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Tia | 10 comments has anyone read this book yet?

Marsha | 3 comments I have not..looking forward to it tho.

Keiki Hendrix | 2 comments I just started it yesterday. I've read where Erin Healy adds a 'woman's insight' to this story. So far I find it to be true. Can't wait to finish it.

Cassandra | 1 comments Yei finished it,and i think there should be a sequel to this book.

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Theo (HUGHES555) | 18 comments They are writing a new book together that should be coming out in jan 2010 it is called "burn". Everyone that went to the gathering this year got a ARC of the book.(I wish I had one)

And Kiss was a very good book I dont think there should be a sequel because it would take away from the book. And how much more trouble can she get into.

Alice (Alice_Anne) | 7 comments luv Kiss, the twists in the book made me read it in like two days. sad though that Burn wasnt as good

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