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Jim | 2401 comments Mod
Hello Everyone,

Our start date for Infinite Jest is only five weeks away (October 15th). While doing some preliminary research for our read, I came across this suggestion from Matt Bucher (maintainer of the wallace-l listserv):

9. Brush up on your Hamlet: It’s no coincidence that the first two words of Hamlet are “Who’s there?” and the first two words of Infinite Jest are “I am”. Even the novel’s title was lifted from the play. As you read, it behooves you keep in mind the relationships between the characters in Shakespeare’s drama (the ghost, poor Yorick, etc.) and the central themes of the play.

Beginning on September 17th, we can discuss Hamlet by itself. Then, while we’re reading IJ, we can discuss ways in which the two books are related. There is no specific schedule beyond that. Just read the play and pop in to discuss when you’re ready. The discussion thread is here:

If you’ve never read Hamlet before, the time is nigh. One of Shakespeare’s most famous works, this play has been performed throughout the world, literally for centuries. A long description can be found here:

All of Shakespeare’s work is in the public domain, so free ebooks can be found on many sites. Download a copy and dive right in!


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