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Hey guys, I'm Jayda and I'm from Georgia.
I'm 15 years old (I'll be 16 in August) and I love to write and read! Among my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, The Christmas Sweater, and Phantom of the Opera.

Introduce yourself! :)

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I am Brianne from Utah. I love to see the temple! I'm goin there someday! Gosh I haven't even done baptisms for the dead yet. :( anyways! i am turning 13 in 9 days and then goin on 30. Really. i am 5'11...WHEW. My favorite books are, Anything by Shannon Hale, Twilight, and I also LOVED Fire of the Covenant (church book about the pioneers) GEEZ guyz really introduce yourselfs...don't be scardy cats! jk!

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I LOVR FIRE OF THE COVENANT!!!!!!!! Me and my friends did our book report skit project and I had to be Hannah, and this kid who has a huge crush on me was David, good thing nobody else knew the story line!

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Ok, Im Cristi, from Utah! Im 13 and I love reading, and MUSIC IS MY LIFE! I play :Piano for 7 years, flute for 1 month, percussion for 3 years, guitar for 6 months, and recorder for 5 years, and singing since I was old enough to! Im on my high school drumline even though Im still in junior high. :D I love anything by Gerald N. Lund, Shanon Hale, the Harry Potter series, and anything by Margaret Peterson Haddix. My favorite colors are white, green, and turquoise, but I love all pastel shades. My most favoritist animal ever is a Kiwi Bird, but I love pigs, cats, dogs, horses and dolphins too. Band is my favorite class at school and I can speak 2 languages and read 4. *intake of breath* So, yeah. THATS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Hey guys ^^
It's great to meet you!

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:O i play percussion right now! its my favotite thing in the whole world. my friends think im pretty weird....but common! i have friends who play the trumpet, berry sax, trombone, flute, and violin! band is also my favorite class! we have alot in common because i love to sing to! lol well it was nice getting to kno you more cristi

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I have friends who play *intakes breath* Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Sax (Bari and Tenor and Alto), Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Trumpet, French Horn, and Percussion. I also have a ton of friends in choir and drama. YAY! And same here!

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why did you post that 3 times? lol oh well. my friend who plays berry sax....i have a huge crush on him....but he "claims" he doesnt like anyone. :(

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Oops! Sorry my computer went crazy so it posted 3 times. Crushes are so confusing! I got a rose today from my friend who has a crush on me.... it ticked me off. :)

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lol nice. that would have proly made me mad to. yah crushes are pretty confusing, so thats why im just gunna think of him as a friend...i think. lol

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*sigh* One of my friends got a dozen chocolate roses on her porch from an anonymous person. I felt kinda bad for her. :)

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

that is sad! shes proly dyeing to kno who it is!!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Me too!

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I wish i got somthing for valentines day!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I would give you my rose. It just sits on my shelf. Gathering dust.

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lol thanks!

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I love your sticker picture btw Brianne. :D

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lol thanks

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Ha ha! Ok....

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I kno....awkward. theres nothing to talk about! Hows your presidents day going?

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Greatish! I have been doing homework all day! Ha, that was all said with a very heavy trace of sarcasm. :)

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I figured. lol

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Ha ha!And how has yours been going?

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Meh. I have been catchin up on Lost all day.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Nice. I HAVE NO MISSING ASSIGNMENTS! At least, I think! ANYWAY! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha. i do...whew

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:( Sad! My dad said that he would take me off of drumline if I had any.

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:O that would stink soooo bad~!

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Yup. But I dont have any missing!

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Thats good! haha

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Totally. :)

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Tammy Hi!! I hope you don't mind an adult joining your group. I am a children's librarian in Nebraska and I am always on the look-out for "clean" lit to read and then share with children/teens I serve. I would MUCH rather read children/teen books than adult books. My favorites--Harry Potter, The Giver, Ella Enchanted, and Anne of Green Gables.

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Hey Tammy! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post! I'm glad that you joined :) The more people with opinions, the better ^^

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes totally! And you should play percussion! Ha, I say that because Im a percussionist! But any BAND instrument is good.... :) You should do oboe... or bassoon. OR FRENCH HORN!

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And Harry Potter is amazing! I had a competition with my friend (who is also a Harry Potter freak) to see who knew the most people from Harry Potter. He would say a name, then I would. An hour and a half later I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We said like every name in the book (Pun not intended). :)

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Jackee (Lilly) | 4 comments Hi everyone, I'm Lilly but you can call me Jackey! :) I live in Utah i like, no wait, LOVE to sing, take pictures, read, any sport (but mostly basketball), hang out with friends and go to the theator, and i joined this group 'cause it is so hard to find clean books out there and i knew this would help me,so thank you so much!!

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Hey Jackey :)
Sorry if this group is a little slow! ^^
It's lovely to meet you.

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Jackee (Lilly) | 4 comments thanx! oh and your not slow, that was fast to me. hi everyone! so what are we talkin' about?

Jackee (Lilly) | 4 comments Really? that is so cool! the onlything i can draw are trees and that is when i do pencil drawings. is there anything eles you like to do? and why do you not like sports or don't play sports? i'm not being judgmental so don't think i'm going to hate you!!

Jackee (Lilly) | 4 comments By the way everyone there is one thing i forgot to say that i'm in the 9th grade and i love dogs and somtimes cats!!!

Karey (KareyShane) Hi all. I'm Karey and I'm glad to see there are folks out there that like clean reads, too. I've felt like I'm back in the dark ages when it comes to reading modern books because so many of them go against my values. I am way past being a teenager and have two of my own including a son on a mission in Southern France.

Good job on NaNoWriMo, Jayda!

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Hey Karey, it's lovely to meet you ^^
Sorry if this group is a little inactive, however!

And thanks a lot :)

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Where can I see your pictures? I can't find them ;.;

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Emily of Utah, Age *can't say online*, I like a lot of things like writing and drawing.

♫♪ Olivia ♪♫ | 20 comments Hey everyone, I'm Olivia! Feel free to call me liv, any nickname you can come up with except for olive! I absolutely despise olives, and I do NOT want to be called that please!
I LOVE music, and I'm sure I would die without it. I have played the piano for as long as I can remember, and I have played the guitar for 2 years, and I am going to play the cello soon!
I love to read, my favorite books right now are the Percy Jackson series, twilight series, and Charly by Jack Weyland.
I also love to write stories, and hope to be a published author someday. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys went and read my writing i've posted on goodreads.
I love my friends, and love to hang out with them!
My favorite colors purple!

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Jayda | 2294 comments Mod
Hey guys ^^ Thanks for joining :)
Obviously I'm Jayda =P

Olivia - I wish I could play guitar! I've been trying to teach myself but it seems that there's no point x.x I'm not very good at it. I'm WAY better at teaching myself piano. I just have to listen and write down the notes or watch them play and write them down. I recently learned a difficult and intriquet version of Decode off of the Twilight soundtrack by Paramore. I LOVE piano!

Do you have any of your writings on here?

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