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Question about the goddess and Diana
Marina Z. Marina Oct 04, 2012 12:52PM
In the first book when Diana saves Matthew, she tells the Goddess that she can take anything and anyone just to save Matthew. In the second book the Goddess says she already payed her debt and that she took her life? I know she is keeping this secret from Matthew, but I'm confused as to what is going on and what the Goddess meant!

Or maybe that she took Emily? Since she is mysteriously dead in book 2.

I really didn't get that either.

Basically, it means Diana has to serve the Goddess and do whatever she is asked. Namely, fight against the powers of evil (Knox, Satu, etc) As for Emily, she died when Peter Knonx led his raiding party on Sept Tours. She died so that Sophie and Nathaniel's daughter could live.

Yeah the Goddes took Diana's life, she said she has no use of the dead she needs the living. Diana's life is now dedicated to magic and the Goddess.

i think it means that Diana has to serve the Goddess.

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