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Kenzie (KenzieWells) | 2 comments Honestly I'm team Julian... what do ya'll think??

Jane (janebalanta) | 1 comments Team Julian for me! :D
Alex made me shout at the end of Pandemonium though lol

Liezel (yeahlizzie) | 1 comments I'm team Alex. Uh, I really miss him! :)

message 4: by Ava (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ava Dobson | 5 comments I love them both, I really honestly do. But of course there is only one for Lena, and I am going to have to say that I'm Team Alex on that matter. No matter how much she loves Julian, there will always be a part of her heart that is reserved for her first love, which of course is Alex. Even though a ton of stuff has changed with Lena and Alex, and they are both probably different people than they were when they met and fell in love, in my mind they will always be meant for each other. I don't want Julian to die alone, so I'm kind of hoping that Hana will steal his heart. :)

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Jazmin♥ (JazminSerrano) | 2 comments Team Julian but i miss alex!!!!

NINORE | 4 comments Team ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahd (ShahdAshraf) Honestly team Julian!!!!! I feel like Lena has guided him through to the light and confirmed his doubts about the DFA. And heis just so lovely and he unburried the Lena she thought she has lost.

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Team. Alex. All. The. Way. I highly highly HIGHLY dislike Julian. He's an intruder who doesn't seem to understand the fact that he is unwanted and that the love triangle he has just started is ruining my life. -_- LOL, ok, it's not that dramatic, but seriously though, if Lena ends up with Julian, I think I might just end up burning the books. Fire wood all the way. Julian is just such a cookie-cutter character - he's had no social interactions with females before, so obviously the dimwit thinks that he's in love. And Lena's just heartbroken and so she's being stupid. I blame this all on Raven - if she hadn't be such an idiotic leader and decided that Lena should remained trapped away in a tiny cell for such a long time, Julian and Lena would have nothing going on. Stupid Raven. Now I seem like the bad guy cause I want Julian out of the picture. I don't care if he dies a martyr of if he ditches Lena and finds some other girl, but I don't want him in Requiem at. All. Which is disappointing, cause I know he'll be in the book - much to my utter dismay. Anywho, thought I'd start the ball rolling again - Team Alex forever!!! <3 ;)

Julia (louisaluvs) | 1 comments TEAM ALEX!!! I don't like Julian. I think he's handsome and all but I don't like him. I really hope Lena and Alex ends up together! Or else I might have to have the cure for the deliria so I won't remember Lena and Julian anymore. PLEASE, LAUREN OLIVER! LENA AND ALEX! :)

SweetDee85 | 2 comments I don't understand everyone's dislike of Julian. He's sweet, and it's not his fault that Lena thought Alex died. They fell in love, I like it. And this is coming from someone who loves Alex! I am actually torn between who I want Lena to be with. Julian doesn't deserve all the hate he's getting. I understand if someone prefers Alex, but people don't have to put Julian down to raise up Alex. The hatred for him just makes me want to root for Julian even more. I still love my Alex though :)

Yadira (FearlessYad) | 1 comments TEAM ALEX OMG! <3 asfnasfbh i love Julian but Alex is the one that made Lena belive in love so sajfnabj omg yes Alex <3

Gabriella (gabb_mutt) | 5 comments Team Alex fore sure!

message 13: by Haidyn (new)

Haidyn Ogg | 2 comments Holy crap holy crap! I just finished pandemonium and now I am seriously bawling my eyes out. I had just gotten used to Julian, that Lena could love someone else and wham! Thanks Lauren Oliver, for playing with my emotions. I'm so conflicted!

Sushmita (heyreadme) | 1 comments team Alex forever.because i think he is the real hero.He saved Lena from everything,but Lena had to save Julian...

Sidney | 3 comments Alex! :)

Sydney | 5 comments I love them both!!!! But I think I'm gonna say team Alex

Joselin (13Joss) I love Alex ... but i love julian too, so ... :S
  I choose to ... The team of Alex ♥

Emily | 7 comments I love Julian and felt bad for him during requiem... But I'm team Alex all the way. I love Alex!!

Little Soph Jackson Alex all the way! I love him!
Cried when he died (went to the Crypts)...all night and woke up crying! I cried when he came back to!
I mean Julian isn't bad...he's just not Alex! :-)

Sydney | 5 comments So true!!!

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Hani Ahmed | 2 comments team ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Julian is weak.

Russelle Anne (goodreadscomrabasilio27) | 4 comments I love Alex more than Julian. Because Alex made sure Lena was safe and fought for her to live. All he can think about was Lena and Lena and Lena that's why he is so alive. He made Lena his strength and proved that she is all he's got and nothing more. He cling to the hope of seeing her again, alive, that is why I love Alex so much. He is a real lover. :))

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Sarah_says | 2 comments Alex is amazing. I fell for him right from the beginning, when he whispered the word "gray" in Lena's ear. I don't know why, I thought that was so sexy hahaha.

Julian is nice, and that's all I have to say about him.

Mereice | 1 comments Team Alex all the way I mean he's done so much for her, he even turned himself in so he can save her

Gabriella (gabb_mutt) | 5 comments After reading Requiem I'm confused. I thought I wanted Alex and then Julian was so great. Even after reading the final book I don't know. They are both good choices.

Christina Zakhem | 7 comments Team Julian !! He's the cutest thing ever. At first I really liked Alex but when Julian appeared , I preferred him over Alex. I think he has something special that made me like him more. I also like Alex.. anyways he was Lena's first love.

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Maia (maiarebekah22) | 6 comments ALEX

April Goodfellow | 3 comments I don't know. I really like both of them...if I were Lena, if I were forced to pick I'd pick Alex. Though...idk. For me, Alex. But for Lena...idk. Neither.

message 29: by Mina (new)

Mina (karinad2) | 3 comments Team Alex forever

message 30: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Karina wrote: "Team Alex forever" lol karina:) ALEX FO-EVA

Amanda (boggusmom) | 3 comments I'm team Julian. Alex was romantic with his picnics and rescued her right before her cure but when she was with Julian she fit better. Conversation was easier. And he was ready to die by getting the cure until she came along.

Edacheeky (Eda D) (edacheeky) | 3 comments ALEX 4 LIFE!! but honestly i was so confused at the end of pandemonium i was like JULIAN... NO OMG ALEX IS BACK ALEX ALEX ALEX!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I HOPE ALEX & LENA GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!! :O

Edacheeky (Eda D) (edacheeky) | 3 comments Little Soph wrote: "Alex all the way! I love him!
Cried when he died (went to the Crypts)...all night and woke up crying! I cried when he came back to!
I mean Julian isn't bad...he's just not Alex! :-)"


Edacheeky (Eda D) (edacheeky) | 3 comments Lia wrote: "Team. Alex. All. The. Way. I highly highly HIGHLY dislike Julian. He's an intruder who doesn't seem to understand the fact that he is unwanted and that the love triangle he has just started is ruin..."

HAHAHA verrrryyy true!!! haha ur making me laugh :')

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