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message 742: by LadyCello (new)

LadyCello | 213 comments I'm open to meeting online.

Also I'm still good for the local Ottawa meet up this weekend. I'm reading our "local alt" and enjoying it.

message 741: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Anyone still interested in meeting online regarding this book club? I realize that people have a number of commitments and are likely busy, but maybe there are some out there that would like to meet online and discuss the monthly books of this group or books in general.

message 740: by LadyCello (new)

LadyCello | 213 comments Congrats, Andrea! I'm happy to year you're well :)

message 739: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Congrats. I hope you are still finding at least a couple of hours in the week for leisure time.

message 738: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Great thanks! Did NaNoWriMo, Had a lovely little boy named Harlan (after Ellison, of course). Just getting ready for another year of farming :-)

message 737: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments I am well, and yourself?

message 736: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Hola! Hope you are well. I am just lurking :-)

message 735: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Is this thread dead now? There has been no activity for some time.

Let me know if anyone wants to get online for April's books at some point.

message 734: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Hey guys, is anyone still about these days? It has been quite the long silence in the forums. I just finished Arrows of the Queen and am planning on picking up the rest of the series in the new year, once I finish "The Children of Men". Anyone interested in doing a hangout sometime after this week, or should we wait until 2015? Has anyone looked into the current pair of VF books at all? Started them or anything?

message 733: by Christine (last edited Oct 20, 2014 01:00PM) (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Hey Alex,
I'm sorry I missed you this year. It's been a crazy week, working almost nonstop. (And I'm a little sick too, so when I've had the chance, I've been sleeping extra.)

About this month's book(s) - has anybody found them/started reading them yet? Because I haven't. :/

message 732: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments I am staying at the inter continental hotel beside the convention center. Anyone up for coffee tomorrow night?

message 731: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Thank you everyone!! Best wishes to all of you <3<3<3

message 730: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Oh cool. I don't get back into town until after midnight on Friday but Saturday and Sunday I will be at Gamercamp ( It's happening downtown in a pretty cool space. There are games everywhere and a nice cafe/bar to chill out in. Should be fun. You should totally drop by!

message 729: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments My best wishes to you Andrea.

I will be in Toronto from Friday until Sunday this week. (October 17th to 20th) Anyone want to get together for coffee and book discussions somewhere downtown?

message 728: by LadyCello (new)

LadyCello | 213 comments All the best with your projects, Andrea! :)

message 727: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Will do!! And thank you so much! :-)

message 726: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Aww... we'll all miss you, Andrea! Please keep sending the odd email my way, okay? I wish you all the best with your projects!

message 725: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Heya all! I am afraid that I am going to have to bow out for the foreseeable future :-( I have got a lot of projects on the go and it seems like I will only be getting busier ;-) I can't make the commitment you all deserve. SO Thank you all for the good times, and I wish you all the best of luck, AND I will keep in touch and be lurking :-) <3<3<3

message 724: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments I'll check again tomorrow, but it seems like Arrows of the Queen is more popular between the two.

message 723: by Christine (last edited Oct 06, 2014 02:14PM) (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments I've never read any Lackey either. I'm up for either book, even though I think the plot of Sword interests me slightly more (and comments kept saying "a strong female main character"). Would love to hear input from Andrea and Dee too, but I think Alex was leaning more towards Arrows of the Queen when we were chatting after the Hangout. I think...

I'm glad you enjoyed watching it later, LadyCello! I hope I did your questions justice!

message 722: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments I have never read any Lackey. Its not something I would usually pick up but I have urban fantasy fatigue. Let's go for it. Looking at the synopsis, I think I am with Ladycello!

message 721: by LadyCello (new)

LadyCello | 213 comments I just finished watching the hangout, and it was great! Thank you for getting Justine and Murandy on the hangout. It definitely helped hearing where they were going with things in the mirror world, and I'm really looking forward to reading the next one.

As for October's choice, I am fully on board with doing a Mercedes Lackey book instead. Between the two Alex posted, I'm going to vote for "Arrows of the Queen" as a main pick. Of the official VF picks, if there's thought to do one of them as an alt book, I might be more inclined to read "Kiss of Steel", but that's even optional from my standpoint, especially with it containing vampires (yet again!).

Actually, one thing I should have mentioned in my "Magic Bites" review was that I was relieved to see vampires in this world relegated to being mindless creatures navigated by necromancers, a MUCH more interesting depiction than the usual vampire, in my own humble opinion ;)

message 720: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Video for the last hang out:

Potential books for next month:

What do people think?

message 719: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments What does everyone think of not reading either of the VF picks this month....? Maybe read a Mercedes Lackey book instead?

message 718: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Still not getting anything. Shall one of us try and host instead?

message 717: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Not sure it's working. Got an invite to watch but not to participate. This happened with me last month. G+ hates me!

message 716: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments i can test just now

message 715: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments That sounds good. If any of you are online right now, I could use a hand in testing G+ Hangouts... (first my PC, and if that fails... a more different method with my tablet).

Then I need a quick break, and I should be good for 8:30.

message 714: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments We miss already, Andrea! I have hardly been able to break the back of Mirrors Hope. I would still love to chat Magic Bites and generally with you lovely author friends!

message 713: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Aww, sorry to hear that, Andrea. :( Hope you feel better soon. Did you want to message me any questions for Justine and Murandy? Or a brief blurb of an opinion? Up to you - I know medicine usually does wonky things to my brain.

Take care of yourself and I'll see the rest of you at 8:30... hopefully with a better setup than last month!

message 712: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments Heya all, I am not well, so I am going to have to bail on tonight(antibiotic fallout). Will try to tune in though. Have a good time, and good luck! <3

message 711: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Fab. See you all at 8:30. Will try to think of clever questions!

message 710: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Excellent. I just finished the book and am ready to review and ask questions.

message 709: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Alright! 8:30 it is... With the ladies Justine and Murandy joining us sometime after 9:15. EST.

message 708: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments I am fine with it. I think it would be cool to have a discussion with the authors.

message 707: by Christine (last edited Sep 29, 2014 03:26PM) (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Hrmm... :/ Emily... hrm... (Nah, don't worry about it.)

EDIT: But how do people feel about the authors potentially joining us for some of it?

message 706: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments I should sign out by 10pm. We generally run over an hour so 8:30-9 is the latest for me.

message 705: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (Awincross) | 114 comments I am pretty flexible time-wise, so whatever works for everyone

message 704: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Also, how late can we start?

message 703: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Hey... so both Justine and Murandy are available Thursday evening. How would everyone feel about them joining us towards the end for a bit of Q+A/discussion? I think I'd want to discuss Magic Bites first (I bet that will go quickly), then discuss Mirror World... and then partway through that or after we're finished invite them on.

message 702: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments I just received this message from Mirror World Publishing:

"Just to let you know, we've put Mirror's Hope Ebook on Sale for $0.99 to celebrate the upcoming sequel. If you know anyone that might want to take advantage of that. Here's the link to the blog where we talk about it; http://mirrorworldpublishing.wordpres... "

message 701: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Post 7pm also good here!

message 700: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments Anytime after seven works for me.

message 699: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments I just got my schedule from work - finally. It was sent before, but a number of us were left off the email list by mistake. Anyway, Oct 2 is now the only day that works for me... (as I've got an Opera shift on the 1st).

So since Thurs Oct 2 is decided... what time works for everyone who can make it?

message 698: by Emily (new)

Emily (finalfinalgirl) | 81 comments Oct 1 & 2 are looking good for me! I could also do this Thursday but I definitely won't have finished both by then! Half way through Magic Bites and feeling quite bla about it.

message 697: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments Hey Dee,
Keeping that in mind, I think I'll probably try for a Sunday or Monday next month. :D As both of those nights generally work for me.

message 696: by Dee (new)

Dee (cheekiidee) | 76 comments Hey guys my schedule has been nuts lately - I have therapy and Pilates on Tuesday nights, my dance classes on Wednesday nights and my HR Management class at university on Thursday nights (bah!) and I haven't had time to read either book this month so I will probably lurk and just watch you guys :)
After this month and going forward for a while Monday, Friday and Sundays are best for me meeting-wise!

message 695: by LadyCello (new)

LadyCello | 213 comments I'm cool with sitting this one out if Oct 1 or 2 is best for everyone else. I'm still working on Mirror's Hope, and if I get it done in time I'll post a review.

message 694: by Christine (new)

Christine (AnimeCanuck) | 407 comments October 1st or 2nd really work the best for me, if that works for Emily and Alex at least. What about Andrea? Dee? Nancy?

I'm nearly done Magic Bites and am yet to start Mirror's Hope.

I could do this Thursday as well to accommodate LadyCello, but then I probably wouldn't have even started the other book. Hmm...

message 693: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (Alex_Mayer) | 205 comments I am good for next week. I finished magic bites, though it was a while ago and I barely remember it, obviously it was incredibly memorable.

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