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Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Devons Side: Just a plain white bed with a white closet and a simple white desk. Nothing personal about it. Or so it seems at first glance. Looking closer you could pull open the drawer and if you looked even closer you might learn it has a hidden bottom where there are some interesting things inside.

Leonardo: His walls are covered with various posters, some of bands and most are different geological places. As though he liked to travel the world. His bed, desk and closet are all ebony wood and rather than just plain white he has one electric blue pillow.

Leon: On Leon's walls are photographs of various things. Some are of a golden retriever, but there are at least four that are of him and Taylor holding hands or smiling, and even one of him holding her bridal style. Of course, Leon has no recollection of these memories but after looking through his playlist on his silver laptop and finding that the most frequent songs played were break up songs he figured that Taylor and him must have broken up. His bed, desk, and closet are all dark grey.

Ky: Ky has dark blue sheets, odd because almost everyone's sheets are white but it's obvious they were sent in from somewhere. High quality sheets too. On top of the light grey closet are drumsticks and in the back of the closet are some books in Greek and Latin. The desk and bedframe are light grey as well and there are some black and white movie posters on the walls.

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Devon jerked up in his bed, having woken up abruptly. He had been dreaming about something, but a staticky(sp) announcement had woken him up. Yawning, Devon checked one of his roommate's alarm clocks to see what time it was. Debating going back to sleep, and then not waking up on time, Devon decided to just get up now. It wasn't like there was anything better to do. His dreams were usually restless and unsettling anyways. Yawning again, Devon headed towards his closet.

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Kit (KitKong) Leonardo yawned and noticed his roommate awake and got up. He winked at him,"Hey handsome,"He told him chuckling, being his usual flirty self. He ran a hand through his messy blonde hair and brushed his teeth quickly. He looked for something to wear since he only slept in his pajama pants and no shirt. "Had a good sleep?" He asked him as he rummaged through his clothes.

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"Morning Leo" Devon said sleepily. That was the great thing about his roommates. Sine they had the same name, he never had to pay attention to who he was talking to. Devon shrugged, not answering the question with actual words. He tried to keep other people's knowledge of his dreams non-existent, and just pretended he had a lot of nightmares or whatever. As usual, Devon didn't really say anything to keep a conversation going. He got dressed and brushed his teeth, knowing it would take a cup of coffee before he actually felt awake.

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Kit (KitKong) Leonardo was used to the one line conversation with Devon and shrugged it off. "Have another nightmare? "He never believed he had nightmares because what would they be about when they don't remember anything. And his aura was different story. He finally threw on some clothes and looked down for a few seconds. Damn, his eyes were already starting to hurt again. He had seen a very bright and energetic aura the night before and it hurt like hell.

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Devon frowned slightly, and nodded. He couldn't remember what he had dreamed, which was nice, although unusual. Still, waking up in the middle of the night/early morning was proof enough that his dream hadn't been too happy. Shrugging, Devon turned on his lap-top. There wasn't really a point in checking for emails from family, but Devon kept hoping. Even though he never got any, he really wanted to remember about the outside world, and figured that was his best chance.

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