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Kayleigh {K-Books} (Kayley_12) | 266 comments Mod
This folder is for anyone who wants to start a buddy read of any of the SHP titles.

message 2: by Vic (new)

Vic Caswell (viccaswell) | 6 comments what an interesting idea!

message 3: by Lola (new)

Lola (LolasReviews) | 18 comments Can we start a topic about buddy reading Amarok here? Maybe more people want to join in the discussion.

message 4: by Maira (new)

Maira | 40 comments iam in.

message 5: by Lola (new)

Lola (LolasReviews) | 18 comments Kay and I am planning to start our buddy read around thursday.

message 6: by Maira (new)

Maira | 40 comments sounds good to me.

message 7: by Maira (new)

Maira | 40 comments what will we be buddy reading about?

message 8: by Lola (new)

Kayleigh {K-Books} (Kayley_12) | 266 comments Mod
I'll make a thread now and tomorrow send out a group message so others can join if they want to

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