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Lex and Driggs

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Andrea ::::SPOILER::::
awwww they were so lovey-dovey n when they had that mini fight oh! an they hybrid half living half ghost!!! the couple went throu alot n i was crying WAYYYYY more the Lex i wonder how its going to work out now

Arushi i just <3

Helen I cried - no, BAWLED - when Driggs said; "I told them to give my food to you."

Camila I loved the part when they were running away from Zara and they landed in a snowy area and Driggs was holding a bunny and Lex kissed him then hit him.

i miss him!!! i wonder how the whole dead/ half ghost thing is gonna work out.

Calypso I thought Lex was gonna kill snorwood or whatever his name is and then get one of the other grims to make her half ghost, so she can stay with driggs.

Natalie My heart was broken in half by the end. I THOUGHT DRIGGS WAS DEAD, then he wasnt and my heart started to sew itself back together again.....and NOW HE'S A HYBRID?????

my heart stopped beating entirely

Andrea lol ikr!!!! omfg i would say i want driggs 4 my self but he too perfect for Lex *O* awesomeness

Celeste Biersack Cover for the three one just came out. Go check it out. It's name is Rouge. LINK!

Isabel I was so up set when I found out Driggs died in the same snowy place they were at before. at first I didn't understand what was happening so I had to reread it. then when I realized it I was torn apart. I hope he comes back from being a half ghost thing.

Andrea Hell yeah! I really do i mean, Thats like.... You just cant kill him! You cant do it! Driggs is the shit.

Isabel I here ya.

Hachton Helen wrote: "I cried - no, BAWLED - when Driggs said; "I told them to give my food to you."

I hated part...tears.
Why driggs, u couldve made it in the cold, if u were fed properly....maybe

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