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๖ۣۜSilverlight Name:
(family, friends, etc.,)
Defining feature:(Angels- glowing aura, pale complexion, light hair, or small groups of feathers behind their ears) (Demons- dark hair, strange/bicolored eyes, pointed ears, small horns, or small useless bag wings) (mortals- do not fill out)

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Ash (ClosertoLove) Name: Sven Olegushka
Age: 25
Gender: male
Race: mortal

Sven is rather tall for his people and has a strong build
Eye color: the vibrant light green of new maple leaves in the spring, they're so bright and clear one might even go as far as to call them pellucid
Skin Color: the palest of ivories
Hair Color: dark chocolate

Personality: Sven very scrupulous, honest to the point where he has never lied once in his life. He's an old soul - wise beyond his years - yet still retaining the quick wit of youth. He's a serious character, who shy's around strangers and tends to keep himself out of the way. Within a few minutes of meeting him one will come to realize that behind his quiet personality is an expansive intellect, one that he wields with modesty to stay out of trouble.

Relationships: he has a darling younger sister

History: He stole his sister away from her parents at 15 because they were the type would beat a crying baby. Even since then he's raised her on his own, keeping her in the dark about her parents and his past.

Sven also is gifted with special powers. He is able to travel through time and dimensions freely and he is also able to touch any object or human and see it's past.

Other: He loves to write and keeps a journal on his person at all times

๖ۣۜSilverlight History/Defining Feature?

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Piper Kiseki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Piper is a natural born leader. She's strong willed and refuses to back down, especially when it comes to protecting the people she cares about. She's always worried her about her friends. She hate mortals because of how rude they are to her kind. Being a demon, she was misunderstood. She is very intelligent and analytical. Some people find her seriousness annoying, but that's only because they haven't seen her crazy side. Around her friends, she's a very happy, fun, agreeable person.
History: Piper grew up in the Castle. She wasn't royalty, but she lived there as he daughter of a servant. She wasn't very close to the royal family, but she watched them all the time. She knew about the existence of the worlds. They were a common legend, bedtime stories told to children to fuel their imaginations. Piper wanted to know more. She listened in to official meetings. When she turned ten, her existence was discovered. You see, the servants weren't supposed to have children. So, Piper was kicked out. She stays in the attic of the tavern and works their for food.
Relationships: Open
Defining feature: Demon- Small useless bat wings.

Name: Zachary Yoru
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Zachary is a respectful young man. He would never go against the will of his elders. He's unusually obedient for a teenage boy, and he's very chivalrous. It's kind of annoying how respectfully he treats women but its hard to complain. When's he's with his friends, he's like any other guy. He isn't the brightest or the strongest, but he's a good guy.
History: Not much to tell. He was raised by both his parents, he attended school, he made friends, and he thinks the other worlds are a myth.
Relationships: Open
Defining feature:Angel- glowing aura
Other: Eh... Not my best... I may fix him later...

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Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Name: Angelo Mico
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Other Details:
Angelo has pearly white skin that would be translucent under any other cercumstances. There is a slight pink tone to his skin, mostly at his nose and cheeks.
He is quite handsome, but he looks sick. Droopy good eyes, dark bags, a frown or scowl almost always on his mouth. But when he smiles, it's breathtaking.
He is tall and lanky. He is around 6'8, but only weighs 140 lbs. His fingers are long and spinndled like spider's, or like a skilled pianist. He wears very formal attire, making him seem like even more mysterious and elegant. His movements are fluid and swift, like water.
Personality: For Angelo, what you see is what you get. He is a ghostly, mysterious person. He does not enjoy contact with others, and tries to avoid it.
But, if you do meet him, and if you do catch his attention, he is very charming. He is very prince-ly and polite. He likes to entertain his guests by playing one of his multiple instruments. is all a mask. He is tormented by dreams of fire and war that keep him awake at night and tortured in the day. He will never tell a living soul unless he complete trusts them.
History: The only person who knew about his birth was his mother. No one else knew he existed until he attended school, and even then he was invisible. All he really did was take up space. He spent his free time learning the arts and practicing whatever he could get his hands on. He was such a nice and polite boy who could entertain all who saw him. Most didn't, though. On purpose.
Angelo has a gift where, when something important comes up, he sees it in a dream. It dosen't always happen, the event.
Relationships:His mother is gone and know one knows of his exsistance.
Defining feature:Angels- Pale, Light Hair

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments I'm sorry I didn't finish 0-0'

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) It's okay. You filled most of it out.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Could he possibly have a house?

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Is there anything I need to know about Mortals before I write up my character?

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Just regular mortals. Without the luxuries of 21st century technology.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Perfect, thank you.

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 █║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟  (sirsly) Name: Ferne Reyne
Age: Looks Fifteen- but is really 476
Gender: Female

Personality: Ferne is the type of girl who doesn't take no for an answer, she isn't the talk type and doesn't exactly even listen when you do talk. She's got an addiction of music; that's all she does. She prefers her hood up and her head down with her ears full of music.

She tends to look darker than she appears and actually has a good and nice smile, and if you give her a "good vibe" she'll actually talk to you. But that is quite rare, because of her history she's the person she never wanted to be. She is almost always jealous of her sister, Lily.
History: Ferne's parents knew she was bad news the moment they held her in their arms.

The day she turned six they sent her to the basement on a regular schedule. At three pm, she'd go into the basement at four it was lights out. Even if she wasn't really tired. Sure she got to go to school, and go outside but it was nothing compared to the pain she felt when her parents would pin her against the wall because she talked back.

Around 14 she didn't even feel the pain anymore.

Relationships: All died; that's what she likes to tell others.
Defining feature: Demon ~ Strange Eyes
She keeps this with her at all times.

Name: Lilith Reyne
Age Eleven
Gender: Female

Personality: Lilith is the perfect sister, the happy giggles, the hugs, she gets everything. She just has to ask. She thinks her sister is a devil, a rude, evil, monsterous sister. That's what her parents said, anyways.
History: Lilith never really saw Ferne, and when she did the glares weren't nice.

The family crashed when Ferne punched a wall and had to go to the hospital. Her parents demanded that she pay for what she had done and have to deal without medical care, but Lily insisted. So they went out in the middle of the night, and suddenly. There was a bright light on Lily's side and a slam. The next thing Lily knew she was opening her eyes on the hard road, her father yelling at Ferne's immoble body. "You did this! You killed her!" Cops tugged at his body, telling him to leave her, her mother screaming with tears in her eyes in despair. And suddenly, blackness.

Neither Lilith or Ferne made it out alive.

Relationships: Ferne Reyne is her sister.
Defining feature: Angel ~ Glowing Aura

Ash (ClosertoLove) Silverlight wrote: "History/Defining Feature?"

I fixed the history, I thought mortals didn't need a defining feature?

Ash (ClosertoLove) Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: "Is there anything I need to know about Mortals before I write up my character?"

Sammi-buscus*Lady March O'Hare*~ wrote: "Could he possibly have a house?"

^^ I'm so glad y'all joined up!

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Ashy wrote: "Silverlight wrote: "History/Defining Feature?"

I fixed the history, I thought mortals didn't need a defining feature?"

Mortals don't.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Ashy wrote: "Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: "Is there anything I need to know about Mortals before I write up my character?"

Sammi-buscus*Lady March O'Hare*~ wrote: "Could he possibly have a house?"

^^ I'm so g..."

Thanks for inviting me ^^

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Yes, thank you!

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Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Name: Ryu Scor
Gender: Male
Ryu looks like he is an ass hole. A confident, cheeky smirk stuck to his face. A cold determination glaring in his acid green eyes. He has black hair with his bangs dyed white. His ears are filled with pierces and chains but that's as far as he goes with accessories.
Ryu is tall and and fit. He is very intemidating in stature, standing taller than most.
Personality: Snarky, arrogant, ignorant, spacey, flirty, yadahyadahyadah. You get the gist.
History: Not much to say. He lived the steryotipical demon's life.
Relationships:(family, friends, etc.,)
Defining feature: Demon: Acid green eyes and small horns

Name: Teyro Scor
Gender: Male
Teyro isn't all happy and cheery as his brother. He is more sullen and bitter(with a hint of tsundere). His face is pulled into an iritated glare, but it's hard to notice that. One would almost instantly notice his violet eyes that spark and crackle like lightning.
Personality: Snobbish, rude, arrogant, better-than-the-rest attitude. He conciders himself to be a civilized demon with standards higher than the rest. He adores humans, though. On a fluke trip, he ended up in the mortal world and was astounded by their simplistic and small life.
History: What is there to say, really?
Relationships: Ryu is his older brother(sadly).
Defining feature: Lightning purple eyes and sharp black hair.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments It sucks but I'm done

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Ashy wrote: "Name: Sven Olegushka
Age: 25
Gender: male
Race: mortal

Sven is rather tall for his people and has a str..."

Can I make the sister Ash~

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((I totally made this up off the top of my head. Don't kill me.
By the way, the religion she invented is part ancient religion part Gulliver's travels. It's the word of God. :/))

Name: Dilk Meli

Age: 8

Gender: Female


She's much too small for her age (gremlin of the pituitary gland, anyone?).

Personality: Simple living, bright but spiritual. Really, that's all you need to know. Everything else after this will just confuse you.

In many ways, the smothering nature brought her only left the rest of this survivors mentality frozen in childishness. Gods, creatures, magical things she can still believe in haunt her dreams. Her heart, hardened by every winter, is secretly wounded when some say that her love for an omnipresent being is erratic because deep in her mind (ante apocalyptic thoughts) things like rosaries, turbans and burnt offerings hang. They hang right beside her own made up religion.
... If anything, this paradoxical topic is her most plunged weakness, and if put in the wrong hands she can become a very dangerous mortal (to do list: Being martyred by her own typo). We already know how this one will die.

The circle is her favorite pass time. She draws it when she can and when things aren't going so well, she will tap it into her arm with her own nervous fingers. Why is this even important? Well, it represents the end and beginning. You can cut it anywhere and it will be ruined completely within the day (like her favorite bug, the mayfly... something that lives only a day).

Despite all of this, she has kept her wits. Surprised? Well...

History: Back in the age, her bloodline took from some of the strongest of North America---with a mixed Jewish/Aboriginal/huterite ancestry. From this time things have been mixed in her family, world's and thoughts that aren't supposed to have appeared are hers, but only the smallest of drops (because she's barely literate). Religion is one, something she remembers vaguely and is forwardly obsessed over, World wars, the declaration of rights, everything she would have learned in third grade. She invents the world from the little amount of stuff she knows.

Relationships: Two proclaimed monks who follow her around like canines. {{Will come later on as story persists}}

Other: An out of proportion fear of the indoors (dampens motor control), another reason she hasn't touched many books in this life. =.='

On a side note, Dilk has a pony named Derma.

Yeah, some people are just epic like that.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments I want to squish her cheeks!

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Pfft, yeah... she'll be like 'release the squirrels!'.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Not the squirirlies

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 58 comments Now say it out loud

Ash (ClosertoLove) Sammi-buscus*Lady March O'Hare*~ wrote: "Ashy wrote: "Name: Sven Olegushka
Age: 25
Gender: male
Race: mortal

Sven is rather tall for his people ..."

Sure! That's a fantastic idea! Go for it! ^^

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Ash (ClosertoLove) Name: Henley Morrin
Age: 15
Gender: female
Race: Guardian angel

Body: Henley is very short, about 5'1" and has a thin delicate bone structure.
Personality: She is very kind and pure, with heart big enough to love the whole world. She speaks very formally and is very gentle. She tends to be shy and is slightly ignorant of things around her. Do not doubt her however, Henley is not fool, she can see through any lie, though as gullible as she is she might not catch it...
History: Her mother and father were killed in a previous battle, she does not harbor any hatred toward the demons though and prays for peace.
Relationships: She no family to speak of and wanders alone
Defining feature: has pure white hair and ivory skin that shimmers faintly like starlight

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((So she is human? Another wanderer... would she help a tough eight year old?))

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Kokoro "Koko" "Ari" Alifair

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kokoro could pass for an Angel. Her eyes are wide and innocent. The blue of the sky between night and day. Her complexion is pale and flawless and she is petit with a decent figure. She is of average height and weight in if not a bit petit. Her hair is a silky and blonde, but there is a reddish-pink streak in her hair. Her eyes shift to cruel, narrow eyes the color of freshly spilt blood that burn with bloodlust, and her laughter is the type that could haunt someone for eternity. Then there's the normal side of her that could pass for human. Her features neither demonic or angelic, her eyes a vibrant shade of purple, these give off a sense of sanity present in neither form before

Personality: Kokoro has a mental condition known commonly as "Multiple Personality Disorder". Her mind is practically two separate people. The change between the two is shown by a shifting of eye color from a soft, kind blue to a red the color of fresh blood. Kokoro is a sweet girl. She's very polite but she's also very shy and I guess you could call her a prude. Well you could call her anything, she's too shy to retaliate. Koko emerged after the incident. She is, to put it lightly, the embodiment of the devil. Well, not really, but you could get them confused. Koko enjoys ripping people's organs out, putting still beating hearts in people's food, stuffing kidneys down the back of people's shirts, and hitting people in the face with livers. She's also a bit of a pervert and she likes to mess with people's heads. There is also a rare time when Kokoro is stuck midway between her personalities. At this time, she is an outgoing yet agreeable person. This side of her, more commonly known as Ari, is the person she would be of the Koko and Kokoro blended together, but as I previously stated, her appearance is rare. You know it's Ari because her eyes are purple.

History: Kokoro has always been the way she without Koko. She hid from everyone for her entire life and never did anything really interesting. That is to say until the popular people were planning something and they needed an extra person. Who better than the girl who never opens her mouth. So, they dragged Kokoro along. Only problem was that they killed a mortal man. At the time these guys were angels so this was punishable with a sentence to hell. The populars fled and pushed Kokoro in a ditch so she could take the blame. Kokoro spend almost a month there. Until it happened, her mind broke and Koko emerged. This side of her was demonic and bloodthirsty. And Kokoro couldn't change back. She found these people and ripped them apart. One was even turned inside out and thrown to the shadows. She was discovered and brought to a trial where she could possibly atone for her sins. After threatening to kill more, she was cursed and sent to Shadows. Her curse: to be forever trapped as three separate beings in one body. She was also made to paint a streak of color in her hair to mark her expelled from Reflections.


Defining feature: Originally an Angel with light hair but is now a demon, distinguishable by the shifting colors of her eyes.


Ash (ClosertoLove) ((She's actually a guardian angel looking for a ward to support ^^' And she would probably love to help out Dilk.))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((Ah, I missed the defining feature. I read it as if in a mantra. First Dilk needs to start out. Her speech, herself, I need to figure her out before but a guardian angel isn't a bad idea to have. I just don't think Dilk has ever seen an angel before.

Kokoro, Japanese for 'heart' or 'soul'.))

Ash (ClosertoLove) Name: Joshua (Josh)
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Demon

Personality: A mischievous, manipulative character, with a constant smirk to match his antics. Josh is not one to "play nice", anyone's feelings are fair game. He's a bit on the insane side, not caring who he hurts and he is blind to his own pain. He also has strange fixations, on people, objects... Anything really. Josh is also a charmer, luring people in with his boyish looks and impish smile.
History: Think of the Holocaust... That's his history. (*note* I'm not making fun of the Holocaust, I am merely making a harmless comparison.)
Relationships: Pfffft! That funny...
Defining feature: eyes shift color with his mood and his hair is dark brown, his nails are sharp and pointed like claws and his ears are slightly pointed as well.

Ash (ClosertoLove) Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: "((Ah, I missed the defining feature. I read it as if in a mantra. First Dilk needs to start out. Her speech, herself, I need to figure her out before but a guardian angel isn't a bad idea to have. ..."

((Post somewhere and I will follow ^^))

message 39: by Blood Bone and Muscle (last edited Oct 12, 2012 10:34PM) (new)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments Ashy wrote: "Name: Joshua (Josh)
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Demon

Personality: A mischievous, manipulative character, with a constant smirk to match his antics. Josh is not one to "play nice", anyo..."

((Eureka, I have an idea that may be a bit convoluted.

Joshua lures people with his impish smiles and charms. Dilk is a child, she won't be affected more then a child can be. He could be her big brother if they ever meet. She's a stubborn goat with no interest in people at a young age but likes being around someone who will keep her from harm and people to hold the hand of. He likes manipulating people and his anger seems much stronger---like punching a hole through a mountain in rage---than that of going after a little girl and her Shetland Pony. He's mister Halloween.

I can see it happen but it would be pretty pathetic.))

Ash (ClosertoLove) ((Well you see... Joshua is not the loving type... She would have to follow him around and annoy him enough to get him to care. Dilk would have to attain his interest. ))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((She's not kiddish, but she will have to work hard at it. I'm not thinking of this as something that happens off the cuff but if there was somehow a way to calm him.

He can't die. She'll torch him, knock him out and let him sleep by the fire...))

Ash (ClosertoLove) ((*eye glint* There is ONE way to calm him, you'll just have to find it out for yourself. :P ))

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments ((Don't tell me it's by singing the sound of music because... I'm so not going there. XP))

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: "((Ah, I missed the defining feature. I read it as if in a mantra. First Dilk needs to start out. Her speech, herself, I need to figure her out before but a guardian angel isn't a bad idea to have. ..."

I know about the Kokoro thing. You are talking to an otaku in training. I picked Kokoro for this particular character a while back because it meant "heart" and/or "soul" in Japanese.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments I knew it. It just made me take a double take. I know this, I thought. ^^
It's a really pretty name.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) *nods* A pretty name for a girl with a not-so-pretty past.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments I hate to say it, but I wish she'd stayed. Someone had questions for her, an angel does not belong in the Realm of Shadows.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Well, she killed people and got kicked out. It's not very angelic to go around killing people....

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 58 comments But she didn't stay long enough for us to know this. Her leaving was like a passive aggressive act to us the writers but an invisible shot at a first seen character to ours.

I guess we'll RP in the morning. It was nice to glance at, nonetheless.

Ash (ClosertoLove) Blood Bone and Muscle wrote: "((Don't tell me it's by singing the sound of music because... I'm so not going there. XP))"

((-_-" Trust me... It's not...))

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