want to be at the bottom with the non-violent sisters and friends. Amber can keep Mineral to herself."
Harper raised an eyebrow, "Mineral? I don't think that your mum will like that."
I waved it off dismissively and we began walking. It hurt, but it wasn't so bad now. "She hasn't killed me yet, maybe she likes it."
"I doubt it." Harper laughed.
I shrugged, "I don't know if I'm actually her daughter."
"Oh you are, you look exactly like her."
"Yay." I said unenthusiastically. Then my stomache grumbled. "I haven't eaten all day."
Harper laughed, "Come on.We'll go get something."
We were about to head off when Tristan appeared. He took one look at my messed up and bloody state and, I swear, nearly exploded.

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Harper Kalen:

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Tristan yelled, grabbing Jordan by her upper arms and turning her this way and that, checking for more injuries.
Jordan tugged herself out of his grip and pulled a face. "Gosh, Tristan - just a little training gone wrong."
Tristan huffed, crossing his arms over his impressive chest. "I'd say that's a whole lot more than wrong, sis. You need to get patched up."
"I'm ok. I was just hanging out with Harper."

Tristan's gaze flickered to me. "Thanks, Harper. I'm sorry I wasn't here, but I had a few things to take care of."
I waved a hand. "No problems."
Jordan turned to me. "Is there somewhere I can get something to eat? I'm starving!"
"There's the food hall."
"Great! Show me the way."

Tristan looked uncomfortable. I took a deep breath and said, "Ah, Jordan, maybe Tristan can show you where it is."
Jordan frowned at me. "Why?"
"Ah..." I swallowed. "Here, we sit according to...well we sit in allocated groups." I wouldn't show any emotion. I wouldn't let the stupid system get to me. "You can sit with Tristan."
Jordan looked at Tristan. "This is so stupid. You can't be serious - this is like some kind of freaking hierarchy! What's next? Animal sacrifices?!"

Tristan shook his head. "Don't, Jordan. It's just the way it is."
I wish I could have answered her. Instead I faked a smile and said, "I guess I better be going. It was nice meeting you, Jordan - watch out for Ambers, ok?" I walked past Tristan and headed for the food hall, thinking over Jordan's comments. This place really needed a change. Either that, or I needed to get out of here.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Jordan Blades

A seeting plan? How ridiculous was that?

"I'm the daughter of Mineral," I said, "Why I get to sit with the Important Ones? I'd much rather sit with Harper."
"So what? You don't like my company anymore?" Tristan gave me an injured look.
"It's not that," I said sadly. "I just hate inequality and it seems so primitive to divide people according to power and worth."
Tristan was about to answer when he saw that my cuts began to go a dark shade of green. "Who did you fight, Jordan?"
"Oh, it was just some sisterly jousting. Nothing dangerous." I said but,I had to force the indifference in my voice.
"Sisterly jousts don't usually include poisoned weapons."
"And these are the worthy people in the Camp? The ones who poison their siblings?!?!?" I exclaimed, exasperated.
"We'll talk about this later." Tristan said through gritted teeth. "You need to get to the Healers."
"No!" I stood my ground. "How come Bitches like her are held higher than more deserving people like Harper?"
"I don't have time for this. Sis, you need to get healed. Now!"
He literally lifted me and hung me on his shoulders, like Shrek does to Fiona.
I slapped his back in protest but he just kept walking. Eventually I gave up. "You suck, did you know that?"
I heard him laugh but I couldn't see it. "Yeah, but I'm just being a brother."
"Brotjers suck. Mineral sucks. The gods just suck!"
There was a crack of thunder.
"My dad didn't like that." Tristan commented, but really didn't seem fussed.
"I don't care." I muttered.
Tristan laughed again. "Jordan, you're funny."
"Shut up and walk, God boy." I replied, slouched over his shoulder like a miserable rag doll.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I hissed in pain as Caligula whipped something at me and sliced my arm. I knew he said I shouldn't follow him but then he started crying, and you don't just leave someone who's crying. Having so many half siblings I knew that first hand, you can't just look the other way when someone is in pain. At least I can't. Maybe the social queens of Camp Jupiter can, the people like Amber and Ariana.

I chased Caligula as he tore a destructive path through New Rome, he was speeding up and I wasn't able to keep up. I knew I would lose sight of him soon so I needed to do something to calm him down fast. I got an idea that would at least stop him from running through the city, I just prayed that Deirdre would forgive me.

I whistled loudly, causing Caligula to stop abruptly and turn towards me. His eyes were purple and his hair which had just been a dark black was now almost pure white. I tried to smile and I also sheathed my sword, hoping he wouldn't attack me just yet. His eyes flashed and he growled at me, taking a few steps forward. I remained where I was, hoping that if I didn't act like someone who wanted to fight he wouldn't attack me.

He kept walking towards me, but I took that as a good sign. It meant it wasn't running at me. Hurry Deirdre I thought as I fought against my instincts that were screaming at me to run.

Just as I was about to give up and start running Deirdre ran up to me, skidding to an awkward stop when she saw Caligula. I breathed a sigh of relief and put on a smile. "You remember Deirdre, don't you?" Caligula stopped and his expression changed, he stopped growling and started smiling. "Pretty doggy!" I continued smiling, struggling to keep it on my face. "Well if you're really gentle I bet she'll let you pet her." I shot her a look and hoped she would be calm enough to let him pet her.

I took his hand and gently guided it towards her neck, "there like that, don't be too rough ok?"

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I looked at Caligula sadly, I didn't think anyone could fake the kind of sadness that radiated off of him as he told me his story. My mind snagged on something and I swallowed. "You said you need a way to transfer souls?" He looked at me and nodded, looking uncertain. "I might be able to help you with that, there's a legend among the children of Pluto. I would need some time to research and maybe even talk with some of the dead..... But I think I can help you." I said slowly.

Caligula looked at me so hopefully that I felt a twinge in my chest. I didn't want to get his hopes up, and I didn't think I'd be able to face him if I couldn't help but I really really wanted to help. Especially if it meant he could live a normal life, or as normal a life as a demigod can have.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I sat cross legged on my bunk at my cohort, surrounded by ancient texts and the musty smell of unused scrolls. I sighed and closed another book. I had been at this for hours and was getting nowhere fast. I needed a break. I carefully collected everything off my bunk and stacked it on the table. I wasn't worried about anyone trying something with them, as far as the rest of my cohort was concerned if a book didn't tell you new ways to maim someone it wasn't worth it.

I stretched and yawned, wondering what time it was. A thought came to me and I laughed, after everything that had happened I still had never gotten to see what was happening in the plaza. Oh well, it was probably something gorey and bloody. After weighing my options I decided to go do some solo training for some exercise. It would be good to give my brain a break.

On my way to the training area I noticed Harper wandering around aimlessly. I looked at her curiously, we had never really talked before other than brief nods or greetings. I wondered why she looked so purposeless.

"Harper!" I called to her and she jumped a little when she saw me. "Oh, hi Cleo." She swallowed nervously like she was expecting someone to come and yell at her for talking to me. I frowned, "is something wrong?" I asked as I got closer to her. She pressed her lips together in a flat line and shook her head back and forth jerkily. "Nope, right as rain. Ha, rain. Get it?" I continued to frown, was this really the kind of person she was? I had seen her look longingly at demigods as they went to and from training.

An idea came to me and I wondered if she would go for it. "Harper.... Would you like to come train with me?" I asked curiously, wondering if she would actually say yes. "You don't have to if you don't want to, it just seemed like you never train so I wondered...." I trailed off and shook my head, feeling stupid. She was a daughter of Ceres, she probably had no interest in training anyway.

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Harper Kalen:

"Really?" I tried not to sound too desperate, but secretly I just wanted to fling my arms around this girl and hug her. No one had ever thought that the Daughter of the Wonderwhite Goddess would need, or want, to train - to be apart of camp life.

"Really," she said, smiling nicely. "Come on - we still have half an hour before dinner anyway." I nodded, falling into step beside her - silently promising myself that I would prove myself to be more than just a directionless demigod. No; I was the daughter of a goddess, and it was time I started acting like it.

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I was gulping air and doubled over, laughing. "Stop! Stop!" I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Harper stopped the drills I had set up for her and looked at me ruefully. "Maybe we should try something a little more basic. You're a beginner, we'll start with some basic swords movements ok?" I demonstrated what I wanted her to do and adjusted her form as needed. I helped her practice and threw out encouragement and pointers when she looked upset.

Harper's face was burning with embarrassment by the time we were finished. She was walking with a hitch and I felt bad, she must have been really sore. I hoped I hadn't worked her too hard. "Hey don't sweat it ok? You actually did really well for a beginner, those techniques go beyond instinct which makes them hard to learn." Harper opened her mouth to respond but before she got a chance Ariana stomped up to us and made to grab Harper. I blocked her and glared, "what is your problem?" Her eyes blazed, "what do you think you are doing? Don't you have enough to do that you shouldn't be wasting your time play fighting with Wheat Girl?"

Harper and I both scowled at Ariana. "When you're praetor you can decide what I should do with my time. Oh wait, you'll never be praetor. Not with Terminus out to get you." Ariana's face turned red, "well whatever, train little Miss Corn field all you like ya freak. She's nothing but a liability and when she's the one watching your back don't be surprised to find a knife sticking out of it."

I narrowed my eyes and cracked my knuckles, smiling derangedly. "And why do you care?" I asked darkly. Harper looked at me, startled. Ariana took a step back, her eyes wide. "I-I don't, one less freak to deal with." She said with false bravado. She stumbled away and I snickered at her back.

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Harper Kalen:

My cheeks were burning hotter than the underside of a pancake - Ariana was such a joykill. I was actually enjoying going through the drills with Cleo, which were similar to the stuff Tristan usually tried to go through with me before Ariana always interrupted and started (what I like to call) her 'bitchy yet flirtatious' analysis of his own fighting form. But the appearance of Ariana soured my mood.

"Don't mind her," Cleo said when Ariana had stumbled away, probably to torture a harmless kitten or something.
I stared at the wooden sword in my hands. "She's right, you know. I am practically useless, unless you want your crops flourishing, winter to come a little quicker or for the snow to last a little longer. I'm not exactly your 'demigod warrior maiden' type."
Cleo tilted her head, narrowing her eyes at me. "Your powers are more important than you think. Ceres is quite the warrior goddess."

I winced, remembering a few of the 'gees your mum is terrifying' stories. One was about Triopas, king of the Thessalians, who, in trying to roof his own house, tore down the temple of Ceres built by the men of old. When hunger was brought on him by Ceres for this deed, he could never afterward be satisfied by any amount of food. Last of all, toward the end of his life, when a snake was sent to plague him, he suffered many ills, and at last winning death, was put among the stars by the will of Ceres. And so the snake, coiling round him, still seems to inflict deserved and everlasting punishment. In some versions of the tale, he ate himself...that's how hungry he was.

Nice, I know.

"My mother is pretty powerful," I agreed, trying not to feel a surge of jealousy towards the flawless goddess who had 'had relations with a human' in order to bring forth such a mess as myself. "But I'm nothing like her. Or my quarter-sister Persephone."
"Quarter?" Cleo asked, looking a little confused.
"Technically she's my half sister 'cause we only share the same mother. But Persephone is actually the daughter of Demeter, Ceres' Greek form..."
"Ah. I see." Cleo gestured to the sword I had hanging by my side. "I know you have no confidence in yourself - and it can't help with people like Ariana putting you down. But you can prove yourself. I'm more than willing to train with you if you like."

I gave a sad smile. "Thanks...but I know I'll never be good enough to earn a quest."
Cleo smirked. "Ariana's never gotten one."
"I know!" Cleo laughed along with me. "She's so stuck up, but really she's no more closer to being Praetor than the horses in the stables are."

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Melissa | 869 comments ((Who are the praetors anyway? Like are they made up characters or are Jason and Reyna praetors or....?))

Cleo Harrison

I hung out with Harper for a while longer, just talking and laughing. She was a great girl, and I knew she would be a fierce warrior in time. It was a shame, if only someone had bothered to teach her before now she could be well on her way to being praetor. I shook my head out of mentor mode and waved goodbye to her as she left to go seek out some better equipped armor.

I stood for a moment, wondering what to do. It was too soon to go back to my cohort and continue researching and I had just been training, I chewed my lip indecisively. "Well if it isn't Miss Cleopatra." Nolan said in what was supposed to be a charming way. I silently cursed the gods, well mostly his mother for him being here just as I had nothing to do. My mind raced as I tried to think up an excuse for being somewhere else.

"I told you, my name is NOT Cleopatra!" I said crossly, turning towards him. He was smirking in a way that made me want to punch his stupid handsome face. "Well is seems to me that you have no plans as of now and I was hoping you would accompany me to-" Not being able to think up an excuse I gave up trying, "no." I said bluntly. He seemed shocked that I hadn't even let him finish his proposal before turning him down but I really wasn't in the mood to endure more painfully flirtatious conversations with him.

I simply turned and walked away, barely looking over my shoulder to say "bye". I grimaced when his footsteps followed me. "Well what a coincidence! I was walking this way too." He said, semi-smoothly. I immediately turned in the opposite direction, wanting to get away from him. He too switched his path and continued following me and I finally turned on him, "what is your problem! Stop following me around like a love-sick puppy for crying out loud, don't you have any self-respect?" I spat at him, hoping he would finally leave me alone.

He looked hurt for a moment before regaining what I had deemed his 'heart-breaker' face. "I simply forgot that I had to come this way." He said and for a second I actually believed him, but my eyes narrowed and I felt the ground beneath him quiver. Sometimes it was handy having that particular power of Pluto, I was like a human lie detector at times.

"Nice try pretty boy, but I'm not buying. Why are you even following me around? It's not like I'm all that pretty or anything, just go back to chasing Venus girls." I said matter-of-factly. His eyes narrowed and I wish I hadn't said anything about my looks because of course that's what he would take out of that whole sentence. His face took on a knowing expression, like he had finally figured something out.

"So that's why you deny my advances, you needn't worry about anything of that sort. You are beautiful! Your eyes are like two polished emeralds, your hair like a curtain of the night sky itself! Your delicate nose and cheekbones compliment your face quite nicely and-" I clenched my fists and felt like screaming but settled for cutting him off. "Look I don't care what I look like to you ok? My point is I AM NOT INTERESTED go chase some other girl's skirt because if you talk to me and try to ask me out again you'll get nothing but a taste of my brass knuckles!"

He didn't even seem to look wounded like I had expected him too, he only smiled at me like it was a matter of time. Thankfully my sanity was saved by a daughter of Venus who just so happened to be walking by, "Nolan! There you are! My sisters and I have missed you lately, you haven't come around any of our cohorts lately." She pouted and grabbed onto his arm. He looked between us uncomfortably and tried to untangle the life-sized barbie from his arm. "Uh, Bethany I'm sorry I've just been... Preoccupied." He swallowed as he said preoccupied and the Venus girl, Bethany looked over at me and glared daggers.

Nolan sent me a pleading look and I shrugged, none of this was my problem. Never mind that something about Bethany just begged me to slap the triumphant expression off her face. I heard a squeal and turned to look as a group of girls rushed up and swarmed around Nolan. They all started chattering at once, asking where he had been recently, why he hadn't come around, and of he would come around later. He answered all of their questions with ease whilst I looked on in disgust.

Somehow he got them all to leave after promising to come around to their cohorts soon. Even Bethany left and I figured he was probably using some of his demigod powers on them. He stood there quietly, conflicted emotions showing on his face. I tried to back away slowly while he was thinking but only got a few steps before his gaze snapped to me. My breath caught, his expression was so different than it usually was. He looked so vulnerable and childish but that quickly vanished. Quickly enough to make me question that it was even there.

He cleared his throat, "You said I shouldn't ask you out anymore so I wont' but can I thank you?" I frowned, taken aback "thank me? For what?" I asked, still slightly suspicious that this was a ploy. "For leading me here." I continued to frown, sifting through memories. "What do you mean?" I asked, still thinking back.

He smiled in a self depreciating way. "Of course you don't remember, even back then you were a complete badass. But I remember clearly. It was a long time ago, I was in a bad place. Still living with my dad," He swallowed. "I don't think Mom ever told him who she was so when she left it shocked him really bad. I think he blamed me for her leaving so home... Wasn't a good place. But one day while I was at school I saw you standing near the fence, holding a dagger. You looked like you were concentrating really hard and I... wasn't exactly the nicest guy so I tried to take your dagger, of course I didn't think it was real. I thought it was a toy of some sort. But when I tried to grab it you grabbed my hand and twisted it behind me. You murmured 'he's the one' and that was the last thing I remembered before waking up in New Rome." His cheeks were pink as he recounted his memory.

I stared at him, I remembered that now. I had a sort of demi-god radar so when I was younger and sometimes even now I would go out on recruiting missions. Of course I didn't really give them a choice, I just used a shadow portal to transport them to New Rome. If the demi-god didn't like it here then they were free to leave at any time and would be escorted home. Not many demi-gods left once they got here though.

He swallowed and continued speaking, "I didn't know until recently that you were the girl who brought me here." His cheeks warmed again, "I've always had a little crush on you. You were the one who brought me here, and I watched you before we started talking," I almost snorted, 'talking' wasn't exactly what I would call it. "I've seen you fight and play with children and help people and I just think you're an amazing person. At first I just wanted to repay you but now, I think i might really-" My eyes widened, this was sounding dangerously close to a love confession and that wasn't something I was ready for.

I looked at my wrist, pretending to look at the time and exclaimed, "wow! Look at the time, well I gotta go!" Nolan looked hurt that I hadn't let him finish but I didn't really care. I ran to the nearest shadow and dropped into it, finally able to get away from the persistent boy.

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(A praetor is a Roman commander of an army in the time of Ancient Rome. There can only be two praetors per legion that act as the leaders in all of the legion's affairs, including battles. )

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Melissa | 869 comments (I know that but who are they? Who are the characters that are the praetors?)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Melissa wrote: "(I know that but who are they? Who are the characters that are the praetors?)"

(Sorry! The praetors are Reyna and Jason - but I'm thinking, in this roleplay, to have like a 'pre praetor' position (like a line of succession). So demigods like Ariana are vying to get chosen as a 'pre praetor', as such, as this means that when either Reyna or Jason serves their time, falls in battle or steps down, they will rise up to fill the vacant position.)

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Melissa | 869 comments (Ok, just wondering... Is this before or after they find out about Greek demi-gods?)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Melissa wrote: "(Ok, just wondering... Is this before or after they find out about Greek demi-gods?)"

(Before. That way we can get our demigods on a quest (perhaps they meet the Greek ones along the way))

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(click on the pic for larger image)

Map of Camp Jupiter (from Rick Riordan's website)

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Melissa | 869 comments Cleo Harrison

I wandered around in the in-between space of the Underworld for a while, not quite ready to go back to Camp Jupiter and face anyone yet. I was confused to say the least. I had known Nolan for a long time, it didn't make sense that he was just know realizing that I had been the one to bring him here. And what was with his story? He made me out to be some child-hero out on a quest to bring back demi-gods from the clutches of monsters and bad homes.

I sighed and felt like a coward, hiding in the Underworld just to get away from a boy. I was a Roman I shouldn't be hiding, I should be back at Camp and kicking butt. I opened the portal and stepped through, expecting to come through in a quiet part of New Rome. Which I did... for the most part. Everything was rather quiet, because everyone was staring opened mouthed as Caligula walked down the street covered in paint and followed by an army of colorful creatures.

I tried to make a sound but failed, succeeding in only becoming more dumbfounded. "What-?" I finally choked out and Caligula turned and waved at me excitedly.

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Harper Kalen:

Dinner was least, at my table it was. And that was probably because it was empty.

Ceres had few children - she was probably too busy observing the seasons, fixing crops or hearing out pissed off farmers. I was the only Ceres child at the camp at the moment, which sucked 'cause that meant I received all the 'we save these grunt chores for Ceres kids' jobs. Bright side? I got to share my table with Me, Myself and I.

Picking at my dinner, I glanced around - watching the other demigods laugh and drink, eating from their starter dishes (salads and an accompaniment of grilled fish) and that evening's main course of cooked meat and vegetables. Watered wine was passed around by serving fauns and warm cleaning cloths by another set.

I noticed Tristan was sitting with his sister. I watched as he leaned forward and said something to a demigod across from him, who laughed and was quick to reply. Ariana sat one person down from Tristan, smiling in a way that made me wish her wine was bitter as wormwood. Resigning myself to solitude, I swallowed a final forkful of meat and took a sip of wine - getting up from my table and heading out of the food hall.

I needed some air.

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I sat on a bench outside the Pluto shrine, hoping that my dad might just give me a little extra help. I wasn't counting on it though, Pluto wasn't exactly known for his fatherly actions. I had an ancient tome sitting on my lap and two cages in front of me on the ground. Since I was working though dinner I nibbled on a pop-tart as I read and reread the passage which gave the most detailed account of soul-transfer.

After making a final check to make sure I didn't get anything wrong or misread anything I finally got up, set my pop-tart down and poked the cages. I felt a little bad about testing on animals, but I figured this was the only way I could make sure I didn't mess up when I helped Caligula. The squirrel scampered around in circles and the frog started hopping around when I prodded the cages.

I closed my eyes and concentrated, waiting until I could sense the souls of my animals. I breathed in and started tugging the souls away from their bodies. Sweat ran down my neck and I was glad that I had clipped it up. I continued tugging on the souls which was hard work as they didn't want to comply with me. I kept at it for what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes. I almost lost my concentration when the souls finally came loose. They shot out of their bodies like those plastic bags that split apart and fling their contents every which way.

I gently guided the souls into which body I wanted each to go to but something went wrong. My concentration snapped and I lost my sense of the souls. My eyes opened and I quickly checked to see that I hadn't killed either animal. The frog's body was slumped but it seemed to be breathing but the squirrel was acting oddly. Its tail was twitching erratically and it was hopping around on its hind legs.

"Oh dear." I said exhaustedly when I figured out what had happened. I closed my eyes again so I could sense the souls and sighed when I confirmed my suspicions. I had successfully transferred the frog's soul into the squirrel but the squirrel's soul had gone back to its own body. Which meant two souls were trying to inhabit the same tiny body.... Not good.

I wiped the sweat off my brow and repeated the entire process, this time tugging on only the frog's soul. It was even more draining the second time than it was the first but at least I got the animal's souls back in their original bodies. I was gulping air by the time I was finished, sweat was dripping down my face and arms. I sighed, that couldn't happen when it came time to move Caligula's brothers. I would have to study the tome more, maybe their was something I had missed.

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